Whatever your business and website theme, the WordPress platform will be a great solution. After all, this popular CMS is suitable for almost all types of resources thanks to the widest range of opportunities and a huge amount of modules and plugins, whose number is only growing. The development team does not stop there, regularly improving its brainchild. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is most popular control system.

By choosing an engine, we are faced with the problem of choosing a topic. If we talk specifically about WordPress, then the headache of site owners is not associated with a lack of templates, but just with a lot of options. Today we’ll talk about what the best free WordPress blog themes are worth paying attention to.



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WordPress Template Features for Information Sites

Our experts rated several hundred WordPress blog templates that can be installed for free. As a result of the study, we compiled a rating of the most functional, meeting the requirements of modern users and having a design pleasant from our point of view. Based on this rating, TOP-10 themes for the blog in WordPress were created, which we present to your attention.

Please note that it is about information resources. That is, the topics are not universal and are created for sites of a certain orientation. After all, a specially developed WordPress template for a news site is not suitable, for example, for online store. What is the difference? In the functional features that are taken into account by developers. The template for the information site for both WordPress and any other popular engine does not provide for a basket and other exclusively “trade” elements. It does not have to be tied to WooCommerce so as not to “hear” the resource and not complicate the life of its owner or visitors.

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11 topics for a blog or news site on WordPress

  1. Jumla

    Stylish minimalism and interesting solutions for posting information blocks, as well as adaptive design and high readability of texts make this template a good option. There are dark and bright topics to choose from. On the main page you can select one of the 3 slider options even in a free package.

    To effectively increase the number of subscribers, developers recommend installing the Social Share With Floating Bar WordPress plugin, with which you can add active social networking icons.

    An information or news site using the Jumla template is well advanced in search engines and is highlighted among theme brothers.

    Separate pride of the creators - incredible ease of setting. No need to understand any codes, here everything can be done by clicking the mouse.

    Users also note the incredible responsiveness of the technical support service. Even beginners will be able to master this topic on their own or take advantage of the help of service employees.

    шаблон Jumla для блогов на WP
  2. Mega magazine

    A multilingual template that is ideal for an information portal of any orientation. Theme uses popular in segment magazine block placement style. Thanks to the WordPress Customizer extension, you can get the most user-configured resource, while the management does not require you to have a deep knowledge of programming.

    WordPress Mega Magazine is one of the templates for blogs and information sites that are tailored to the current requirements of SEO promotion.

    The basic free version of the topic allows you to use a fixed side panel, up to 5 -ti buttons of social networks, up to 8 custom widgets, advanced blog settings and much more. Actually her more than enough for effective management information resource without the need to purchase a paid version.

    Mega Magazine тема WP для новостного сайта
  3. Chronus

    A template created by German developers ThemeZee, who seek simplification and minimalism. And this topic of them is characterized by "lightness" and speed. The concise design and minimum of elements will not distract the attention of subscribers from the main thing - your content.

    The theme allows you to use it for information sites in most modern languages of the world, and, in addition, compatible with all browsers.

    Chronus code is structured to suit the features of search engine ranking algorithms, so SEO-drive the site will be effective.

    шаблон Chronus для информационного портала
  4. Wellington

    Another theme from ThemeZee for bloggers and journalists. Like Chronus, distinguished by "ease" and loading speed. No design excesses: white background and custom widgets without any unnecessary effects do not dissipate visitors' attention, help to concentrate exclusively on content and make navigation simple and understandable. Such “externality” perfectly emphasizes the professionalism of the author, so that the creators of blogs of “serious” subjects often choose her.

    The template uses a unique widget on the main page, you can customize the right or left side sidebar with links to the most interesting articles and use other features at your own discretion.

    From a technical point of view the topic is fully ready to use and help you effectively promote your life on WordPress.

    тема Wellington для блогов на Вордпресс
  5. Twenty fourteen

    One of the most popular free WordPress templates for the information site from the developers of this CMS. Although, of course, the solution of several hundred thousand users is determined primarily by the fact that this the default theme and is chosen in the absence of a desire to seek another, possibly more suitable option.

    The topic is distinguished by a thoughtful design that goes well with information sites. Links to articles can be placed as a grid, and also embedded in the slider on the main page. Three work areas can be used to place widgets. It is possible to add authors pages.

    But there is a minus: some users note that the weak point of this template on WP is the technical support service. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose this topic for beginners who, if necessary, will not be able to independently deal with the settings and find a solution to the problem.

    тема на WordPress Twenty Fourteen
  6. VW Writer Blog

    This topic cannot be called popular, it is not included in the ratings of the best free topics for the blog on WordPress, but, from our point of view, deserves attention. The template is designed specifically for the world of literature and is thought out to the smallest detail. It can be used not only to create a blog, but also for selling books or media products.

    The developers paid maximum attention to the design, which can be customized for themselves using flexible visualization settings. Depending on your own preferences, you can install the left or right functional panel, as well as delete them altogether, using the entire page width for widgets or slider placement. 

    The VWTheme template meets all modern requirements: allows you to use any modern languages, sharpened to effective SEO, compatible with all browsers. For full tuning, coding knowledge is not required.

    The free version allows you to add social network buttons, customize the appearance of the logo and slider on the main page, compatible with WordPress plugins (for example, WooCommenrce).

    лучший шаблон на WP VW Writer Blog
  7. Mh healthmag

    A theme designed specifically for information sites aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. Great fit for a blog about healthy eating, sports etc. Designers made sure that the pages of the template are combined with this topic.

    A distinctive feature of MH HealthMag is the ability to place up to 12 widgets, standard or custom, as a presentation of content or for advertising. In addition, widgets can be added to the texts themselves. You can use any extensions compatible with WordPress to create widgets.

    Template updates occur automatically and do not require surcharge. True, the template is not updated so often.

    тема MH HealthMag для блогов о здоровье
  8. Basepress

    A good solution for an information site with an elegant design in the style of modern minimalism. A distinctive feature of this blog template at WordPress is the widest set of supported fonts, that will allow you draw up text as you intended.

    Quick tuning, convenient and easy management, friendship with social networks, modern solutions for SEO optimization, flexible advertising management make the choice in favor of this topic justified. 

    You can use 6 zones to place widgets, select the left or right sidebar, and also configure the image in the header of the main page.

    лучший шаблон BasePress на ВордПресс
  9. Blog way

    According to several thousand satisfied users, the best template for a blog on WordPress. Great choice for the author's blog. The developers have added a unique widget that is great for posting information about the author, which distinguishes it from other topics.

    Its beauty is in simplicity and a minimum number of visual elements. The page is similar to a blank sheet on which the most important information cannot be lost. There is the ability to select the background color of the page and the title, there is a function of adding social network buttons, the template is compatible with WooCommerce.

    Many users note responsiveness and speed of technical support responses, which is one of the strengths of this template.

    тема Blog Way для информационных сайтов
  10. Ashe

    A template created by WordPress developers and designed primarily for blogs and information sites on the theme of fashion, style and beauty. If your target audience is on a beautiful floor, we think Ashe’s choice will be a great solution.

    In addition to all the necessary functions and elements that will be useful to the owner of any blog (adaptive layout, support for most languages, quality indexing adjustment etc.), at Ashe there is a special chip - integration with Instagram and widget for post publications from the social network. In addition, the sidebar can contain tags, categories, and even a subscription form, which is very convenient for visitors and beneficial for website owners.

    To be able to combine the information portal and commerce, Ashe is compatible with WooCommerce.

    Ashe шаблон для wp картинка
  11. Styled blog

    We could not help but add the best templates for WordPress for the blog development of Blaze Themes, which you should definitely pay attention to if you are looking for interesting design solutions and want to, so that the site is visually different from competitors. The creators gave Styled Blog a non-standard one, asymmetric markup grid, that makes sites using this template stylish and really interesting outwardly.

    Another feature that will make the appearance of your site unique, - the ability to set custom page background settings and use absolutely any color, texture, or even image.

    The template is fast, designed with current trends SEO optimization, supports almost all languages, compatible with WooCommerce and has all the necessary functions for a comfortable and efficient job.

    A video tool for users deserves special attention, which will help you set the topic and perform the necessary settings quickly and without problems.

    лучший шаблон на ВП Styled Blog


WordPress has many advantages that usually justify selection of this CMS for blogs. The significant benefits of this management system include the presence of a mass of patterns and themes, including free. It is not worth thinking that without paying for the installation, you get a “raw” product. Free packages of many templates are well developed and do not require additional investments to obtain the basis for their information site or news portal.

A lot of options can create a problem of choice. We hope our rating helps you choose the best option for you. In order not to guess and find the really best template for your blog on WordPress, we recommend that you decide, what functions and opportunities will be most important to you, see dozens of demos and choose the topic that meets your main requirements, and also has a design that is personally pleasant to you.

What functions do you consider necessary for an information resource?

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