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How to remove external links that interfere with website promotion

It is no secret that one of the main factors of ranking a site in search engines is its external reference mass. At the same time, not only the number of links, but also their quality is important.

Only a few low-quality or filter-based donors can negate all work on expanding the link profile of an promoted website. In such a situation, it is necessary to remove low-quality incoming links, otherwise you can not only lose ground, but also please yourself under the approval of search engines.

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Wherever low quality feedback is taken

The most private reasons for their appearance:

  • registration in free catalogs of sites, which often have a short life span and have an amazing ability to easily fall under search engines;
  • purchase of links through exchanges that are not famous for the quality of the sites for their placement;
  • turning donors into HS due to excessive enthusiasm for selling links.


How to calculate bad links

No matter how you try to select donors, sooner or later there will be a need to remove bad links from the total reference mass of your site.

To identify them, you need to regularly analyze the link profile of the promoted web resource and monitor its position in order to determine when the deterioration occurred, which can be correlated with the appearance of feedback from specific donors.

For monitoring, you can use specialized services for checking site positions, which exist quite a lot.

As for the direct analysis of external links, you can view their list both using the tools provided in the webmaster panels from Google and Yandex, and using numerous third-party services (for example,

Moreover, if in the case of the Google Search Console, each link site needs to be checked, for example, using pr-cy service and others like him, then in Yandex. The webmaster displays the tIC of each donor, which immediately allows you to draw conclusions about them.

Ways to disable unnecessary links

  1. The easiest way to remove low-quality incoming links is directly request the owners of donor sites. True, there is not always the opportunity to get their contact details. In addition, some may simply ignore such requests or require payment for their execution.
  2. In case of increasing the reference mass using specialized exchanges, you can turn off unnecessary links through them. On some of them, a similar functionality is introduced into the system, while others need to contact the exchange administration with a request to remove external links of poor quality.
  3. If you can’t remove bad links from donors, you can call on Google tool Feedback Disruptions - Disavow Links Tool (more about him - in a separate article). True, in this case, the links are not eliminated, but only cease to be taken into account by the search engine when ranking.

But Yandex unfortunately does not have such functionality. Therefore, to restore the site’s reputation in the eyes of this search engine, you can only delete external links in two first ways.