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What are bread crumbs on the site and why are they needed

Do not know why “bread crumbs” are needed on the site? Do not understand what is at stake? It seems that I went in / went to read about the promotion of sites, and then they talk about some leftover food... 

No, don’t leave! You have come in correctly! Now you will understand everything in detail.

So, “bread crumbs” on the site - what is it?

This unusual name is the navigation chain that should be present on any site to enhance its usability.

This element enables the web resource user to understand at what level of nesting it is located (from the main page to the current one).

Also present the ability to quickly move to levels higher in the hierarchy of the site structure. 

Well, do you know that? After all, you have repeatedly used “bread crumbs”, walking on all kinds of sites on the Internet. You just didn’t know that this navigation element has such an unexpected name. 

By the way, guess where it came from? Yes, that's right. From the very German fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel, using “bread crumbs” to mark their return trip home. True, trouble happened to them - the birds glued the navigation chain they left.

This navigation element (if any) can always indicate to you the right path to the main page.

Here is a good example of the “bread crumbs” navigation chain:

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Nuances and features to be known

  1. "Bread crumbs usually displayed as a horizontal strip, located at the top of the page. Although vertical options are also sometimes found, but much less often.
  2. It is advisable that this navigation chain organically fit into the overall design web resource that will be form a general positive opinion of users. Therefore, we can conclude that its presence has some influence on behavioral factors sites, which, in turn, are taken into account by search engines when ranking the results of the issue.
  3. And the navigation chain "bread crumbs" has one nuance regarding its functioning.  It is associated with the concept of “cyclic links»- those that bring the user to the same page on which he is at the time of clicking on the link. 

So, each element of such a chain should be a reference to a certain level of nesting. And only the very last “baby” should be inactive. Otherwise, it will become a classic example of a cyclic link that should not be on your web resource.

What needs to be clarified

If your goal is not just to promote your site in the TOP search engine, but also to create a really high-quality resource that will be useful and most importantly convenient for the web user, take care of, so that the “bread crumbs” are present on all pages and show him the right path.
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