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Promotion Basics in Google Maps and Yandex.Maps

Quite often, you can observe how in the search for the specified requests, especially commercial ones, extended map fragment results. At the same time, they often occupy most of the entire first page of issue, thereby hiding other results of organic searches from the user's eyes. 

And if, in addition to maps, there are pictures, videos and blocks of contextual advertising, then there is little space left on the first page for the organic results of the issue.

Выдача с результатами карты в Google
It turns out that no matter how you promote your site, competitors involved in promoting Google Maps (or analogues from Yandex) will always have the advantage and high CTR. Of course, this is about the sites of organizations providing local services.

After all, it is quite natural that, for example, upon request “pizza delivery in Kiev”, the user will choose more attractive and informative results with a label on the map than one of the many unreleased options below.

But don't be upset, there is a way out - to take part in the promotion of Google Maps yourself and similar services to him. 

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Before you start promotion on Google Maps

To begin with, it is worth making sure that at least some of the keyboards from the semantic core of your site are included in the request category for which elements from the Maps are issued. 

One of the services for collecting keywords and checking positions will help you in this, for example, Serpstat. In its toolbar, select the item “Freight selection” and supplement the standard results with the “Maps” filter. 


After that, you will see the results on the checked request, as well as similar options selected by the service, including with a mark indicating the presence of search elements on the Maps in the issuance of it.

Thus, you will not only check your requests for participation in the search on the Maps, but you can also pick up new ones, which can be used to further promote the site by optimizing it under Google Maps.

Now that you are convinced of the need to promote your site in a search on the Maps, you can go to the next stage - add company to Google Maps. As this is done, we already told in earlier detail in a separate article (register in Google My business, put a label on the map, indicate detailed data, confirm their accuracy, fill out the created profile).

Регистрация начало продвижения в Гугл картах

Google Maps Promotion Tips

Of course, just adding your site to Google Maps is not enough. Indeed, on the first page of search output, usually only 1 - 2 results from this category are derived. And if you don’t do promotion in Google Maps, your site will not be displayed on it.

Basically, the position of the website in the search for Google Maps depends on:

  • relevance of information on the site to user requests (as in the usual search);
  • brand recognition;
  • the size of the territory covered by the service provided;
  • the degree of satisfaction of users who have already used the service, which is expressed in the reviews and ratings left by them.

You can increase the efficiency of promotion on Google Maps, using the following methods:

  1. In the settings of the page in My Business indicate the category that best suits your services, create an attractive description using key key requests, provide contact details and working time, add the address of the promoted website and connect it with the created profile. 

    Оптимизация описания компании в Google картах
  2. Increase brand awareness by adding a company logo to the company page.
  3.  The requests for promotion in Google Maps described in the previous subsection must be used to optimize existing pages of the site or to create new ones.
  4. Motivate using the services of your site (company) customers leave positive ratings and reviews. You can just ask for it, which is usually ineffective. And you can offer small discounts (bonuses) for this. The first reviews can be obtained from your friends / relatives or write to yourself. It is important that they are written from different computers within the region, which covers your site with its services.

    Влияние рейтинга и отзывов на позиции в Google картах
  5. Create the appearance of building a “living” dialogue with customers who left reviews, responding to them.
  6. Be active regularly in Google+ (expansion of circles, posts, entry into communities, creation of selections, etc.).
  7. On the site itself you need use micro-label to indicate data (address, opening hours, telephone, type of activity, etc.) that will be pulled into search results along with a map fragment. 

About moving to Yandex. Kartakh

In the case of Yandex. Kartami, the principle of operation is similar to the one described above:

  • add site to Yandex.Directory;
  • indicate all the necessary and, most importantly, detailed information about the company and its activities;
  • optimize the site for promotion in Yandex.Maps (the same items as in the case of promotion in Google Maps).

But there is still a slight difference: if you can only get to Google Maps for free, then a paid version is also available in Yandex. The directory, which provides Priority Placement for profitable selection against competitors.

Do you need promotion on Google Maps?

Of course, promotion in Google Maps and a similar service from Yandex is primarily worthwhile for website owners representing companies and institutions whose services are regionally linked. 

Optimization under Google Maps is primarily beneficial for cinemas, catering establishments (cafes, restaurants, bars), leisure (bowling, billiards), as well as various enterprises, producing products and providing services in a specific area / city / region, etc. It is among them that most fierce struggle for Google Dove Algorithm posted their sites on the first page of the search issue.