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The ultimate authority is Disavow Links Tool, or how to reject links in Google

Absolutely any webmaster can find himself in a situation where the positions of his site suffer from the negative influence of poor-quality external links. At the same time, in order to rehabilitate the web resource in the eyes of search engines, it is usually enough to reject the backlinks, which implies their physical removal from donor sites.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible and several links that cannot be deleted can become a serious problem. At least it was until 2012, until a special tool appeared to reject links in Google - Disavow links pool.

His appearance was a pleasant surprise for many and was perceived as a gift from a search engine who promised to facilitate the solution of problems with putting things in order in the reference mass of advanced sites and removing them from the sub Penguin.

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What you need to know before using the Disavow Links Tool to reject Google links

  1. Reject Link Deviation with Disavow Links Tool is not intended for physical deletion from donor sites. The result of this tool is only to prevent the impact of bad links on ranking the target web resource. In the list of external links available in Search Console, they will still continue to be displayed.
  2. Google recommends using Disavow Links Tool to reject backlinks only in extreme cases, when it is not possible to get rid of their influence in any other way.
  3. Google’s link rejection is only necessary when it is confident that they really have a bad effect on your website’s position.. That is, if you:
    • received letters from Google with notifications of the discovery of unnatural links;
    • You can link the fall of the positions of your site with previous actions to purchase links.

      Google warns that in most cases, inept handling of the Disavow Links Tool can harm the promotion of the site in the search.
  4. After the procedure for rejecting backlinks is completed, sending requests to Google support for site revision is not required. Search Algorithms automatically remove pessimizing sanctions after processing the links sent to the Disavow Links Tool (if the list you compiled contains those that are really the reason for the deterioration of the position).
  5. Sent requests for rejection of backlinks are not processed immediately. This and subsequent reindexing takes at least a few weeks.

Disavow Links Tool Step-by-Step Algorithm

  1. Selecting links that are required to reject. To do this, you need to download from Search Console a list of all external links of the target website (in CSV, Excel or Google Table format), following the “Flinks / Sites that are most often referenced / Additionally / Export.

    экспорт внешних ссылок для оценки их качества

    It is important to do this action for all existing mirrors of your site (with www and without, with access to http and https) to compile the list that covers the external reference mass as much as possible.
  2. Analysis of the received list of links. You can execute it by checking each donor site using specialized services like (We especially pay attention to the fact of being under the filters and indicators of authority).

    You can also seek help from Yandex. Webmaster, in which the list of external links is displayed with an indication ICS donors (the lower the ICS, the more suspicious).

    проверка показателя икс для плохих доноров

    Option for large projects whose promotion budget includes an unforeseen expenses item - order paid site audit (full or with a focus on checking the quality of the reference mass).

    Before moving on to the next step, you need to try to remove low-quality links in standard ways (we read about the methods that are meant in the article “How to remove bad (spam) links to your site").
  3. Links that could not be physically deleted from donors must be saved in the file of the desired format. for subsequent download to Disavow Links Tool.

    Using the standard Notepad ++ Notepad ++ Blocknote for free, we create a regular text file (.txt) encoded by UTF- 8 or 7 -bit ASCII. It lists all the links Google’s rejection is required.

    It is also possible to specify domains for which all pages that link to your site will be ignored. To do this, you need to specify them using the “domain:” command (each from the new line).

    To increase the likelihood that Google’s link rejection will be fulfilled, you can add comments explaining the reason for accessing the Disavow Links Tool. We write each comment from a new line starting with the “#” symbol (cross). An example of file design for rejecting backlinks.

    файл для загрузки в Disavow Links Tool пример
  4. In order to use the Disavow Links Tool, you need to go to: and select the desired site.

    This page will display a warning about the careful use of this tool and the “Download Link List” button, after clicking on which you will be asked to select a file for download, in which you previously saved the list of links for Google’s rejection.

    инструмент отклонения плохих ссылок в google

    A situation may happen when you find after sending the file that you forgot to include some links in it. In this case, if you download a new file, the previous one will be replaced. Therefore, in this case, you need to send an updated version of the previous file, and not a new one with several links that you previously forgot about.
  5. Next - just wait. If you correctly decide on the links that lead to underestimation of the positions of your site, a few weeks after sending the request their negative impact will be eliminated.

But what about Yandex?

The second most popular search giant, which is Yandex, has no tools to help with rejection of backlinks.

And despite the fact that Yandex, in response to letters asking for selective rejection of links of poor quality, most often replies that there is nothing to worry about and that they do not affect positions in any way, there is still a negative impact.

His algorithm Minusinsk tirelessly works to lower the position of websites found to be using SEO links. At the same time, in order to get out of the filter, Yandex recommends getting rid of such links. And so, if you can’t remove any of them in any way, these are your problems - you won’t get any help from Yandex in rejecting the backlinks.

We sincerely hope that the reference mass of your site will always consist only of high-quality links and you will not have to often contact the Disavow Links Tool. If such experience does happen, please share your experience in the comments under the article.