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Why do I need a title tag in SEO promotion

Many believe that to promote the site in the TOP it is enough to purchase a lot of links and wait for the site to rise in the issue. This is not entirely true. In order for the search engine to trust your site, you must first optimize it from the inside.

One of the main points of internal optimization is the correctly compiled title of the page. Why is it so important? Title is the most important search engine tag., by which she determines what exactly is on the page being promoted.

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How to write Title Pages correctly

To correctly fill in the title tag, you must adhere to certain rules.

1.  Size no more than 12 words. The size of the title should not be too large. When you make up title, remember, it is important not only for search engines, but also for people. We will analyze this rule using the example of the request "how to choose a ski suit. In the search engine, the long page name looks like this:


Размер метатега title

As we see, too long title is interrupted and not fully displayed on the search page. It looks wrong. Accordingly, correct character header will be like this:

Количество символов в title

Such a short title will increase the CTR and will be correct in terms of search engines.

2.  The main request in title is to use 1 times. You must determine which request is the main one in your niche for a specific page and promote it in title. In this case, the error will be the title “Buy sunglasses in bulk, buy sunglasses in bulk, buy glasses in bulk”. Remember, 1 request cannot be repeated more 1 times.

In addition, the title must be logical and have a natural look.

3.  The main request to put the title at the beginning. It is important that the tag begins precisely with your request, which maximizes the subject of the page, and not with the accompanying words.

Как правильно написать title

An example shows the wrong spelling option. Why? Because the name of the company is spelled out at the beginning of the title, and the main request was needed, which they want to promote on the page. This is one of the factors why you will not find this site on the first page of issue.

4. At the end of the title we prescribe the full name of the company through the dash (“-”). This will allow you to promote each of the pages of the site upon brand request.

5. Title must not repeat H1. It is very important that the page name and title are different from each other. To make it easier to figure it out, we give an example.

H1 is not displayed on the search page, it is located inside the site and looks like this:

The best option would be the title of the page, which is placed at the top and includes the main request. Moreover, the text that is at the top of the page and in bold is not always H1 heading, the most important thing is that in the page code it is highlighted by the H1 tag.

If you do not know how to make title and H1 different, add additional commercial words or synonyms to the title. At least at the end of the title the name of the company should be spelled out. 

6. 100 % unique tag title. When we say that the content of the site should be unique, we must not forget that this rule also applies to title. Title should be unique both among the pages of your site and throughout the Internet. You should not have a single page with the same name on the site. But that’s not all.

Many believe that if you copy everything from competitors from TOP- 3, then the site will quickly be able to reach high positions. This opinion is erroneous. Search engines monitor all sites and will be able to understand who copied not only texts to pages from whom, but also their names. A content copying can have very unpleasant consequences. Therefore, do not take such a risk, come up with your unique title, focusing on all previous rules.

Correctly written title - High CTR key

We have already mentioned a concept like CTR. In other words, this is the ratio of the frequency of clicks on your site to the frequency of its impressions. This indicator is directly related to the increase in the rating of the site in the issue. The more often people click on your site, the more trust will be in it. And the more trust, the higher it will rise.

You may have a very high-quality and beautiful site inside, but if the user does not click on it when searching, he will never know about it and will not order your goods or services. All you can hook it with is to write title correctly and description.

Use these basic rules and you will quickly get into the TOP 3 Yandex and Google.


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