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How many links can there be on the website page

Many webmasters are interested in what the optimal number of links on the page can be? And this interest is quite natural. Indeed, the success of website promotion and the risk of getting under search engine filters.

On some web resources, the maximum number of links on a page can be several hundred, while on others, quite the opposite - only a few pieces.

How to determine the allowable amount?

We will tell you about this in this material.

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How to select the optimal number of links on the page

Before giving recommendations, we want to remind you that each link carries a piece of weight with it the page on which it is placed, and is shared with the one on which it leads.

1. Internal skipping is a great way to redistribute page weight site among themselves. In this case, you need to select the optimal number of internal links on the page and make sure that all of them participate in this process to about the same extent.

Google officials say that for a search engine it doesn’t matter how many links are placed within one page. Allegedly only their quality is important and they do not punish for overabundance.

Despite this, given the redistribution of weight, recommended maximum number of links on the page - up to 50 pcs (excluding items on the menu, “bread crumbs”, etc. elements). Perhaps this figure seems too unrealistic to you and you want to know how many links can be on the minimum page. Our recommendation is at least 10 pieces.

In this case, you need to consider how useful they can be for visitors and for search engine robots. Does the link to a page that, in meaning, is related to the current one? Does it contain high-quality content or spam, advertising, meaningless text for robots?

2. And now a little about the optimal number of external links on page (meaning outgoing links ). We recommend that they are not at all.

After all, each of them will take part of the weight of your web resource and transfer it to another to which it leads. In addition, search engines can “punish” you for recommending low-quality resources.

Therefore, we insist that the optimal number of external links is 0 pcs. Of course, if possible.

Recommendations for improving link quality

  1. Make sure your web resource is on the pages were absent beaten and cyclic links.
  2. Increase the optimal number of internal links on the page by creating new pages with high-quality useful content and the organization of a skipping with them.

  3. Use words and phrases as anchorages that contain the main request of the destination page, well, or in extreme cases, at least fit within the meaning of it.
  4. Do a skirmish with materials “placed as far as possible”, that is, those that are in other sections, categories, etc. This is especially useful if the user wants to find this information, but it can be difficult for him to do it himself.
  5. Try hard make links to those pages that may potentially interest the visitor in the form of continuation or clarification to the main text in which the link is placed.

Now you know...

... that the optimal number of links within one page is a vague concept. It all depends on the total number of pages on your site, the volume and usefulness of the texts, the degree of semantic connection between them and many other factors.

It is best to adhere to the limits recommended by us and try to distribute the weight of our website less, referring to other web resources.

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