When creating a site it’s important to pay attention to every little thing. One of the key values has the correct CMS selection, because it depends on how effective your work will be. An important thing is the presence of a large number of modules, plugins, extensions, applications and other solutions for managing and developing the resource. 

The services market is developing every day. Now it’s hard to come up with a direction that could not boast of the opportunity to provide all possible assistance to clients: cleaning and other household services, equipment development, assistance in business development, consultation for the population and many other types of work have long and firmly entered our lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that the sites with which companies offer their services are becoming more and more. And for any good site you need an excellent engine and a practical topic that will allow not only to use the whole necessary for promoting functionality, but also implement your own ideas to create the perfect resource. 

We wrote about earlier WordPress templates for online stores, in the same article we will analyze which topics are more suitable for service sites. 


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Best WordPress Service Templates

Our experts examined several hundred WordPress templates for the service site and chose the most interesting in terms of usability and management, wide possibilities and, of course, design finds.


A universal WordPress template that is great for presenting and implementing services. An important advantage of this topic is the lack of the need to possess any knowledge in the field of programming: installation and tuning is quick, this process is intuitive. To facilitate the task, the developers have prepared a video manual with which your site will be ready in minutes.

By choosing Fagri, you can create a completely unique site that takes into account all the design features of your project. It is possible to use a custom background and other design elements corresponding to the company's brand book. In addition, the template has a multifunctional menu convenient for visitors.

Convenient appearance adjustment allows you to see the result at the time of making changes.

Fagri шаблон вордпресс для сайтов услуг

VW Cleaning Company

Specialized template for cleaning services sites on WordPress, which can be installed for free. The developers seem to have provided all the little things that make the site for cleaning companies as efficient as possible. There is a customer review section here, Call-to-action buttons, convenient, thoughtful menu and much more. In fact, this template is great for a company that provides any corporate services. But the creators most actively promote it among the cleaning companies, the main tasks of which they took into account when developing the topic.

The minimalist design and a small set of elements allows you to tell everything you need about the benefits of cooperation, while not weighting the site and not scoring it with unnecessary information that impedes promotion. At the request of the owner, you can add a left or right side panel to the page, as well as use a widget for the entire width of the screen. Regardless of your choice of resource will look great on any device.

The VWThemes Cleaning Company is compatible with WooCommerce, developers have taken into account all SEO optimization trends.

Тема WP для клининговых услуг

VW Health Coaching

If you want to focus on the vibrant design of your site on WordPress, look at topic for fitness services from VW Themes. Another successful attempt by developers to create a template for a specific niche of the business. With it, you will make your resource truly stylish and convenient for customers. The functionality of the topic meets all the requirements of trainers, owners of sports clubs, nutritionists and bloggers working with the theme of a healthy lifestyle.

Stylish gallery layout will help as much as possible profitably demonstrate the capabilities of your company. Call-to-action buttons, a section with customer reviews, convenient location of side panels, use of a slider with the “carousel” option, a form of subscription to send news and many other opportunities will create serious competition for business leaders.

The template is ready for translation, takes into account modern search engine algorithms, is compatible with the most popular browsers, and at the same time does not require deep knowledge in the field of programming. Your site will quickly and without any difficulties become exactly what you represent it.

Тема для сайта фитнес услуг на WP

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Blossom spa

An interesting WordPress theme for companies providing wellness and beauty services. Ideal for spa, massage therapists, beauty salons, companies whose activities are related to traditional medicine. A distinctive feature of the topic that users emphasize is an organic, elegant and calm design that goes well with the theme of the business for which this template has been created.

The free version allows you to use a large number of options useful for the site, such as Call-to-Action buttons, reviews section, company information page and its employees, social network buttons, blog, etc. Convenient and understandable navigation will help site visitors quickly get to the information they are interested in.

Site owners who set the Blossom Spa template quality of technical support. Service specialists respond within 15-30 minutes when handling during business hours.

Шаблон WordPress для услуг в области красоты

Construction company

Free WordPress template for a company services site, whose activities are related to construction. This topic is great for design bureaus, interior designers, architects, plumbers and representatives of other services. 

The perfect ratio of simplicity and efficiency. The central element of the page is a user banner with a form for posting contact information - an excellent solution for the site of a construction company. Nothing superfluous. 

In the free version of this WordPress template, you can also add a page describing services, a section with customer reviews, a portfolio, social network buttons and other elements that allow site visitors feel comfortable and get all the necessary information about company.

The template is fully compatible with WooCommerce, ready for translation and can support almost any modern languages. Developers took care of the quality indexation of search bots and site page loading speed.

Шаблон ВордПресс для строительных компаний

Fashion designer

Fashion Designer is one of the most stylish and beautiful WordPress themes for sites services related to the fashion and beauty industry. Moders, designers, makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers and other experts involved in the beauty business will appreciate the great opportunities for a spectacular presentation of their services.

Like all the templates presented in our list of the best solutions for companies providing various services, this topic adapted to various devices, compatible with WooCommerce, high speed, does not require the skills of a programmer, is ready for translation and is perfectly indexed by search robots. From a technical point of view, this pattern does not cause any complaints.

The free version allows you to install a “carousel” slider from a maximum of 4 slides, select from 3 page layouts, not counting the main one, add a section of reviews. Various possibilities for personalizing the site will help make it different from the resources of competitors.

Тема WP для сайтов услуг в области моды и красоты


A spectacular WordPress template with a “masculine” character that is great for a site telling about services of the gym, fitness center, martial arts club. Incredibly stylish monochrome background and bright functional elements of the page look great and attract the attention of the target audience.

The main part of the page is reserved for a spectacular slider, the lower part of which contains up to 6 information blocks in which you can add information about the services provided, the availability of a pool, parking zone and any other data, which will be interesting to your customers. The center of the banner hosts the custom Call-to-action button, which attracts attention and facilitates quick decision-making in favor of your offer.

The topic has not only standard template functions for commercial and corporate sites. With it, you can post information about the coaching staff of your company, add a set of tariff plans and information about subscriptions, place a training schedule.

SKT-Gym шаблон для услуг тренажерных залов

Dentist lite

Among the free WordPress templates for services, the mansion is solutions for doctors. The specifics of the work of medical centers and medical rooms in the topic Dentist Lite is reflected not only in an elegant design resembling the style of a scientific journal, which is designed to emphasize the seriousness and professionalism of the services provided. This topic, created specifically for dentists and successfully used by doctors of other specialties, takes into account the peculiarities of the daily practice of health workers. For example, there is a form for recording for an appointment and the ability to place custom widgets with pictures from medical practice.

Developers freed users from the need to contact programmers or independently study the possibilities of creating a site and design programs. Easy installation and configuration the appearance of the pages, filling them with content, SEO optimization - everything is provided here so that even a beginner can easily cope with the task and create a beautiful one in a few minutes, convenient and attractive site. The placement of images and information blocks is configured by simple drag and drop.

A free template package will allow you to use a slider with the effect of animation from 3 elements, 2 custom widget and full-screen page layout. In the extended paid version of the topic, you can use up to 10 slides and 8 custom widgets, as well as select one of the 10 page layouts, a blog page, a photo gallery and much more.

Хорошая тема вордпресс для услуг


Whatever services your company provides, if your site is managed by CMS WordPress, you will definitely find the best topic to achieve your goals that will help you work and promote the resource as efficiently as possible. Developers offer a lot of template options. for different types of services that take into account the characteristics of a particular business.

We offer to pay attention to free WordPress templates for the implementation of services, because many topics contain all the necessary set of options and opportunities, which are most often more than enough for successful development.

Correct the choice depends, first of all, from the tasks you pose to the site. They must be taken into account when studying the features of a particular template. In addition, be sure to take into account your personal preferences in design, because most often you will see your own site, it is important that it does not cause negative emotions, but inspired new ideas and excellent work.

What functions should a template contain to demonstrate your services to meet your requirements?

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