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What affects the speed of the site

Do you know what the speed of the site that you are trying to promote in the TOP is compared to the results of your competitors? How fast is it loading? Do you think this is not so significant?

Although speed site loading is not an indicator of paramount importance when forming the results of search engine output, this indicator still affects promotion. In particular, on behavioral factors

It manifests itself in an increase in the percentage of failures and reducing the depth of views due to the user's reluctance to wait until a heavy web resource loads while there are still many options in the search issue that can work faster. 

Notice at the same time the user does not even have time to start familiarizing himself with your content, and he already has a desire to quickly close the “slow” page. 
What do you think is the likelihood that he will wait and find out how much quality content Do you offer him?

What would you do? I am sure that the treasured “cross” would be necessarily pressed if the download speed of the site you decided to go to was more than 10 seconds (20 years ago it would be a super indicator, but not today).

Therefore, you must definitely monitor the performance and optimize the speed of the site if problems with this are detected. 

Moreover, such checks must be performed after every more or less serious changes. on the web resource (installation of plugins, buttons, banners, pouring video / graphic content, etc.).

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Checking the speed of the site

To check the download speed of the site, you will need to use one of the widely available online services or plugins for the browser. Unfortunately, most of them have functionality limited only to displaying speed in numerical or graphical form. You have to guess how to speed up the site yourself.



You can also find out the speed of the site using a more serious tool in the form of PageSpeed Insights from Google. When using it, you will get individual results of checking the site speed for mobile devices and for PCs. In addition, practical tips will be immediately displayed that will help optimize the indicators to be checked (marked with different colors, depending on priority).


How to speed up site loading

So, you managed to check the download speed of the site and get results that are unlikely to be joyful at the first attempt. What's next? How to speed up the site?

Follow all the recommendations that were received in PageSpeed Insights and try to follow them. 

In addition, site speed optimization should include:

  1. Checking and correcting code and scripts if site validation showed serious errors.
  2. Graphic Content Optimization and the design of a web resource by compressing them will definitely help speed up the site.
  3. Installing special scripts (e.g. Webo), which after certain settings can significantly increase the download speed of the site. The only disadvantage of such assistants is their pay. Although given the resulting benefits, such investments may be justified.

  4. Refusal of plugins. In some cases, you can refuse to use plugins (for example, social network buttons) in favor of writing the necessary functions directly in the page code, which will undoubtedly help speed up the site.
  5. Decrease in the number of advertising banners on the web resource. 
  6. Hosting change on an option with a more reliable and high-speed server.

What will it give

If you significantly accelerate the loading of the site, then very soon it will be possible to observe the first results.
The number of visits to optimized web resources by search robots will increase. And that means that pages will be indexed faster.

Besides behavioral factors will improve: the number of failures will decrease, the depth of view will increase, provided that the pages are filled with high-quality and useful content. As a result, the resulting effect will be evaluated in the form of an increase in search traffic on 5 –20 %, which is quite significant.

Therefore try to ensure that the speed of the site is always as large as possible if you want to get the maximum possible effect from its existence in the form of an increase in conversion and monetization requests!

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