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Keywords in keywords - do they need?

Some of the webmasters who come to us to study the theory of SEO-provement often ask about things that have actually been irrelevant for many years. 

Here, for example, is one of the “obsolete” questions: “Is it necessary to fill keywords?”. 

It turns out that so many still believe that if you spell the keywords of the page in keywords, this will literally magically positively affect its position in the issuance of search engines.

Given the fact that we always strive to bring up relevant information to the knowledge of our customers and readers, it was decided to write an article, after reading which it will once and for all be clear why meta tag keywords is the last thing you can hope for when promoting your site.

Keywords in keywords - when was it relevant?

The community of webmasters became aware of what is needed and even useful to fill in the meta tag keywords in the middle of the nineties. Focusing on the contents of this meta tag, search engines tried to improve the relevance of their output. 

Over time, many began to fill in entire lists of profitable keywords in keywords, most of which were in no way related to the contents of the optimized web page. This allowed them to easily manipulate the extremes in search engines with benefit for themselves.


Пример переспама мета-тега keywords


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Meta tag keywords and Google today

Over time, search engines, in particular Google, began to notice the facts of such fraud, as a result of which it was decided to stop taking into account the keywords keywords in the formation of search results. 

That is why to fill in the meta tag keywords today makes no sense. This is a waste of time, which instead of the expected improvement in positions on inscribed keyboards can lead to completely opposite results. 

Yes, yes, you all understood correctly - search engines "punish" for a break with keywords in keywords, despite the fact that its contents in fact do not matter to them.

To finally understand whether keywords need to be filled, you should refer to official information from Google about this. Its representatives repeatedly gave interviews in which they reported that the search engine as at least since 2007 does not take into account the contents of the meta tag keywords pages involved in ranking.


Заявление ПС Google о мета-таге keywords


The search engine attention is drawn only to the meta tag filling description, and even then only in rare cases when forming snippets, but again not when ranking.

What about Yandex?

According to information officially provided by Yandex, keywords page keywords can be taken into account by the search engine in the process of determining the degree of its relevance to user requests.

Pay attention to the word “may”. This means that the probability of keywords being taken into account in keywords exists, but only under certain conditions. 

If you correctly fill in the keywords tag (with few requests for which the text is really optimized), then Yandex can turn its attention to them. But if you get carried away and start spamming with “left” keys, the contents of the keywords meta tag will be ignored. Well, if the spaminess becomes a regular practice, this can lead to an underestimation of the position of the “guilty” web resource.

Now you know the truth

We hope that now that up-to-date information on this topic has been brought to your knowledge, you can help us reduce the number of incorrectly informed webmasters and optimizers. And if any of your acquaintances asks if the PS keywords are taken into account, you can warn him of the waste of time and the risks arising from the dishonest filling of this meta tag. 

Or do you have a different opinion? We are always ready to start a discussion in the comments!