Key SEO Optimization Quality Indicators is an assessment of the number and quality of external links that lead to the site. We have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that thanks to the latest changes in search engine algorithms, high-quality parameters are becoming increasingly important. 

Today we will talk about various services with which you can see the number of sites linking to you. This will make an idea of, how effectively is the buildup of the reference mass by you or seo specialist. In addition, consider the tools that allow you to find external links of competitor sites.


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How to check the number of links to your site for free

Let's start the review with free and available services to each site owner or SEO specialist that give a fairly detailed picture of how many external links have been accumulated. First of all, we will talk about standard tools from Google and Yandex.

Google search console

The service allows you to find out the number of external links and perform their analysis on your own sites connected to Google. The system marks only those links that were found by googlobots. In order to define them in other search engines, additional data verification will be required.

Report available in the "Links" menu tab. For more detailed information, click “Advanced” or “Export Data”.

Как найти обратные ссылки на свой сайт google

During the check, you can find data on:

  • Number of links to the site and to specific pages;
  • Sources (donors);
  • The number of links with specific resources;
  • The most popular pages by the number of links to them;
  • Anchors.

To the benefits of the service we can attribute the fact that it is a free tool for finding links to the site, provides up-to-date data and allows you to export a report for more convenient work.

The main disadvantages lack of data on other people's sites and limited functions are considered. For example, in Search Console, you cannot display information in the form of diagrams and graphs, it is impossible to verify data for a certain period. Another significant minus is that the system does not provide a visual picture of the development of the reference mass. Here you can only find out about the current state.
Having learned how to find the return links to our website on Google, we move on to his eternal competitor, Yandex.

Yandex. Webmaster

As with Google, in Yandex Webmaster you can find out external links to your site indexed by this search engine. But here the functionality is richer than that of a similar Google service.

Как посмотреть внешние ссылки на свой сайт в яндексе

To find out how to find the linking sites in Yandex, we go to Webmaster, here in your personal account there is a tab "Flaces - External", where information on:

  • Donors and them ICS;
  • Date of their discovery and updates;
  • Pages to which external links are provided;
  • Ankorah;
  • Remote backlinks;
  • Changes in the reference profile in the form of graphs.

A separate plus is the diagrams, which clearly show the dynamics of the buildup of the reference mass, as well as the distribution of the ISS indicator. Here is the data grouping function.

Как посмотреть ссылающиеся сайты в яндексе

Benefits of the service from Yandex:

  • Is a free analyzer;
  • Has a slightly wider functionality compared to Google;
  • It makes it possible to find out the dynamics for a given period;
  • Shows data on ICS donor sites;
  • Export of data;
  • Actual information.


  • Limited functionality regarding paid services;
  • Relatively small time coverage;
  • There is no way to find out about competitors.

How to find external links to competitors' website using services

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Ahrefs - paid and free version

The popular paid service has released its free, limited version, which allows you to find out some data about the reference mass of the site or analyze a single page. The main difference from previous solutions is available verification any resources, not just your own sites.

Use simply: enter the site address in the field, click "Check" and instantly get the result. There is not much information, but for a one-time analysis of a competitor, it may be enough. Data for work: domain and specific page rating, traffic, anchors, total backlinks and others. The service allows you to see 100 top external links, find 5 top anchors and 5 pages of the site with the most links. In order to find out more detailed data, you can connect a paid version.

поиск ссылок на сайт в сервисе ahrefs

The most interesting tools for the paid version in terms of estimating the reference mass of sites:

  • Site and page rating;
  • Detailed reporting data on backlinks and donors;
  • Growth dynamics for the reporting period (since its inception, last reporting year and month);
  • External page build graphs with posted links;
  • Assessment of the level of spareness of the reference profile and others.

Service Benefits:

  • The ability to find info about absolutely any site and individual pages;
  • Functionality and versatile study of the reference mass;
  • Database data is quickly updated;
  • Provides analytics for the entire life of the site;
  • Graphs and diagrams for a more comfortable visual study;
  • You can find out more about redirect links.

Disadvantages, in our opinion, are limited by a relatively high cost. On the other hand, given the undeniable advantages, the cost is justified and does not seem overpriced.


Another solution that helps answer the question is how to check external links to a competitor’s website and find out the number of linked sites to your own resource. LinkPad cannot be called the most relevant, in its database, data is not quickly updated and it sees far from all links. Therefore, we do not recommend using it as the sole or main source of information for the analysis of the reference mass. But if you need to see a general approximate picture in order to assess the nature of the buildup of external links by a competitor or quickly get information about your own resource, you can safely adopt it.

LinkPad Benefits:

  • Budget option + free limited version;
  • Minimum but sufficient for a general presentation of data;
  • A simple and clear graph of the dynamics of increasing the reference mass over a long period;
  • Ability to analyze any sites.


  • Limited tools;
  • The long process of adding data to the database as a result is not entirely up-to-date information;
  • Does not highlight redirect links.


A service rich in terms of capabilities and functionality that has one unique ability: it knows how to distinguish purchased links from natural. These data allow you to make correct edits and improve the quality of the reference mass. After all, if this indicator can be calculated, most likely search robots are already doing this and also take into account the naturalness of backlinks when ranking. 

Besides, using MegaIndex you can find information about:

  • The most popular links and pages of the site;
  • The dates of their addition and change;
  • Referring domains;
  • Topic of donors;
  • The dynamics of building the reference mass;
  • Ankorn with the most popular of them.


Как найти ссылки ведущие на сайт в MegaIndex

Service reports are convenient and visual, there are clear graphs and diagrams. There is a free, limited version that allows you to look around and decide on the purchase of a package of services. 


  • Low cost with a significant set of analytical and SEO tools;
  • Ability to find out the number of external links to any site;
  • The separation of natural ones;
  • Convenient presentation of information;
  • Free trial version.

Disadvantages of MegaIndex:

  • Does not show redirect links;
  • Does not include details on deleted links in the report.


Well-known to almost all SEO specialists, a multifunctional service, which, among other useful tools, allows you to see information about the number of external links. Here you can find the basic data. about external links to your own or competitive website:

  • Lists of backlinks linking domains;
  • Ankor information;
  • Assessment of donor trust;
  • Allocation of the most popular pages of the site.


Как проверить обратные ссылки в Serpstat

Benefits Serpstat:

  • If there are wide opportunities for SEO, the service allows you to save on the purchase of a separate package of functions for studying the reference mass;
  • Detailed and sufficient for a general idea of feedback links to the site reports;
  • Convenient graphic presentation of information;
  • Separation of incoming links by type: redirectes, pictures, etc.;
  • You can find out about lost and recently added links;
  • Export of data;
  • Analysis of your own site and competitors.

Serious shortcomings of the service include a lag in the formation of a database that does not allow us to talk about absolute relevance.


The service allows you to find out the number of links to the site and identify donors. It is mainly used by SEO specialists from the CIS countries. 
You can find out about 500 backlinks for free in order to study all the links available on the site in more detail, you will need to make a payment, the amount of which is calculated individually.

Xtool provides data on:

  • Unique acceptors and anchors;
  • Link Level Statistics;
  • Attitude anchor and non-anchor links;
  • Donors and TICs (although this parameter is outdated).

Как посмотреть ссылающиеся сайты в Xtool

The main advantage of Xtool - availability of the service due to the attractive cost of verification. The advantages include the ability to find donors to third-party sites and unload data.


  • Inconvenient presentation of information in the form of non-clicable links;
  • Long verification process.


We examined several methods of how you can check external links and find out domains that link to the site. The most convenient, relevant and advanced services providing maximum information to evaluate the reference mass of competitors, are paid. But sometimes it is quite possible to do with free analyzers. In particular, if you want to check the quality of the SEO specialist, information from such services will be enough to, in general, evaluate the dynamics of the link profile buildup and compare it with the main competitors. Do you use backlink reports in your work?