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Through links. Use or not?

Almost all webmasters use link promotion to promote their web resources. And in many articles we have already discussed the nuances of using various types of references, but at the same time we have never mentioned such a concept as "cross-reference".  

It is time to rectify this situation.

A cross-reference is a link placed in the elements of the site that are displayed on all its pages (menu, sidebars, “base”). Hence the name, because it turns out that it permeates the website through.

Пример сквозной ссылки в футере сайта

Through links on the site can be either external or internal (elements of internal skid). In this article we will talk about external ones, since it is they that can have a significant impact on the promotion of websites.

For which a cross-cutting link in SEO is used

Based on the definition, it is easy to conclude that this type of mention is a great way to get a much larger number of references instead of one if you place it on a multi-page resource.

The effect of end-to-end links can be decomposed into several separate components:

  1. Accelerating indexing of sites with a very large number of pages.
  2. Weight gain.
  3. Increased traffic flow.
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Some features of use

a) Cross-reference in the text phenomenon very rare. After all, the same text, repeated on many pages, can be perceived by search engines as content duplication

b) To find out if the site has external end-to-end references, you can use any service like Linkpad. After analyzing the data on the site, it will become clear if there is a cross-cutting link - an example on the screenshot clearly demonstrates that there are only 70 donor sites, and there are 11, 220 thousand references to them. This is most often found only when used "slide-slides".

Отчет из Linkpad свидетельствующий о сквозных ссылках
c) Using anchor links for this purpose causes a negative reaction of search engines and the target site can easily go under their filters.

d) This method suitable for large information projects or file download sites, which have tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pages. For online stores, it is recommended not to use.

e) Cross-references on the site can cost a lot (hundreds, if not thousands of times more expensive than usual).

f) As a rule, the most effective and safe impact of such references is achieved when placing them on very authoritative trust resources.

How to get end-to-end links to the site

To get them, you can use one of the common ways:

  • create a widget with a built-in link and distribute it for use on the pages of other people's web resources (for example, a weather information or exchange rate);

    Информер погоды со встроенной сквозной ссылкой
  • setting end-to-end references to your "negging" the site on their other more spun resources;
  • agreement with an authoritative site on paid accommodation he has "joints-slag" on you.

The effect of end-to-end links on SEO – promotion

Like all other species, their influence can be both positive and negative.

On the one hand, you receive the required number of high-quality, authoritative links, weight, accelerated indexation for your pages and some other at a time "Buns".

On the other, when used incorrectly, the effect can be very deplorable. For example, if immediately 10 thousand pages of the site refers to you of the same anchor link, then it will be perceived by search engines as a very poorly disguised and completely unnatural reference explosion. Guess what measures will be taken after this with respect to your website?

Perhaps you have now thought about the appropriateness of using end-to-end links. And that’s right if you take into account existing risks.

But still, Considering the possible positive effect of end-to-end links, you can use them, but very carefully, preferably without an anchor and for suitable types of web resources.

Any questions left? You can ask them in the comments and we will definitely answer you!