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Site validation. Is she so important?

For each webmaster, one of the most important points is checking the validation of the site that he developed. Getting positive results similar check is the best praise to the typesetter for his work. 

What is it and why is it so important?

Website validation - checking the HTML code of a web resource for errors and compliance with established standards.

Check site validation is needed in the future avoid critical errors and failures in his work. It also gives some confidence that site adaptability is at the proper level. 

After all if you do not check the web resource code in advance for errors, some of them can only be found out when they will appear when certain conditions coincide (non-standard browser, low-resolution mobile device screen, etc.).

Besides the validity of the site code has some influence on his progress. Search engines monitor the quality of the web resource page code that is being issued. Availability just a few critical errors can cause a significant downgrade web resource.

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What is the verification of the site validation

This process is to determine whether the web resource page code meets certain requirements:

  1. Lack of syntactic errors. Their presence can affect the correct display of its elements.
  2. Code overlay correctness, closing tags, their order. 
  3. "Computerity" in writing tags, attributes and other code elements.

How to check site validation

Despite all the seriousness and importance, checking the site’s validation is quite simple. 
There are quite a few services designed for this. One of the most popular is He performs the highest quality test. Search engines "trust" him.


All you need is insert the address of your web resource and after a couple of seconds see how many errors in its code and get acquainted with each of them.



And they will definitely be. At the first check, there will be at least a hundred of them, regardless of whether you used the template to create a web resource or wrote the code yourself. Usually most of the problems are manifested in advertising scripts, plugins and buttons of social networks

Next you will stay eliminate errors to the maximum and re-check. Achieving the perfect result in 0 errors is almost impossible. There are very few web resources on the Internet with such an indicator.

In any case, the validation of the site is a very important point of its internal optimization, especially if you are serious about creating a quality project, the main purpose of which will not be just getting into the TOP and the maximum possible monetization