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The whole truth about outgoing links

How many links are on your site? And what part of them are the outgoing links from the site? Well, the ones that visitors switch to third-party web resources. Pretty weighty? 
I would like to praise you, but...

If you think that sharing links is a good idea, you will find a little disappointment. Of course, this is a good way to build reference mass, but he has a side effect. In addition, very negative.

Similar actions You distribute the weight of your pages to the right and left. And then you wonder why the rating of your web resource is growing so slowly.

Therefore, remember once and for all: outgoing links should be as small as possible. Ideally, they should not be at all! 

Yes, it may seem dishonest. After all, if you are recommended and helped to create natural reference profile Your web resource, it would be logical to do the same in return. But for a successful SEO promotion, you will have to get used to the new motto.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Everyone recommends you, you do not recommend anyone!

To comply with this rule, you will first need to:

  1. Find outgoing links, posted on the pages of your website. This can be done using Netpeak Spider.

To begin with, scan your site, then in the “All Results” tab, find the “External Links” column and group the results by this option. 

Найти исходящие ссылки Netpeak Spider

You can either page by page of the data, or upload it all to the Excel table by clicking “Export” > “All links”. All URLs of external links, their type, anchor, view in the code, etc. will be available to you. 

Исходящие ссылки с сайта


  1. Check outgoing links, which were discovered as a result of the verification, regarding the need for their availability.
  2. Get rid of most of them.
  3. Attribute rel = “nofollow” close outgoing links, who must be present on the pages of your web resource in order to prohibit weight transfer from your site.

  4. Use target attribute = "_ blank" for those links that for some reason should remain open.

As a result, when you click on them, the transition will be carried out in a new window. This is a necessary measure so that the user does not leave your web resource.

закрыть исходящие ссылки

Invisible outgoing links from the site

Site owners using free hosting templates often face this problem. If you are one of them, we recommend that you search for outgoing links using online services or programs. 


In the search results you will see at least 2 - 3 sites that you have never heard of. This is because they are hidden in the code of the very free template that you use.


Невидимые исходящие ссылки

What to do in this case? 
There are several options:

  • To put up.
  • "Catch" in the template code, if you have access to it, and remove them from there.
  • Change hosting and hire a programmer who will make the site without unnecessary hidden links.

After that, checking outgoing links, which can still appear on the web resource pages from time to time, should be your regular activity.

Now you can...

... choose the right promotion path that will not include outgoing links from the site. And this is the only right solution that will help to more efficiently and faster bring your web resource to leadership positions in searchable issues.

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