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What is a description tag

Description is not displayed on the site page itself, it is as if annotation to it and helps in the formation of the snippet. Often this tag is used by search engines as a brief description of your site in a search engine.

The description uses 1 - 2 key queries and basic information about the company. So with title, it forms the user's primary impression of the site and contains the main theme of the page, the direction of your activity.

Description needs to be compiled so that the user sees that it is your site that meets its requirements and can solve his problem. And the better you do it, the more transitions you get.

Example description in issue on request "buy mountain bike"

В description прописан запрос

As you can see, the words from the user's request will be highlighted in the description in bold so that the person can quickly understand whether the description of the site fully meets its requirements.

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Why fill out a description and its impact on SEO

This tag used to affect the promotion of the site and individual pages along with SEO texts. Now the search engine policy has changed relative to it. Moreover to prescribe this tag is mandatory. Why?

Description has one very important function that many forget or simply do not know about. The correctly written description significantly increases CTR, and this indicator just affects directly the rating of the site in the issue.

Everything is logical if your site is clicked more often than on the website of competitors, then it is more useful and interesting for users. Even if the competitor’s website was higher, with other things being equal, you can easily take its place only thanks to the correct description of your site.

How to do description correctly

Both search engines claim that the presence of a meta tag description is not a guarantee that it is it that will appear in the stench, and if the PS considers it irrelevant, they will select a fragment of the text from a page that will be more informative for the user. But still, the results of the issuance of the Yandex description are displayed much less frequently than in the release of Google.

The recommendations of search engines for the compilation of meta-descriptions are different, but still there are general ones. In order to correctly write a description, adhere to several basic rules:

  1. Do not make the description too long or short. It is important that your thought looks complete and contains enough information so that the user can understand if this page suits him. The optimal description size is - 125-135 characters

    Оптимальный размер description
  1. It is necessary to describe a specific page, not the entire site. In this case, the information provided should be relevant, logical, without unnecessary “water”, and general descriptions should not be used (“This is my web page” or “Internet store site”).
  1. The main request is only 1 times. Before writing a description, you should have already decided what exactly you would promote on this page. Think about how to characterize the direction of activity, 1 - 3 in words. This will be your main request. Now enter it in the description, preferably at the beginning, so that the user immediately sees that the landing page will solve its purpose. 
  1. 100 % uniqueness description. Do not forget that Google and Yandex monitor the uniqueness of absolutely all the texts on the site. Do not think that if description is not displayed on the site page, search robots will not take them into account. They see sites not as users see. Therefore, write the most unique and interesting information. Think about which description you would like to click on for you and show your imagination.
  1. Use calls to action in description.  The psychology of all people has one interesting fact: people love when they are told what to do. Use the description calls to action and see that the total 1 word can significantly increase CTR. This proven method works in all areas. Write: “come in”, “click”, etc. You can use more polite options, for example, “come in”. It depends on the scope of your activity and the target audience, but do not abuse advertising slogans.
  1. Use numbers and icons in the description. In addition to calls to action, people really like numbers. They talk about self-confidence and expertness of the company. Even if you write “10 years on the market” or “100 % quality assurance”, you will look much higher in the eyes of users than your competitors.
  1. And do not forget about different characters. Unlike Google, Yandex practically does not display specials in the snippet. characters and badges, so if you are up to date with Google promotion, insert arrows, checkmarks, etc. Thus, it will be easier to attract human attention and increase the likelihood of a click. 

Как составить description


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