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The effect of the site’s snippet on the amount of traffic from search engines

Before you start to understand the degree of influence of the snippets in the issue on the number of visitors to the site attracted, let's go through some basics.

Scrolls the pages - this is a brief description (anouncement) of its content, displayed in the results of the search issue.

Why do we need indulgence in extradition? In order to enable the search engine user to get an approximate idea of the contents of the page found without going to it.

In the canopy displayed in the search engine, keywords are always highlighted in bold.

Do you need to try to make an unusual and beautiful snippet of the site? Definitely yes!

The form of a page snippet is a responsible process, the results of which will determine the possibility of successfully attracting visitors to the website using search engines.

In addition, not everyone cares that the site is being cut off somehow. And reading this article, you get an advantage over them.

Many mistakenly believe that the metatag description is that it is the page that is. But this is not entirely true. Yes, search engines can use the contents of the meta tag as a sub-fox in the output. But if they find a more relevant piece of text containing a search query, then they already use it. In addition, description is not its only component.


You should be very responsible for filling out this tag so that its contents are displayed as a site snippet, rather than an arbitrary part of the text from the page (This is more true for the formation of a snippet in Google).

And even if your web resource is not in the first position in the TOP, transitions to it can happen much more often than a superior, only because, that you made sure to make an unusual and beautiful page.

In addition, thanks to the successful scoop, Google and Yandex will take into account the improved behavioral factors and upgrade the rating of your site.

How to create a page snippet for Google search

As described a little above, you can influence the formation of the snippet in Google by correctly filling meta tag description, so that the search engine considers it suitable for displaying a brief description of the website in the search results.

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Based on what the uppet for Yandex is created

For Yandex, the abbreviation is formed according to more complex schemes, and with this description much more often not displayed in the results of the issue than for Google. But still this tag must be filled in.

The description of the site is based on the request, who drove the user. The search engine pulls up the text that it considers the most informative and relevant. Moreover, with different search requests, the description for the same page may differ.

Формирование сниппета в Яндексе

On the upper screenshot, a fragment of the text pulled up in the snippet, and description and text on the bottom.
When forming a description, Yandex takes into account:

  1. Text on page;
  2. Meta tag description; 
  3. Micro marking;
  4. Information from additional sources (e.g. Yandex.Market and Yandex.Directory).

Recently, the results of the issuance of Yandex appeared “Read more” button, which increases the displayed text in the snippet of the site. 

Сниппет Яндекса читать еще

The number of characters to the “Read more” button varies, but on average - 160-190 characters.

At the moment, it is not clear exactly what is the limitation in the number of characters in the expanded description of the site: in some cases, this is a text of up to 160 characters, in others - almost 700. 
Yandex specialists report that this point depends on complex internal algorithms and technical nuances, and the displayed text after the “Read more” button cannot be more than 3 times, more than the current one.
The formation of an extended description occurs according to the same principles - this is the “crushing” of the most relevant text from the page. 

In addition to the content on the page, Yandex can pull up additional information in the ubppet that can be displayed next to the site description in the search. Moreover, depending on the subject of the site, you can set different data (organization address, operating time, additional contact details, etc.).

For example, for, to display company address you must add it to Yandex.Directory or use the micro-markup.
Also in Yandex.Webmaster in the section “Information about the site > Regionality” you can write the address and data of the organization.

Адрес компании в сниппете яндекса


In the case of online stores, you can display in the ubppet product information. There are several ways: register in Yandex.Market; upload product information to Yandex. Webmaster in the “Products and Prices” section or use semantic markings. 

How to make the page that will really attract

  1. Needed create not just a beautiful snippet of the site, but also containing a brief answer to the question of interest to the user.
  2. Fill pages with quality content, which will be a relevant, promoted request, so that if you use part of the text in the form of a snippet in the issue “do not hit the dirt with your face”.
  3. Add original favicon, which will attract the attention of the search engine user, increase the ability to read the site’s snippet and, as a result, switch to it. The favicon is displayed only in the issuance of Yandex.
  4. Use special characters in the page to attract attention. The same item applies to Google, since in Yandex special characters are practically not displayed in the results of the issue

  1. Motivate user to transition on the website, use the call to action, describe the advantageous offer, etc., but do not abuse advertising slogans. 
  2. Perform a competitor site snippet analysis from TOP search engine and use good points for your case.    

Advanced Snippets. Features of use

  • Advanced page snippets contain images, videos, or other types of information besides their textual description.
  • Give more information about the site.
  • They attract more attention.
  • Formation of extended site snippets is done using micro-label.
  • Advanced page browns improve behavioral factors.
  • Increase the level of trust in the site when entering the results of the search for ratings.

 Do not miss the opportunity...

... attract more visitors than your competitors who do not know or do not believe that a beautiful page will be added to the search results can significantly affect this point. And besides, we found out that the correct snippet of the site also affects its promotion by improving behavioral factors.

So turn on the imagination and go ahead to gaining the attention of search engines!