When choosing between CMS or self-written engines, many stop at the first option due to the availability of ready-made solutions - pre-installed modules and compatible plugins. And this approach is understandable and justified, because they help to solve one or immediately complex of tasks for the effective management of the site. We offer you to find out what programmers offer and which SEO plugin for a WordPress site is better.

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Review of SEO plugins for WordPress

The WordPress platform is not only one of the most popular CMS among site owners and SEO specialists, which is due to the high-quality development and the mass of opportunities for building and establishing effective site. This management system also boasts the widest range of available modules and plugins, including for SEO optimization of sites on WordPress. The authors of these solutions are various companies that offer both paid installation of plugins and their free basic versions.

The entire range of modules for WordPress, regardless of developers, can be divided into two types: for complex SEO and solving one specific problem.

Comprehensive plugins for SEO-optimization of sites on WordPress

As the name implies, complex plugins include several tools at once, the functionality of which allows you to solve a number of issues related to resource optimization. Among such multifunctional assistants, we recommend paying attention to Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. According to our experts, these are the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Yoast SEO - Effectively Competitive Weapons

Created back in 2008 by the Team Yoast SEO plugin development team, conquered the hearts of more than 5 millions of users who, with it, were able to qualitatively optimize their sites on WordPress. Really very efficient, multifunctional and comfortable in using a plugin with which a resource can optimize even a beginner without problems and errors.

Using Yoast SEO allows you to implement most of the technical things that affect ranking in search engines. The developers of this plugin regularly update it to suit the current situation.

Лучший плагин водпресс Yoast SEO

What tasks does Joast SEO solve for you:

  • will integrate with Google services, including Google Analytics;
  • will create patterns Title and related Description, used in snapp, while maintaining a single style of text;
  • will help create high-quality optimized text content using keywords and phrases, and also check it for readability and uniqueness;
  • will automatically create XML site map;
  • will write "beautiful" URL, while ensuring that there are no duplicates;
  • will exercise control over "breadcrumbs»On all pages;
  • will help search bots get to know your site faster, which contributes to high-quality indexation.

All of the above is available in the free version of the plugin. For users who want to receive additional “plushions” is offered premium version, which will additionally allow:

  • receive technical support;
  • carry out a deeper analysis of the site texts and make adjustments for the best result;
  • tune in internal skipping;
  • pre-examine publications on social networks;
  • automatically manage redirectes.

By installing this SEO plugin for a site on WordPress, you will greatly facilitate the promotion process. But here you also need to understand the following thing: if you are not strong in SEO issues, you can’t imagine what and how to do to optimize the resource, connecting the modules will not be enough to achieve the TOP. It is important to work in a complex. It is for these purposes that we developed the program “Search engine"by passing which you can improve your site both in the eyes of users and search engines. 

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All in One SEO Pack - SEO tools in one box

WordPress Developer Plugin, existing since 2007. A reliable software product containing various SEO modules for effectively promoting the site on WordPress. The leader in the number of downloads is more than 50 million plants. This popularity is not only due to the fact that All in One SEO Pack is the very first WordPress plugin developed by the creators of the platform. The secret to his success lies in efficiency, convenience and multifunctionality.

AIOSP in automatic mode can:

  • form meta tag and title templates;
  • integrate with Google Analytics and e-commerce;
  • adjust the internal skirmish between the pages;
  • find duplicate content;
  • create an XML map and automatically add new pages to it;
  • accelerate the loading of site pages using AMP technology;
  • improve the appearance of pages sent to social networks;
  • offer an extended toolkit by supporting other plugins.

All this is available in the basic free version. Additional paid subscription options allow you to gain advanced access to SEO optimization tools, and also makes available the AIOSP Knowledge Center and a closed technical support forum for even more efficient optimization.

Also this WordPress plugin periodically supplemented by SEO modules and tools, which can be activated for free.

All in One SEO Pack лучший плагин wordpress картинка

Extra plugins for SEO-optimization of sites on WordPress

There is not always a need to use a comprehensive plugin with a complete set of SEO-optimization tools. In some cases, one or more separate modules may be required to solve a specific problem in automatic mode. Consider some of them.

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Google XML Sitemaps

As the name implies, this plugin created to generate XML site maps on WordPress. Its peculiarity is that the Sitemap.xml file automatically generated with its help helps to improve the indexing process by search robots. 

An additional advantage is that Google XML Sitemaps, which rightfully occupies a worthy place in reviews of the best plugins from WordPress developers, automatically adds the created pages to the XML map. Therefore, you do not need to make additional efforts to update it.


After installing this plugin for SEO optimization from WordPress authors problems with broken links, 404 errors and deleted pages will no longer arise. As a result, the rating of the site will increase.
The module does a great job like with single redirectes, and with thousands of redirects, working unnoticed, but very clear.

W3 total cache

A very useful tool that, using data caching, is significant speeds up site loading. During caching, the plugin can compress JS, HTML, and CSS codes. 

Developers promise a 10-fold improvement in total resource productivity, which is also confirmed by feedback from satisfied users. As a result of the installation of W3 Total Cache, it is possible to accelerate the loading of the site pages, which is especially important for maintaining periods of high traffic and increasing the conversion coefficient, which ultimately leads to an increase in the position in the search output.

Плагин W3 Total Cache для быстрой загрузки сайта

Media File Renamer (Auto Renamer)

A very popular SEO plugin for WordPress, which greatly simplifies the lives of optimizers and site owners. Its function is automatic renaming media files to SEO-optimized names, contributing to the effective promotion of the site. 

The module not only gives new names to files, it also makes appropriate changes to the pages of the site that refer to these media files. The source of data for the formation of a new name is the source names of the video and images and search queries of users.

Lazy Load by WordPress Rocket

"Lazy" delayed loading works as follows: the entire graph does not start to load immediately when switching to the site, but only after the user reaches the zone of the page on which the image is present. Such a download process allows you to speed up the overall operation of the site and increase its productivity.

Nofollow for external link

This SEO plugin for WordPress saves the reference weight of the site thanks to its automatic assignment nofollow attribute his external links. Another plus from using this module is that links open in new tabs, leaving the user with the opportunity to quickly return to your site and not lose the previously opened page.

If you do not want to hide links to any resources through a nofollow attribute, simply specify in the domain settings of these resources to block them from the actions of the plugin.


By opting for CMS WordPress, you get not only the full functionality of a quality platform, but also additional pleasant features available when installing special modules and plugins.
There are dozens of solutions that will help increase the efficiency of the promotion process through competent optimization. Which SEO plugin is best installed on your site on WordPress depends on various factors: the version of the platform used, the availability and features of media files, etc. B

When choosing a module, you must build on the goal, which you want to achieve. Installing a comprehensive plugin will help you solve several problems at once and free your time for other processes aimed at increasing the profitability of the business.

In our review, we introduced you to the most popular and useful plugins on Wordpress. They are all easy to use and do not require special skills to use them.

Have you already had experience working with SEO plugins on WordPress and are you satisfied with the result achieved with their help?

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