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How to calculate the optimal number of pages on the site

How many pages do you think the site should be on the site to promote it in search engines? 1? 10? 100? 1000? Of course, you cannot answer this question, because you read this article precisely in order to find out how to determine the optimal number of pages on the site that maximally effectively contributes to its promotion. We will not languish - we turn to the essence of the issue.

First of all, it is worth clarifying that the approach “the more pages in the search, the better” is deliberately wrong. Why? All because of features build up the external reference mass web resource. 

It doesn’t matter how this process is carried out - naturally or by purchasing links through specialized exchanges. The important thing is that the weight of each back link has the property of unfastening throughout the site, redistributing between its pages. 

Even if these links do not lead to the main page, but to one of the attachments at the lower levels, the internal skirmish will do its job and the weight will still be redistributed. Agree that this is quite important, this weight will spread by 10 pages or by 1000. After all, this is directly related to their occupation of certain positions in the issuance of search engines. This nuance must be taken into account when trying to select the optimal number of pages on the site.

Число загруженных страниц сайта и страниц в поиске

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  How many pages are needed for the site, competitors will tell

To calculate how many pages you need for a site, sometimes it is enough to analyze the web resources of direct competitors. If it turns out that you have significantly fewer pages or a significant larger one, then you made a mistake somewhere and you need to make changes to correct it. 

Consider an example: our client’s website dedicated to quest rooms consists of 4 thousand pages. Available language versions web resource in the amount of 5 pieces. Competitive sites also have versions in other languages, but the number of pages ranges from 7 to 70 pieces. It is clear that our client made a mistake somewhere, because of which there is such a significant difference. 

After a thorough analysis, it was revealed that for each photograph of the winners a separate page was made for each language version. Now imagine how many such photos they had if the room was popular enough? Of course, the situation was quickly corrected, but the fact remains - for a long time there were several thousand “extra” pages of the website in the search engine index, which had a braking effect on its promotion.

In any other case, the optimal number of pages on the site can also be determined quite easily if analysis of competitors. 

If there are more pages than it should be

The number of pages of the website in the search engine index can be determined using the “site:” operator by inserting the scanned domain into the search bar after it. 

Проверка количества страниц в индексе

If at the same time it seems to you that there are much more results than should be according to your calculations, then most likely the reason for this is content duplication and getting into the index of other pages not intended for this (as was the case in the above example). 

View the results and if you see the same pages with different URLs, you can rest assured that this is due to the automatic generation that many modern CMS “suffer”. A similar problem may appear, for example, due to the definition of one article in several sections at once. 

Such situations must be resolved as soon as possible, given how negatively search engines are related to the presence of duplicate pages. They need to either be removed or at least configured canonical links, to specify the search bots of the URL of the main pages that should be in the index.

In the case of online stores, the problem of generating takes due to filters is added., with which visitors can search for goods (at price, brand, color, etc.). Given that this is convenient, you should not refuse to use filters, but leaving clearly the wrong number of pages on the site is not practical. In this case, you should close them from indexing by rowots.txt settings

So how much?

And yet, after all of the above, you could have the question of how many pages should be on the site. The answer is simple - exactly as much as it takes to give users the maximum information they need, make the site convenient for them and, most importantly, correspond to the competitors in the TOP, the issuance of search engines.

In addition, it all depends on the type of web resource. How many pages should be on the site to promote, for example, an online store? It is clear that not 10, and not even 50-100. How many pages do you need for a site that acts as a business card? In theory, one. But in fact single page promotion SEO methods become simply impossible if they really consist of a single page. 

Therefore, you should not hope that anyone will tell you exactly how many pages should be on the site. Take an example from competitors, while pretending to be the planned level of the scale of your project and do not forget to get rid of the takes!