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What is a “favicon” for the site

Almost every webmaster should know what a “favicon” is for the site and what its function is. But there are those who hear about this for the first time. 

This article is written specifically for those who are unfamiliar with this concept, or want to refresh / supplement their knowledge about the icons for the site.

So, the name “favicon” itself is what remains of the original “favicon”, so to speak, the slang version, which is popular on the Russian-language Internet.
Favicon - for the site is its kind of business card. Deciphered as “favorite icon” (unless literally, it’s “beloved / chosen image").

In fact, this a small picture that displays:

  1. In search results next to the name displayed web resource page.

  2. In address lines almost all browsers immediately in front of the address.

  3. In tab a browser corresponding to the displayed page, next to its name.

  4. In bookmarks browser.

Why do I need favicon for the site

If you install a “favicon” on the site, nothing supernatural will happen. But some positive points will still be:

  • Increased recognition web resource by Internet users (if you make an icon from a picture that will stand out among others and easily be remembered).
  • CTR Increase web resource (also useful).
  • Indirect improvement behavioral factors due to the subconscious choice by the user of your web resource in the results of the search issue (if it is allocated).
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How to make a “favicon” for the site

In order to make an icon from the picture that you select, you need to comply with some conditions:

  1. Call her "favicon.ico.
  2. The size of the icon should be 16x16 pixels.
  3. Place favicon.ico for the site at the root of the web resource.
  4. You need to make an icon in .ico format. 

Other accommodation options and format are also possible, but you will have to do this changes to the HTML page code depending on the type of image selected:

You can create a “favicon” manually using almost any of the available graphic editors and minimal knowledge in working with the code.
In case if you don’t want to deal with how to make the icon for the site yourself, there is always the possibility take advantage of one of the many online services, created specifically for this purpose.

On them you can usually choose the finished favicon.ico for the site or use the online generator, which can make an icon in the format of an icon from the picture of your choice:

How to create a new “favicon” or to remove it altogether

In order to replace the old icon for the site with a new one or completely get rid of it, you just need to remove favicon.ico from the root directory and, if necessary, download the new file there.

During the next visit, the search bot indexes the changes and the new “favicon” for the site will begin to appear wherever possible.

Small result

Regardless of the way you choose to create favicon.ico for the site, this simplest action will significantly improve the recognition of your web resource among hundreds of identical competitors. And this will definitely not be superfluous!
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