Crowd Marketing: Definitions and Examples

Effective website promotion is not only writing useful texts and reference mass buildup. To promote the site, loyalty to the target audience, brand recognition and the influx of new “warm” potential customers are also important. For this, the strategy of crowd marketing is well suited, which, with the right approach, provides all of the above. 

The term "crowd marketing" came from English crowd - “crowd”. From here it’s easy to determine the essence of this promotion tool - impact on the crowd and its opinion. Crowd marketing differs from familiar advertising in that it is necessary to act unobtrusively and softly, without aggression and “godding”. In this case, the consonant with the word “cradle” is very opportune: crowd marketing is designed to make the attack not just effective, but, very importantly, inconspicuous. This is his strength.

Применение крауд-маркетинга в действии

A simple example from everyday life illustrates crowd marketing well and makes it clear what it is. Arriving at the store, you stumble upon a seller who begins to talk about the benefits of the goods. There are chances that you will trust the opinion of the hired agitator, but much the recommendation achieves a better effect a neighbor or even a stranger, but experienced of this product.

Crowd marketing consists in creating such a advice from a real consumer who already had the opportunity to check quality and evaluate the benefits of acquiring specific products or collaborating with a particular company. Both real customers and seo optimizer, marketer, linkbilder, the owner of the site or another person engaged in the promotion of a product or brand. But in this case, no one should know about this - this is the art of warfare by a crowd marketing specialist. 

How to use crowd marketing in SEO

To begin with, you should understand, what tasks will solve use of crowd marketing:

To the main disadvantages crowd marketing can include:

  • large time costs for finding sites, posting information and waiting for results;
  • the need for a detailed study of the product or service, a clear understanding of its advantages and strengths;
  • the ability to make “true” comments and reviews so that no one would guess that this is a hidden advertisement.

In order to nullify all these cons and get the maximum benefit from the use of crowd marketing, it is important to understand how this tool works, what steps allow increase reputation and the loyalty of potential customers, what needs to be done so that the message is not banned and in general, where and how can I place crowd links to get transitions on them.

Пример крауд маркетинга сайта одежды

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Crowd marketing in practice: how to properly organize the process

Realizing that with the help of crowd marketing you can really benefit and increase the position of the site in search engine output, it is worth considering an action plan - to identify sites for crowd links, also who and how will place them.

Artists in Crowd Marketing

  • Self-location of the crowd links by the site owner
    The undeniable plus is no one but you knows everything about characteristics, quality and benefits your products and brand that you can attract users. Again, only you clearly know the needs of your audience. More information on how and where to place crowd links can be found on the Search Engine course. 

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    The disadvantages of the independent placement of crowd links include the fact that temporary costs are needed to fully immerse yourself in this work. Analysis of competitors, search for sites and suitable topics, creation of new discussions, registration on reviews, tracking user activity and other actions related to crowd marketing, require a lot of time and attention.
  • Freelancers
    The main advantage of this choice is low costs and significant savings associated with fairly low rates of final “free” performers and the lack of intermediaries.

    In this case, usually we don’t have to talk about saving time. Firstly, it’s not easy to find a conscientious and knowledgeable person from the side, which at the same time has the skills of competent placement of crowd links. Another very serious flaw is possible risks, which the company will incur in case of poor quality work. In addition, you can never be at 100 % sure that the freelancer will not suddenly leave your project.

    Специалист по крауд маркетингу на фрилансе
  • Crowd marketer in a team
    Much easier to control process and influence the quality of its execution when the employee is in your office. Of course, training can take a long time, but in the framework of such close cooperation it is much easier to organize the educational process. A full-time job and focusing on this task also have a beneficial effect on the end result.

    The minuses of hiring an employee or group of employees in an office can be attributed salary costs, which will be higher in comparison with paying for a freelancer. 
  • Outsourcing Collaboration
    The company independently monitors the quality of work of its employees, monitors the process of placing crowd links, pledging to achieve certain results on a contractual basis. From a legal point of view, your project will be protected from hacking and fraud.

    It is worth noting that this most expensive way organization of website promotion, products and companies on the Web, including through crowd marketing. Another minus in such work is the possible ignorance by a company specialist of the specifics of your business or incomplete immersion in it.

Plots and services for crowd marketing

The weapons of crowd marketing are comments, reviews, recommendations and tips. Before placing the crowd links, you need to think about where it is better to leave them in order to hit the hearts of consumers as efficiently as possible and mercilessly defeat rivals.

For hidden advertising of goods or brand are used:

  • Social networks 
    We need any groups, communities and individuals on VK, Facebook and other social networks with a large number of subscribers who are interested or may be interested in your products. On your own page, motivate customers to also leave feedback that will help visitors make the right choice.

    Крауд маркетинг в соц сетях
  • Forums are somehow related to your topic.
    Thematic forums - an inexhaustible storehouse of the lids, which gathered to find you. Help them decide by telling the consumer about the successful purchase experience with the site (active link or mention of the name of the product or brand). If there is no suitable topic, create your own discussion from an “independent” user, during which you will enlighten the forum users. Another way to mention your brand is to ask users their opinion or ask them to share their experience in working with this company, that is, to encourage discussion. 

    Как мотивировать пользователя к крауд маркетингу
  • Answer Services (Replies, Yandex. Znatoki, Google Community, etc.)
    A convenient way to get an answer to an interesting question for those who are lazy to independently search for information on the Web by scrolling through a bunch of sites. Fans of such sites are not looking for commercial articles, but feedback and information from real product users. At the same time, they often find hidden advertising, on the quality of which it depends, a transition through a crowd link and the purchase of recommended products will be carried out or not.

    Крауд ссылки на сайтах вопросов и ответов
  • Blogs and Thematic Information Resources
    It is important to choose a site and a blogger with numerous subscribers who are interested in what you can offer. You can find new followers not only by creating comments under existing content, but also by posting quality articles that are not obvious, but will quite strongly hint at the benefit of your product or service.
  • Recall Sites (Review, Irecomended,
    The popularity of these sites is steadily growing due to their practical benefits. Before buying, many learn the reviews of “excessive” advisers, relying not only on the description of sensations and personal assessment, but also posted photos and video materials that will help to better see the goods. When creating reviews about your own products, do not forget about the ability to comment on messages from other users.

    Применение crowd marketing на отзовиках
  • Organization Directories 
    Many reference resources suggest the ability to evaluate, comment and write feedback on products and the quality of the company. If you decide to start a hunt for crowd links, do not refuse the ability to use such sites.
  • Profile communities
    Only those who are interested in your products live here. The main task is to choose the right community so as not to waste time and effort on placing crowd links for those who are not interested in what you are doing.
  • Mobile Services Google Play and App Store
    If the company has a mobile application, then in the Google Play and App Store services, users are not only available links to download them to a mobile device, but also information posted by other users, who already had the opportunity to evaluate the product.

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What information needs to be disseminated through crowd marketing

It is always worth remembering: the more imperceptible your supply, the higher the demand it will generate. Therefore, the crowd links that you get with this way of promotion are not always active links to the site. In other words, crowd links may be implicit with the direct path to the described resource, and hidden ones, who only call the brand, product brand or the name of the recommended specialist.

The more useful recommendations will be in the text, the higher the chance to get the transitions of interested users. The presence of a hyperlink to the site of the manufacturer or seller in this case is optional, because a potential client may well score the name of the product in the search and independently find your resource. At the same time, you get a transition to the site, a new potential client, it is possible to order and increase brand traffic, which will positively affect the positions in the issue.

В крауд маркетинге должна быть польза для людей

Direct indication of the active crowd link and the absence of an expanded comment with useful information no longer hint at a certain interest from the commentator, this is alarming. In addition, far from all resources allow you to place links to the site.

Message should not look like spam. In this case, you may be blocked, but, even worse, you will lose the trust of users and negate all the work on their extraction.
Even if you do not plan to engage in crowd marketing on your own, we still advise you to periodically monitor the information posted on sites that are used to host crowd links. Unfair competitors may well use these sites for your company's anti-advertising.

Remember, recommendation or feedback should be beneficial not only to you, but also to other users. We are definitely against false “calls” on products. In this case, we are not talking about a way of honest struggle, but about obvious deception. In addition, the result of such a dishonest game can only be a temporary attraction of the audience and the flow of customers. After buyers find that the product has nothing to do with praise on third-party sites, there is a great risk of falling out of favor to a large circle of Network users.

With the right approach, crowd marketing shows excellent results. The main thing is to act sequentially, regularly conduct dialogue with users, observing the rules of polite communication and unobtrusively hinting at the site, the visit of which will benefit them.
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