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What to choose to create a site: control system or constructor?

To date, almost any Internet user can create their own website. Moreover, for this, you absolutely do not need to have web programming skills. In most cases, you can use the site designer or CMS (for example, Wordpress). 

But the ability to configure and make serious changes to the sites collected in the designers is usually very scarce: the functionality is minimal, the design is not original and almost nothing can be finalized. 

In popular CMS, things are somewhat better: the variable appearance of the web resource of the topic (templates) can be adjusted, but there are also disadvantages. Promotion of template sites on CMS by SEO methods, a rather difficult event, but still possible, albeit with some limitations. Well, in the case of designers, this is generally an ungrateful matter. 

The ideal option is to hire a programmer who will create a site. But, of course, in the case of small web projects with a minimum budget, the services of a programmer may be too expensive. Therefore, you have to be content with the small and choose: is it better to do the site on a designer or CMS?

Конструктор или CMS

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Features of using site designers

The site designer is a complex software-implemented system for creating web pages without the need for knowledge in the field of programming languages. They allow you to use the workpieces from which the frame of the future site is collected.


  • suitable for beginners, who have little or no experience in creating sites;
  • finished modules with a minimum number of settings;
  • the presence of visual editors, making it easy to fill pages with content without having to understand html;
  • some site designers (CMS does not have this) are imprisoned for creating sites of a certain category and allow you to collect your own project (for example, an online store) in a few clicks. 


  1. Since designers are usually used to create low-budget websites, this suggests placing them on free hosting and a third-level domain, which forms a frivolous attitude both from visitors and search engines. 

    Недостатки использования конструкторов сайтов
  2. Large hosters providing free website designers (e.g. Ucoz) often post advertisements created with their help on web resources, who can scare visitors away. You can usually turn off their display by switching to a paid rate, which usually costs more than paying for normal hosting and domain when creating a site on CMS.
  3. Typically, designers give a choice of only a few dozen of the same type of templates. and whatever one you choose, you can be sure that there are already hundreds and even thousands of sites on the network that are similar to yours. In this case the impact of design on site promotion will be extremely negative. 

    Шаблонный дизайн в конструкторе сайтов
  4. Limited functionality. Usually, free designers do not make it possible to make changes to the template code and site pages, as well as expand the basic functions using plugins, as happens when using popular CMS.

Suitable for taking the first steps in creating websites. If the goal of creating a web project is to promote it and further monetize it, then it is better to do sites not on designers, but on CMS. 

Creating sites using CMS

Content Management System. Content management system) or a “move” that has taken root on the Russian-language Internet - a software shell made in the form of an information system used to create web resources, as well as providing and organizing joint processes for editing and managing their contents.

The most popular CMS today is Joomla !, WordPress and Drupal.


  • Unlike site designers, CMS is more friendly to the webmaster in terms of individualization of settings, expansion of functionality, choice of design, etc.

    Плагины для CMS

  • Frequent updates. The multi-million dollar user community of any CMS tirelessly monitors various vulnerabilities in it and regularly expresses its wishes to developers, which allows us to improve its work.
  • Convenient organization of work with the site in the form of an intuitive graphical shell and an accessible webmaster of a visual and html version of the editor.
  • Most popular content management systems are free. Costs begin at the stage of installing plugins, most of which offer additional functionality and support for a fee.


  1. It's hard for beginners to figure out in the work and setting of the "move.
  2. Expanding the capabilities of CMS by installing plugins can lead to excessive clutter of the web page code, which ultimately results in a “brake” and a long time for loading them.
  3. Low security due to the many "hole" that allow you to hack the site. This, by the way, is another reason for frequent updates of the “drives”.
  4. Poor initial optimization of created sites for promotion in search engines. What is only automatic creation page takes at Joomla!. 
  5. Developers of installed plugins do not always have time to update them to compatibility with new versions of CMS. As a result, “glues” in the operation of the site or the complete loss of additional functionality provided by the plugin can be observed.
  6. When using ready-made templates, it is likely that links will be placed in their code, which will carry the weight of the pages of the site.

What else to choose - a control system or a designer?

Of course, when deciding how to do a better site - on a designer or CMS, the scale is in favor of content management systems.

An even more preferable option for serious-level web resources that are planned to be promoted in search engines is the development of sites based on self-written control systems (if they allow us to apply the recommendations we make), to create which you will need knowledge in html, php, css and other areas of web programming. Or you can use the services of a specialist in this field.

But the best (but not the cheapest) option is to hire a web programmer, who will develop the site taking into account all your wishes and will make continuous adjustments as the requirements for its content and optimization change. In the case of promotion in search engines, this will be really the most effective option, since it is often necessary to conduct experiments, in particular with design and usability site. 

If you still decide to use the site designer or CMS, do not say later that we did not warn you!