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Site structure requirements

The importance of the site structure is difficult to overestimate. This is the most basic and very first thing to do. Ideally, this needs to be puzzled before you created and opened the site.
The compilation of the semantic core will help in building the right structure. If you have already read our article about this, you can easily start creating the structure of the site.

A few words and what it is. The structure of the site means the relationship of its various pages with the preservation of a certain hierarchy. There are several types of structure. The most correct is considered to be a hierarchical species. We will analyze the example of the online store scheme. 

This option is optimal. The number of categories and other pages, of course, may change. But their structure should remain just that. Levels mean page attachment levels.

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Why do you need a site partition structure

  1. User convenience. Put yourself in the place of a visitor who visits your site for the first time and wants to quickly solve his problem. You must make his stay with you and resolve the issue to the maximum simple and convenient. One of the most important factors of this convenience is precisely the properly constructed structure of the site. Being on any page of the site, the user must understand where he came from and how to get: 

    -for the main 
    -to any other category 
    -to the category where he was 
    -in contacts and working conditions 
    -to similar goods, etc. 

    Of course, this will help him all correct skipping, but the foundation will be the structure of your site.
  2. Convenience of search engines. Using the properly constructed site structure, it will be easier for a search robot to index all your pages and not miss anything. If the search engine comes to you and sees that the structure is incomprehensible and too complex, it can simply “turn around and leave” to the next site. At the same time, he will note that this is a poor-quality site and will not go there for a very long time. 

    You may have interesting unique content, beautiful design, etc., but the search engine will not see this all and will not index only because of a violation of the rules of the site structure. 

    And if the search engine does not see, your target audience will not see either. Further, the logical chain does not make sense, everyone understands the consequences.
  3. Promotion. The higher level of nesting pages, the easier it is to promote. The weight of the site is distributed throughout the site, depending on the level of page congestion. That is, the main (1 level) is, according to search engines, the greatest importance. Categories (2 level) are also very heavy, but not the same as the main one.

    And so the pages of each next level have less and less weight. This must be taken into account when building the structure and distributing requests by page.

How to create the right site structure

There are several details that you need to pay attention to so that the structure is maximally optimized for your business.
And you need to start with…
Semantics. The first and most important is semantic core. Why are we returning to him again? Because when compiling it you can identify:

  • which categories need to be added
  • which categories need to be raised higher in structure
  • which ones should be removed at all

When you decide what people are most often looking for and which categories / subcategories to leave, go to the next item.

Determine which requests on which page. You should clearly know which product or service you will promote on which page. What related products will be in the structure nearby, and which should be singled out in a separate category, etc. Referring to the same semantics, determine which logic of combining goods is the most optimal for their search.

For example, when we created a site for sunglasses, we realized that it was necessary to distinguish the categories of “female” and “male”, but the category “unisex” should not be done. For this, a separate brand of glasses is in such great demand that we put it in a separate category of “Ray-Ban glasses”. Moreover, we broke this category into subcategories. While other mark brands have 3 or 4 nesting levels.



A separate page for each request group. By creating the structure of the site, remember that on the 1 page you can only promote the 1 group of requests of the same meaning. Decide which requests you want to advance first and which are less important for sales. Make the site so that later you can add new pages without compromising its structure.