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Linked links from sites under the ASG appeared in the link profile - is it worth panicking?

Even when authoritative people are used to build up the reference mass eternal link exchanges sort of GoGetLinks, There may be cases of donor sites getting under filters, in particular under the JANex ACS.

It is clear that links from sites under the ASG do not just stop benefiting the acceptors, but actually begin to work for them to the detriment. But is it worth it to panic and start getting rid of them? 

Проверка сайта донора перед размещением ссылки

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How to fix the situation without removing links from sites under the ASG

We do not recommend immediately taking active steps to eliminate relations with such donors. Do not forget that there is also Google, where the backlink, which came under the approval of Yandex, can still continue to positively influence the position of the site. If you start mass deletion of links, the Yandex ASG will indirectly lead to the subsidence of the positions of your site in Google.

A more logical way out of this situation is to purchase new high-quality links. Their number should approximately correspond to the quality-lossed backlinks in order to compensate for the lost weight and position in Yandex. 

Looking for a reason not to buy links? He who seeks will always find!

Many SEOshniki are very happy with such a panicker mood, because their net profit grows many times: it’s dangerous to buy links! 

Of course, there is a risk of getting under the filter of the acceptor site. It is always present when increasing the external reference mass in “white” ways, to which the purchase of links belongs.

But we do not remove the backlinks from the stained donors for projects that we are promoting. 

Firstly, such risks can be minimized by monitoring the quality of donors, selected to place backlinks.

Контроль качества сайтов доноров
And secondly, alternative “white” methods for obtaining the number of links from trust sites needed for quick and effective promotion simply do not exist.

Of course, the fact that there are a large percentage of external links with donors located under the AGS in the reference profile will not bring anything good. But then again, we repeat, it’s not worth panicking. 

In most cases, deleting links with the ACS filter will not be necessary because such donors automatically “fly out” from the exchange. In such cases, their obligations to the acceptors cease to apply and most of the outgoing links are removed. Without this, they cannot get out of the AGS. 

Thus, the reference mass is naturally cleaned - the worst backlinks are removed themselves, without your intervention.


As our many years of experience show, the appearance in the reference profile of a web resource of poor-quality links from sites under the AGS is not a sentence and a reason for panic. In most cases, the situation can be corrected by the additional purchase of a portion of quality links.

True, if you are sure that specific backlinks are harmful to promoting the site not only in Yandex, but also in Google, of course, you need to try to get rid of them. In especially difficult cases, you can try to restore your reputation on Google using the service on rejection of backlinks poor quality.