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Is it worth using paid links

The stage of external optimization of any site implies reference mass buildup. What species is better to use? Paid links are a little risky, because search engines are constantly improving their recognition algorithms "dishonest" promoting web resources. It is safer to use free links to promote the site, but it takes a lot of time to get them honestly.

Where is the middle ground?

Paid links. Their features

Trying to understand the essence of paid links and whether to use them, you need to familiarize yourself with some of their features. Namely:

  1. Search systems believe that such references interfere with the production of quality ranking of sites for placement in the issuance of the most relevant of them.
  2. Usually are better than free links, because they are placed on trust resources in the body of the thematic text.
  3. Paid links may be eternal and temporary. In the first case, they are often quite expensive. In the second, they make you dependent on exchanges that need to be paid monthly.

The essence of paid links is that you need to buy them for the successful promotion of the site, and someone needs to sell a place for them on their web resource. The third element of this scheme is exchange, which is engaged in pandering. At the same time, you can increase the external reference mass without much effort, the main thing is your solvency.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Free links to promote the site

Their features:

  1. Get a lot harder and more costly in terms of time
  2. Free links to promote the site allow save money. Only the remuneration of the person who will create them will be needed. Well, if you do it yourself, you won’t spend a dime at all.
  3. Are "natural" and look like that in the eyes of not only ordinary users, but search engines. Therefore, they are rated significantly higher than purchased and significantly affect the rating of the site.

Ways to obtain:

  • Exchange of mutual references with other web resources.
  • Registration in site directories.
  • Linking in thematic forums.
  • Filling the site with high-quality and interesting content that visitors will want to share in social. networks.

Paid and free links. Risks when using

One of the most common reasons for getting web resources under the filters - low-quality links of any type. What does it mean by substandard? This means that they are placed:

  • with blacklist exchanges search engines;
  • in " basements" - pages specially designated for the placement of such references;
  • without roundabout text;
  • on resources that are in no way not related to the topic Your site;
  • on sites that search engines know that they engaged in the sale of places on their pages for this purpose;
  • on non-authoritative web resources with low quality content.

To successfully promote the pages of your site in the TOP output of search engines, it is recommended to use not only paid links.

Free links must also be present. This will dilute the accumulated reference mass, add diversity to it and, with the proper level of quality, both of them will be positively perceived by search engines.

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