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How to correctly draw up page 404

How many times on the Internet did you stumble on a page saying that the requested page does not exist?

And what did you usually do in this situation?

Most likely, like most, they simply clicked on “X” and left without trying to figure out the reasons for what happened.

Also and on your site visitors periodically encounter an error 404:

- What it is? - They think and in a hurry close the tab in the browser. And at the same time you lose another potential client.

And all because usually error 404 is a poorly designed page with this message about a non-existent document or file.

Why the design of 404 pages is so important

To begin with, let's remember what it is error 404 is the server response code about the impossibility of displaying a document due to its absence.

Most often, the cause of this error is:

  •  broken links;
  •  page address change;
  •  error when writing URL in the address bar;
  •  page deletion or termination of site.

 It turns out that there are quite a few options and you cannot exclude them all. Therefore, you need to know what page 404 should be, so that if the user gets to it, he returns to working with the web resource instead of leaving it.

What should be the correct 404 page

  1. It is advisable that the design of the 404 page be the same as that of the entire site, so that the user does not think that he has hit another web resource. This creates the integrity of the virtual space in which the visitor is given the opportunity to be while working with the site.

  2. Right 404 page should contain a link to the main and menu, so that the visitor can easily return to working with the site and not wonder: “What to do next?”.

  3. Funny page 404 is one of the best ways to get the user to relate to the situation with humor. and convince him not to leave. Moreover, you can use not only humorous text for page 404, but also pictures of the corresponding content.
    This page is well suited for expressing unusual creative ideas that are inappropriate in other sections of the website. Here are some examples of the 404 error page on the network:

  4. According to statistics, if you use only the text for page 404 (without images), the number of non-returns from it to the site increases almost 2 - 3 times. Imagine, how many customers do you lose when you are lazy to take page 404 properly and do not let the visitor perform any action other than closing the browser tab.
    Also beautiful pages 404 errors smooth out the negative emotions that arise in such situations, which will improve a little behavioral factors.

  5. Fantasy! Can be combined above recommendations and use funny pictures 404 pages, offer to use the link to the main one, search by web resource or go to view the most popular articles. Learn to create interesting pages 404!

  6. Do not forget tell a short visitor why he sees your beautiful page 404 errors. After all, not everyone knows what error 404 is and how to behave when it is discovered. But at the same time, do not go into technical details. Let everything be short, clear and tasteful.

  7. If you do not have an overabundance of creative thinking, you can always view examples of the 404 error page on the Internet - Google to help you!

Unusual beautiful pages 404 errors are not necessary, but they can change the attitude of visitors to your website for the better. And this, you must admit, is quite a lot and can sometimes help them make the right decision regarding the purchase or order of the service from you.

And what design of 404 pages do you use?