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What is the weight of the site page

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The weight of the site page is its rating, expressed in the number and quality of reference recommendations both from outside and within the framework of the web-based address under consideration. 

An analogy can be drawn with the number of recommended votes in favor of a particular person, which in total increase his authority. 

The resulting level of page credibility tells search engines about the degree of its importance (about its weight) in the eyes of link sources.

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Static page weight. Some features

  1. Static - a specification that is used to indicate the weight of the link. It also happens dynamic - when the actions of users on the use of links (the number of transitions made) are taken into account.
  2. The more static the weight of the page, the more significant its authority and the more significant the links, who lead from her. In an ideal situation, if there is only one outgoing link from each page, the transmitted weight will accumulate according to the principle of snowball.
  3. As a rule, the weight of the main page of the site is of the greatest importance. She accumulates it due to identification with the website in general (when mentioned somewhere) and the presence of the largest number of links within internal skipping.
  4. To save weight inside the site, you must exclude external links from its pages. If this is not possible, then such links should only be placed on the pages that are of the least weight.
  5. The weight of the links on the page depends on their number, since it is equally redistributed between them. 

    Распределение веса между страницами сайта

How to find out the weight of the site page

If you think that we know how to determine the weight of the page, you are mistaken.

Unfortunately, no one can talk about this, since only the search engines themselves know the principles of its accounting.

Not so long ago, there was a numerical display of page weight called PageRank. And this made it possible to see the rating of each individual page. But, unfortunately, today Google has stopped updating PR

But this does not mean that you can’t check the weight of the page at all.

You can make some calculations and find out the weight of the site page by pre-determining the conditional values and following their changes.

Consider an example: within the website, you can set the initial weight value of all pages equal to 1. 

The weight of the main page of the site will depend on the total number of links to it. 

If we assume that all the pages refer only to it, there are no external links (both incoming and outgoing) and discard the generally accepted effect of attenuation in weight transfer, it turns out, that with a total number of pages of the site equal to 10, the main one will have a weight equal to 9 + 1 (plus its own original):

Вес Главной страницы сайта
Knowing the number and direction of the skirmishes inside the site, you can determine the weight of the page according to the above principle. Given all the factors, this will make it somewhat more difficult, but quite possible. This task will be facilitated by displaying calculations in the form of diagrams. 

Read more about the principle by which transfer of reference weight read in a separate article.

How can it be useful

The static weight of the page is not just a theoretical characteristic. 

Its influence primarily affects the ranking of the issuance of search engines in the form of accounting for the quantity and quality of elements of an increased reference profile.

Also, by assessing the weight of the weakest pages of the website, you can influence their position by correctly redistributing the weight of those that are already tightly fixed in the TOP. 

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