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External optimization. What is it?

A very important point for promoting your site in the TOP of the issuance of search engines is, in addition to internal, also external optimization - performing work outside the site according to compliance with ranking factors. In particular, these are external links located on other web resources.
If simpler, then all this looks like the spread of gossip. In real life, it turns out that the more gossip, the more popular you are. This takes into account:

  1. How often they talk about you.
  2. How many people are discussing you.
  3. Who are these people.

External site optimization . Evaluation factors

By drawing an analogy with gossip, we get the quality criteria of external SEO optimization:

  1. Number of references to your web resource (link mass of the site).
  2. Number of web resources that mention your site. 
  3. The credibility of these web resources. 
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The main errors of external optimization

Age of sources is very important when evaluating search engines the quality of links to you. If all the references to you are posted on “one-day sites”, search engines “will bite” you and you will not get into the TOP.

Successful linkage is pretty serious about previously mentioned authority. I.e, if the web resource on which the external anchors are located has a bad reputation - listed by the search engine in black, located under the filter, “street” in placing links for money, the result of such an advance will be the spread of a negative attitude towards it on your web resource.

How to properly increase the reference mass of the site

External SEO site optimization implies mutual exchange of links with popular and high-quality web resources. Almost any catalog of sites when adding your web resource to its database will require a return link.

But unfortunately, if you do it honestly, it will take a lot of time. Therefore, most often the reference mass of the site changes using procurement links.
At this stage, many do main mistake - they buy a lot at the same time. This is another reason why your site, before starting to rise in the ranking, will fall even lower or even fall under the filters. 


To prevent this from happening, external optimization of the site (reference) must be carried out rationally, gradually and most importantly - constantly. There should be no sharp bursts of the number of links or periods when new ones will not appear. Do not forget that search engines are constantly watching this.

Also external links need to "dilute" - ensure that the reference mass contains anchor, mixed and ungulates of them, active and not active. In general, do everything possible to give as few reasons as possible to search engines to suspect you of dishonest website promotion.

Summing up

The reference mass includes all external links to your site and increases by posting them on third-party and, most importantly, high-quality web resources. This must be done wisely. This is how the external optimization of the site takes place, which is very important for obtaining a result - getting your web resource into the TOP and getting a stable stream of visitors for it. 

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