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Do hash links on your site?

There are various rumors about the influence of anchors on SEO. Which of them are true and which are not, we will tell you during this article. But first, let's go through theory.

An anchor (hash link) is a tab link that the browser “plays” to scroll through the page to the desired “breed” place. 

The name "hash link" is used because it uses the symbol "#" - a grate or hash. This symbol tells the browser that the next part of the URL is the identifier or the named anchor of the html element of the page that must be displayed in the window. 

Anchors are used to organize navigation within content overloaded pages. For example, using hash links it is convenient to create a table of contents of structured pages in the form of a list of headers located at their beginning, clicking on which “transmits” the user immediately to the desired section. 

Оглавление с помощью хеш ссылок
The anchors are placed in the html code of the page as part of the title tags or any other elements.

Внедрение якоря в подзаголовок h3
At the same time, the hash links leading to them are no different from the usual ones, except that # and the name of the anchor are added to the URL.

Пример ссылки с якорем
In this example, “razdel” is the anchor of the h3 header (identifier) within the page whose address is indicated in the link. 

By the way, if you don’t enter anything after the “#” sign, you get the simplest version of the “Up” button that flips the page to the very beginning.

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Search Engine Attitude

We turn to clarifications regarding the effect of anchors on SEO. It is known that search engines do not take into account the part of the URL that comes after the “#” symbol: only browsers “understand” the anchors. 

Therefore, if you use hash links on the site, in particular in the aforementioned example about the announcement of a long article, for search engines it will look like several consecutive identical links (truth, with various anchors) on the same page on which they are located.

Содержание страницы с помощью якорей
In the end, you might think that they will be perceived by search engines as cyclic links, the presence of which, especially in large numbers, is extremely undesirable. And, considering this, conclude that the anchors are negatively affected by SEO. 

But modern search engines are not so stupid - having found on one page several links with the hash symbol (#), they take into account only the first of them as a regular link, while the rest generally ignore it. Therefore, in their eyes there will be no many cyclic links. In addition, they are aware that anchors are used to facilitate user navigation.

Therefore, if you use hash links on the pages of a site with a lot of content, this can positively affect the behavior of visitors, which will be much easier to find the right places in the “information sheet” . And, as you know, good behavioral factors are one of the main conditions for an effective SEO movement.

By the way, about why search engines do not take into account everything that goes after hash (#) - if they perceived URLs with anchors as different links, the same page would fall into the index under different addresses. And this is already content duplication

Therefore, it is easier for search engines to ignore hash links than to waste their resources on indexing them and to punish sites using anchors for duplicating content that is not really available.

Is it worth using hash links

Recently, it has become fashionable to use hash links on single pages. The cap can accommodate a menu, the elements of which do not actually refer to other pages, but only imitate this, since they are anchors leading to different parts of the page. 

There is an opinion about the positive effect of anchors on SEO in the case of lendigas. That it’s supposedly possible to even write a few h1 headers on one page (for each block) and search engines will figure it out themselves, which is why they will find it useful for visitors to a single page. 

Якоря на одностраничнике
But this is only an unconfirmed assumption, the benefits of which even in the case of truthfulness are very doubtful - it is still not recommended to use more than one h1 within one page by search engines.

As for ordinary sites, in most cases it is not worth using hash links to them. Unless, when it really is justified, that is, it is aimed at improving the navigation of visitors on pages with a lot of content.

In any case, you should not think about the influence of anchors on SEO, since it is simply not there.