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Getting rid of cyclic links

After you deleted everything from your web resource broken links, one more widespread problem should be eliminated - cyclic links on the site. Why are they called that? Everything is very simple. They got their name because they tend to redirect the user to the same page on which he is already at the time of clicking on the link.

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Why delete cyclic links 

First, they can mislead visitors web resource. The user who logged in from the search engine, having flipped through several pages, will begin to get lost in the navigation menu (so that this does not happen, we use "breadcrumbs"). 

Not only can he not remember which pages he had already visited. It turns out that it is difficult for him to determine which page he is currently on. 
If the menu item or part of the breadcrumbs corresponding to its location were inactive, this could have been avoided. 

In addition, the psychology of the website user is designed in such a way that when you click on the link you always expect to see something new, especially when you go to the resource for the first time. Cyclic links on the site are not able to give the visitor anything new. But before he understands this, a few clicks can occur.

Further, a person begins to get nervous and leaves your site, thereby worsening it . And this, in turn, negatively affects the promotion of the web resource.

Secondly, cyclic links are not approved by search engines, because they can make their robots “go in a circle” when indexing. Of course, for their use you will not be punished by sending under the filters, but a couple of rating points are still possible to lose.

How to find and eliminate cyclic links

You can try to find cyclic links on the site in the most common places of their formations yourself:

  1. Logo - A picture that is present in the same place on each page. When you click on it, the user always hits the main page. So, being on the main, the logo should not be clickable, otherwise it will be a classic looping. 

    Editing the header.php file (if it comes to a site on Wordpress) will help you deal with this problem: 

  2. Main menu. You can find cyclic links on the site most often on the menu. The vast majority of web resources on the network live with this problem. It just so happened that almost no one pays attention to this. But you should not be one of them. Strive for the ideal! Get rid of such problems in the menu too.
  3. "Bread crumbs. In this navigation element, the last part of the chain corresponding to the stay page is also often a cyclic link, which should not be. 

  4. List of headings on blogs. Everything is similar to menu items. The problem is the same and is present on almost all blogs. A cyclic link in the name of the current page (H1) is often added to it.  

    Here is an example of how to immediately remove both of these issues in Wordpress. Changes are made to functions.php: 

  5. Page Thumbnails and the most important image itself is also often the cause of looping.

You can also find cyclic links on a web resource scaled up on WP using the additional Remove Redundant Links plugin. Using it, you do not need code skills. It is capable of automatically removing almost all the elements that caused the loop.

Cyclic links are one of the most grossest mistakes of a semantic layout. Their availability is capable negatively affect behavioral factors and general opinion of search engines about your web resource. Therefore, it is still worth spending some temporary resources (if necessary, then financial) to eliminate such shortcomings.

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