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Adding a site to Yandex Directory is helpful and easy

If you add a company to the Yandex Map, you can get quite significant benefits when ranking search engine output in comparison with those who did not take this opportunity.  

We will not repeat what exactly are the advantages, because they are similar to those that we mentioned earlier in the article “How to add a company to Google maps.

Immediately move on to a detailed explanation of how to add the organization to Yandex.Maps.

By the way, “included” is being placed in the Yandex Directory. After all, these two services are inextricably linked and you can add the company to the Yandex Map only during the registration process in the Directory.

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How to add a company to the Yandex Handbook and Yandex Map

  1. The rules for posting in the Yandex Directory prohibit re-registration. Therefore, first thing you need check if your company is in the service database.
  2. If the check confirms the absence of the desired name in the search results, you can use the opportunity add new organization. To do this, press the button with the corresponding name.

  3. The next step will be add details (address, name, phone, website, mail and working hours). If at this stage it is incorrect to add the site to the Yandex Directory (error in the address or non-existent URL), a notification about this will be displayed and further registration will be impossible until this moment is corrected.

    The label on the map will be installed automatically based on the entered address. But you can do it manually and add the store to Yandex Map (or any other institution) yourself to the right place if it was automatically determined incorrectly.

  4. The next step in posting in the Yandex Directory is activity designation Your organization. In this case, you can specify no more than three related categories from the proposed catalog.

  5. At the last stage you need choose how to add a company to the Yandex Directory - for free or for free. In most cases, a free placement method is more than enough. But if you want to really stand out and are ready to pay for it, use the Priority Placement Method.

  6. After the process of processing an application for placement in the Yandex Directory, she will be sent to moderation, during which you can be contacted using one of these communication methods (telephone or e-mail) to confirm the data provided.

  7. If the moderation is successful, then you managed to add the organization to the Yandex Map. The corresponding label and data will begin to be displayed on the Cards and in the search results..

The entry created in this way in the Directory will be available in the Yandex Webmaster in the Geography section of the site.

If only the site is available

Now you know how to add a store to Yandex Maps (or any other company with a physical address).

But what should those who want to add a site to the Yandex Directory do and do not have a business reference to a specific place?

The rules for posting in the Yandex Directory indicate that only the real location of the real organization should be indicated.

But by trial and error, it was found that in most cases, Yandex moderators do not carefully check the label on the map for compliance with reality. The main thing is that your site is real and all the application fields for placement in the Yandex Directory are filled. Therefore, you can safely try this option.

Key points of the article

  • to add a company to Yandex Maps, you need to register with Yandex Directory;
  • this process is free, but you can pay for priority accommodation., to stand out on the Maps among competitors;
  • upon registration is required existing site;
  • the label on the Map appears after not too strict moderation;
  • those who have only a site without a physical office, can also try to register;
  • if you add an organization to the Yandex Map, it will bring clear benefits, in particular, in the form of a more attractive and informative display in the search, which will entail the attraction of additional traffic, consisting of a more target audience.

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