Recently, you can increasingly hear that building up the reference mass is losing its value and relevance. But practice proves that this is far from the case, and links have not lost their influence for ranking in searchable output. In addition, backlinks are not only one of the graph of the site’s assessment sheet by search robots, they allow a much larger number of users to learn about the company’s brand, products and offer, which means, positively affect the growth of visitors site. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not ignore this part of the SEO-optimization of the resource and continue to increase the reference mass of the site. 

To evaluate the quality of the link profile, you need to analyze the external links on the site. About how to do this, and talk.


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Reference Mass Building Strategy

Unfortunately, not a single textbook will give a clear list of actions that with 100 % guarantee will give excellent results and bring the resource to the TOP. However there are general recommendations, which you must stick to if you seek to increase the powerful reference mass of the site. Let's recall what affects the assessment of the status of the reference profile by search engines and what it is worth striving for:

  • variety of link types: dofollow and nofollow, texts and images, redirect links, etc.;
  • diversity of resources: information resources, product catalogs, company directories by region and other characteristics, social networks, forums, blogs, etc.;
  • use anchor, unzancore and mixed links;
  • sequential smooth buildup.

Анализ естественного ссылочного профиля

How to evaluate the external reference mass of the site

A tool that would give an exact answer by pressing a button how efficiently external links work does not exist. Each experienced SEO specialist has its own checklist used to check the status of the link profile. But any SEO analysis of the reference mass of the site includes several necessary steps. Let's analyze what needs to be checked and how to correctly evaluate the data to understand the situation and timely adjust.

Services for analyzing the reference mass of your own site and competitors

There are many worthy programs that allow you to perform an online site analysis of both your own resource and competitors. The most popular can include:

  • Ahrefs - a multitasking analyzer with which you can evaluate the most important indicators of the quality of external optimization. Information is provided in a convenient form for perception in the form of clear tables and graphs.
  • Serpstat - A popular platform among professional SEO specialists, with many functions and tools, including rather detailed data on external links, the source of which is Majestic Site Explorer.
  • NetPeak Checker - used to compare analytical data of different resources according to a number of characteristics, including regarding the parameters of the reference profile.
  • MegaIndex - differs from other reference mass analyzers in that it separately distinguishes natural and commercial backlinks, simplifying the tasks of the optimizer.
  • Linkpad - lags behind the main competitors with a long period of database accumulation, which affects the relevance and accuracy of information, but analyzes the dynamics of the buildup of the reference profile over several years.

It is no coincidence that we included in the list of services for analyzing the reference profile only those that allow us to evaluate not only our own resource, but also the sites of competitors. Assessing and comparing the backlinks of the main competitors and niche leaders with the site you are optimizing helps to draw the right conclusions and make adjustments to the optimization strategy.

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Anchor List Characteristics

Qualitative links - natural, the less indications of their commercial component, the better search robots will react to it. When analyzing the reference mass, pay attention to the fact that the anchor links (the text of which contains the request) were no more than 10 %, and the unzancorous ones prevailed.

Как проанализировать ссылочную массу сайта

A poor anchor list contains many anchor links and even worse when with the same requests. Search robots will classify such a site as a spamful resource, and this, among other things, leads to sanctions.

The quality of the linking sites

The analysis of the reference mass of the site is also affected by competent selection of donors. We recommend that you take their choice responsibly. Earlier, we wrote about the rules that should be followed when assessing the quality of resources used to place backlinks to the site. As part of the analysis of the reference profile should be studied:

  • attendance rate of the linking resource: the higher it is, the better;
  • ICS and other available resource assessment systems;
  • the presence of sanctions by search engines;
  • the ratio of incoming and outgoing links of the donor site: the first should be significantly larger.

Оценка качества ссылающийся сайтов

Link Types

Dofollow links (they bring search bots to the page for the purpose of indexing it) are most valuable for the optimizer and the owner of the resource. But their abuse can have negative consequences, therefore dilute dofollow links with other types. It looks more natural.

анализ типа линков в ссылочном профиле

The growth dynamics of the linking domains

A very important indicator that must be taken into account when analyzing external links to the site. A spasmodic graph indicates errors in increasing the reference profile. Keep track of he was smooth and moving on growing. Sharp ups are seen by search engines as a sign of artificial winding, which is punishable by sanctions, and falls may indicate the purchase of rental links. 

Неестественный ссылочный профиль сайта пример


Analysis of external links to your own website and competitors' resources is an important stage of SEO optimization. Timely detection of errors and adjustment will eliminate problems with getting under the filters of search engines and achieve the best result from working on the construction of a link profile. Do you check the quality of external links to the site?