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Does the loading time of the site page affect its position

What do you think, if you use all possible promotion secrets, but forget to optimize the site’s loading time, will it be able to get into the TOPs of the search engines?

Yes? Seriously? Do not believe the importance of this indicator?

Very vain. Now we will provide undeniable evidence that the loading time of the site page is one of the most important factors affecting its promotion.

Why does the site download time affect the issuance

Search engines pay attention to the loading time of the site page for one rather simple reason:

The more slow sites get into the TOP of issuing a specific search engine, the less often users will use it.

It turns out that in order not to yield to a competitive search engine, you need to display only those results on the first page of the issue that have the optimal loading time of the site and do not upset visitors with the need to wait a long time.

In addition, the loading time of the site page has a significant impact on behavioral factors, which are one of the most important for promoting web resources.

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A bit of theory and statistics in confirmation

Those for which checking the site loading time gives values of more than three seconds are considered slow.

The optimal site loading time (norm) is about 2 -x seconds.

When the web resource download speed decreases by only 200 ms, this leads to a reduction in the number of transitions by 36 % during 6 weeks.

And similarly, with an increase in delay of 400 ms, transitions are reduced by 76 % over the same period of time.

An indicator in which the output is not affected by the loading time of the site (norm) is no more than 1 % affected users.

But if in every hundred visitors at least 1 the optimal site loading time is not respected, this can already have a significant impact on ranking.

Google recommends working to improve the speed of work if it is less than 95 % of web resources.

Ways to Accelerate Site Download

If site speed too low, you need to try to speed up the load. There are several ways to do this:

  1. PageSpeed Insights in Google Webmaster Service. Its functions include checking the site’s loading time and providing recommendations for improving this indicator.

    PageSpeed Insights для ускорения загрузки сайта
  2. Preload. This function is already supported by almost all popular browsers. Download acceleration is due to tracking user preferences and pre-caching data that he may want to refer to.
    In order for this trick to work, the webmaster needs to implement the following line in the page code:

  3. Deferred download is also one of the options that can significantly affect the loading time of the site page.
    It is implemented by delaying the load of not very important or not particularly important elements. Most often, these are blocks located at the end of the page, to which the visitor gets later or does not get at all.
  4. Site Validation will help identify errors in the code, the elimination of which can affect the acceleration of the load.
  5. Optimize site design and graphic content. By squeezing individual design elements and pictures published on the pages, you can significantly speed up the site download time.
  6. Reduce the number of banner ads on the pages of the web resource.
  7. Transfer web resource to reliable hosting with more productive servers.

And finally...

Let's tell you that one well-known site was given an acceleration of page loading time by 3 seconds. As a result:

  •  the number of page views increased by 25 %;
  •  conversion increased by 7 –12 %;
  •  the load decreased by 50 %.

After such an example, it will be quite difficult to disagree that the acceleration of the load is very important both for profit and for promoting the site in general.

And how quickly do the pages of your site load?