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Why don't you chase the maximum mark in Page Speed

Page Download Speed - one of the factors that affects user behavioral factors and positions in searchable output. To evaluate this indicator most often use Google PageSpeed Insights. He quickly analyzes the data and immediately gives recommendations for speeding up the site, which can later be prescribed in a technical assignment to a programmer. 

But we immediately want to note that 100 points out of 100 is not always good. Why? Because such an assessment, firstly, can be achieved to the detriment of the functionality of the resource, and, secondly, it is artificially wound by an unscrupulous “specialist” with the aim of easy money.

оценка 100 из 100 в pagespeed insights

Any attempts to manipulate meter data are fraud and may cause search engine sanctions. To protect ourselves and our online project from this, we recommend that you independently check the work of performers. Let's figure out how to detect the fake acceleration of the site and timely correct the situation.

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Google PageSpeed Insights

Speed Measurement Options:

  • replacing the site page with a screenshot, which is why the loading, in fact, of a static and empty picture occurs many times faster;
  • entering a specific download code into the index.php file, which replaces real pages with automatically generated and regularly replaced “lightly updated” pictures.

как программисты обходят google pagespeed insights

These simple substitution methods allow you to screw up the site’s download speed in PageSpeed Insights. But their use is quickly enough detected by the search engine and leads to serious consequences. In addition, fake acceleration will not be able to improve usability resource and conversion percentage.

How to detect artificial speed winding in Google PageSpeed Insights

There are several indicators that may indicate the fact of winding the load speed indicators. What should be alerted:

  • Indicator “Structural Elements DOM»In GPSI equal to 0 or has a very low index, that indicates the presence of a “non-working” page;

    небольшое количество элементов структуры DOM в отчете
  • In others site download speed verification services (e.g. GTmetrix) parameter value DOM is very different from PageSpeed Insights;

    как обнаружить накрутку скорости загрузки сайта
  • The same value of the DOM parameter for several pages a site that talks about using the same screenshot as a substitute for different pages;
  • Online service warns that developers are trying to trick speed measurement systems;

    пример обмана системы замера скорости
  • Traffic indicators in Google analytics fell sharply, although there are no reasonable reasons for this.

As part of the testing, you can also temporarily replace the analyzed page. If an unscrupulous programmer replaced the screenshot, when the download speed is measured, the results will remain unchanged. 


There is never a guarantee that a hired specialist is not trying to get easy money by cheating on verification systems and data wrapping. As a result, the site owner risks being in a very problematic situation. 

To reduce risks, we recommend ordering services only from proven companies and performers who value reputation and have proven the high quality of their work. But in any case, be sure check programmer results on your own.

Get a free consultation from an expert on your project