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Going to https is not difficult at all

We all understand that progress does not stand still and affects many areas of human activity, including on the Internet. Perhaps one of the most important changes is now taking place in the sector of protecting data from website visitors from intruders.

Now, to secure the customers of your site, you just need to set a secure data transfer protocol - go to https. To the same, this will positively affect the promotion of the website in search engines - Google in 2014 stated that protocol https is now one of the ranking factors. Very soon, all sites related to financial transactions that do not have time to switch to https will be marked by a search engine as unsafe.

How to install https on your site

To install a secure data transfer protocol on the website, you will need to sequentially perform the following actions:

  1. First thing you need select SSL certificate, with which it will be possible to establish a secure protocol.
    And here what you need to know for this:

    a) Among the most reliable suppliers of SSL certificates are Comodo, Thawte, GeoTrust and RapidSSL.

    b) Due to the differences, SSL certificates are divided into several main types:

    - DV (Domain Validation) SSL - with domain checking;
    - BV (Business Validation) SSL - with verification of company / organization data;
    - EV (Extended Validation) SSL - with an extended company check.

    c) Individuals and private entrepreneurs can install https on the site using DV SSL certificates, since to receive them you only need to check the domain name without the need to present any documents.

    d) The other two types (BV SSL and EV SSL) can only be acquired by legal entities, since in addition to checking the domain, the company is checked (registration documents, address, etc.). 

    If you select an SSL certificate of this kind, the level of customer confidence of any web project will increase significantly. When visiting sites protected in this way, a special icon (usually a green lock) and the name of the organization to which the certificate is issued will be displayed on the browser address bar.

    e) As an example, the Comodo Positive SSL certificate is used to protect the customers of our website. It is issued within just 15 minutes after the purchase and CSR request (certificate data entry). With its help, absolutely all customer data (visitors) are protected, including when making financial transactions (if payment is connected by credit cards).

    f) If you install a secure protocol using the Comodo Positive SSL certificate, which will have an additional Wildcard mark, this means that its action, except for the main domain, extends to all its sub-domains. Its cost, of course, is higher, but in some cases it is necessary, for example, when the payment process takes place on a subdomain.
  2. You can buy a certificate on the ukrnames website in the “SSL certificates” section (for Ukrainian websites) or on the systemintegra website in the “Services / SSL certificates” menu (for Russian web resources).
    When deciding which SSL certificate to choose, pay attention to the price, type, detailed description of the properties and conditions of receipt.

    When placing an order, provide only reliable data about both the owner and the web resource itself, which https is going to install on.
    If you have questions in the process, both sites have responsive technical support that is always ready to advise you.
  3. Depending on the type of certificate selected, you may request some additional data to generate a CSR signature.

    As a result, you will receive CERTIFICATE REQUEST and PRIVATE KEY, consisting of many incomprehensible characters that will need to be stored on a computer or in any other safe place.
  4. Last and the most important step is the correct configuration of the SSL certificate on the server. In principle, if you wish, you can perform this procedure in person, for example, using recommendations from the article “How to configure https protocol on the site.

    But ideally, in order for everything to be done correctly, it is better to entrust this work to a specialist. If you do not have your own programmer, you can use the services of the systemintegra website. Only 450 rubles and after 1 - 2 hours your site will already work with the https protocol.

    It is important not to forget in the application for the SSL setting to mention that you have the necessary redirectes from http to https. This requires that in the end all requests, for example, to,, lead to
  5. Sometimes, after performing the procedure for installing a secure protocol, you may need to additionally switch the site from http to https in your CMS.

As you can see, if you make very little effort and figure out which SSL certificate to choose, everyone who wants to protect visitors to their site will be able to go to https.

It remains only to decide whether to do it yourself or to turn to professionals.