Search engines, as before, tend to adjust to the increasing demands of users and, using ranking algorithms, most accurately determine those sites that really benefit and are relevant to requests. The developers of  Google have made a number of changes that this year promise to seriously affect the results of the extradition. 

We offer more details on the technical side of SEO-optimization, without which in 2024 you can not only forget about getting into the TOP, but also lose the position previously defended by competitors.

5 technical SEO-proputational trends in 2024:

  1. Site Download Speed
  2. Adaptability for mobile devices
  3. User safety
  4. Micro-display setup
  5. Internal skipping

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Site Download Speed

How important this technical factor SEO was previously known. But every year, site speed has an increasingly greater impact on rankings. This is primarily about promotion on Google.

Google's Page Experience Update ranking algorithm relies heavily on Core Web Vitals, a group of metrics that evaluate site page load times and usability.

Core Web Vitals consists of 3 parameters, information about which is collected based on user experience. It includes:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) - the time required for the complete rendering of the main content on the site page;
  • First Input Delay (FID) - the time during which the browser reacts to the user's action;
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) - an indicator characterizing the displacement of the layout during the loading process.

To check the quality of the site’s work according to these parameters, use the “Key Internet Indicators” report in the “Improving” section of the service Google search console. Here you can see on which pages and with what kind of indicator the problem arose.

Основные интернет-показатели в Google Search Console

You can also use the tool PageSpeed Insights. He will not only analyze the site, but also give recommendations for improving the download speed and Core Web Vitals indicators for a specific page.

проверка Core Web Vitals в сервисе PageSpeed Insights

Improvements can be achieved through several actions., eg:

  • get rid of unused CSS and JavaScript code;
  • reduce CSS files;
  • change hosting provider (if necessary);
  • use delayed loading (Lazy Loading) of images and other elements that do not require instant loading;
  • avoid a large number of redirectes;
  • enable text content compression;
  • optimize the weight and size of visual objects on the page;
  • configure element caching;
  • think about the rational placement of banner ads.

Google developers launched the Page Experience algorithm in May 2021. Therefore, there is an urgent need to technically prepare the site for promotion, if this has not been done previously.

Adaptability for mobile devices

Adaptability for different types of devices and screen resolution is a technical SEO factor that has long had a significant impact on site evaluation by search engines. Since 2016, Google began testing indexation with the priority of mobile content, and now he has completely switched to Mobile-first indexing.

This means that search engine robots crawl and index only the site content that is accessible to users from smartphones. At the same time, Google employees emphasize the fact that it is necessary to use it is an adaptive version, not a separate subdomain m.

To check the readiness of the site for new realities are used:

  • Mobile-Friendly Test Tool from Google;
  • third-party verification services (Bluetree, Responsive, etc.);
  • function "Toggle device toolbar" in the panel of the developer of the Chrome browser (key F12).

    Toggle device toolbar в Chrome для проверки адаптивности

Using these tools for assessing the quality of an adaptive version of the site, you can understand how convenient they are for users. Most tools offer bug fix recommendations.

Despite the technical data, the main guideline should be users and their convenience. Therefore, we recommend additional independently to look at the site from several mobile devices.

What is worth paying special attention to:

  • no horizontal scroll;
  • textual content is well read without the need for scaling;
  • Pictures and videos are fully placed on the screen, while maintaining proportions;
  • the size and location of links, buttons and other active elements allow you to comfortably click on them with your finger even with a small resolution of the smartphone screen;
  • there are no pop-up windows and advertising banners that cover the main content or make it difficult to access;
  • all elements are clearly visible, available for use and do not merge with other objects;
  • high page download speed for mobile;
  • there is a markup of contact phone numbers for quick call.

Technical SEO trends in recent years hint: if the mobile version of the site does not meet the basic requirements of search engines and does not contribute to the comfort of users, getting into the TOP issue will be very difficult

User safety

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Data Protection Using HTTPS

Use HTTPS secure protocol in 2024 - not just an advantage, but a necessity. Search engines seek to secure user personal data by protecting them from intruders. That is why its presence is now one of the most important ranking factors.

To check connection security on your website, first open it in the browser and see which icon is displayed to the left of the URL:

  • closed lock - HTTPS is configured, user data is reliably protected;
  • gray warning sign with the status “Not Protected” - an outdated HTTP protocol is used or mixed content is available (both on HTTPS and on HTTP), data can be intercepted by intruders;
  • red warning sign with the status "Not protected" - the validity of the SSL certificate has expired or the resource is used for phishing, virus propagation and malware.

    как проверить безопасность соединения с сайтом

If the site is on HTTP, follow the step-by-step instructions described in the article “How to configure https protocol. Do not forget set up 301 redirect from all pages on HTTP to the corresponding with a secure protocol.

If the problem is related to mixed content, find it with Netpeak Spider service or Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. Then replace or delete the links to the pages with the HTTP protocol.

Virus Protection

Viruses pose a threat to both the resource itself and its visitors. Therefore, search engines strictly monitor their availability and block compromised sites. Neither high ratings nor excellent reputation in the past will interfere with this. The fight against viruses must be conducted regularly, starting with preventive measures.

Work to protect the site from viruses consists of:

  • choosing a reliable hosting provider and module settings for operational verification of the resource;
  • timely updating of CMS and installation of scripts or system plugins that track the appearance of malware;
  • creating a fairly complex login and password for the site admin panel;
  • regularly checking for virus absence using special services.

Constantly monitoring the presence of virus programs on the site, you will protect your business and resource visitors from their harmful effects. 

Micro-display setup

Micro marking is a code in which content information on the site is understandable for search robots. By introducing it, Google will analyze data more accurately, and you can get advanced snippets in search engine output. For example, derive the rating and cost of the goods, the number of reviews, frequently asked questions, navigation bar and other elements.

расширенный сниппет с часто задаваемыми вопросами

Another advantage of semantic site markup is the ability to get into special extradition elements, for example in a block:

блок с быстрыми ответами тенденция технического seo 2021

It doesn’t just allow users to once again see a link to your site and improve CTR clickability coefficient, but also significantly increases the level of trust and loyalty to the company.

Internal skipping

Internal skipping allows you to link pages with each other and is the basis site navigation. The degree of user comfort, the position of the resource in search engine output, the conversion percentage and the size of the average check will depend on how logical and understandable it is.

Task anchora - give the user an understanding of what the final page will be devoted to, and increase its relevance in the eyes of search engines.

For efficient weight distribution use internal links in:

  • bread crumbs;
  • menu items;
  • blocks with popular or similar products;
  • blocks with recommended articles;
  • tags and filters;
  • futere;
  • pagination;
  • banners;
  • texts (manual).

You will find instructions for introducing the skirmish in the articles:


Trends in the technical SEO movement in 2024 indicate that search engines continue to work to increase the level of resource utility, as well as user comfort and safety. 

If the site has not yet been optimized for one or more of the named technical parameters of SEO or leaves much to be desired, we recommend that you proceed with its implementation as soon as possible.

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