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Competent site reference mass buildup

External optimization of any web resource involves building up the reference mass. Feedback to your site gives it significance in search engine eyes. It is very important to have a natural reference profile.

After all, if all references to your site are determined by search engines as commercial (purchased), the effect of this will be directly opposite to the expected one - downgrade of ratings until they hit the filters.

Therefore, in order for the reference profile of your web resource to be (or at least seemed) natural, it is recommended to increase it:

  1. With the mind. The buildup of the reference mass of the site should be carried out on the principle of "Better less and better. That is, do not chase the quantity, it is more important to worry about the quality of the references that refer to you. A natural reference profile, consisting of only a dozen links, will bring much more benefit than a hundred cheap ones received from the blacklist exchange.
  2. Smoothly. You can increase the reference mass on the site very quickly, but as already mentioned, this will lead to bad consequences. Therefore, you need to start doing it smoothly, little by little. To begin with, several daily natural links in forums, reviews or comments on various authoritative resources will come up. 
  3. Gradually. Further, you can switch to more serious volumes, but it is important that they are constantly observed. In this case, it is not necessary to use only paid links. A natural reference profile must necessarily contain and free mention. For this, registration in numerous catalogs of sites is excellent, provided that they are authoritative. 
  4. Stable. The increase in the reference mass of the site should be regular, without interruptions - if you decide to purchase 10 links daily, then such a schedule must be followed by 2 - 4 months until the end of the search engine in the desired TOP. The slightest break of several days will immediately raise suspicion of the legality of your promotion methods.

  5. Creative. Think about how to increase the reference mass to the site so that there is diversity. For example, if you are interested in purchasing references on several exchanges, try to dilute the natural link profile with links to your site in the comments on articles on competitor sites. 

Of course, there is a high probability that they will not pass the moderation and will be removed. But if you politely ask permission to place a link to their article on your website (and leave the address of your web resource at this point), it may well work and you will receive absolutely free quality link.

How to properly increase the reference mass to the site

There are several more general recommendations on this topic that will help make the link profile of your web resource more natural and productive.

First place mention should only be made of thematic resources, containing useful and interesting content. This will increase the percentage of the probability of the user moving to your site. Therefore, it is advisable to use as little as possible reference aggregators and try to control the list of resources that will refer to you yourself.

Secondly, carefully monitor the machinations of competitors. Some of them may use methods for posting links to your website of poor quality. Thus, you may not even know about their presence and get under the filter.

Thirdly, the natural reference profile should at least approximately comply with the following indicators:

  • various anchors;
  • the presence of many sources;
  • clicks on links to your site;
  • links to pages that are not promoted.

If you take into account all of the above recommendations, you are very likely to be able to increase the reference mass of the site so that search engines begin to consistently increase its utility rating. After some time, this should lead to the emergence of your web resource in the TOP for advanced requests.

If you have any questions left, ask them in the comments on this article!