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The impact of design on SEO promotion

Did you know that the impact of design on SEO promotion is very closely related to the concept site usability, that is, the convenience of using it. But still, these topics are worth considering separately.

The influence of design on the promotion of the site is manifested in the formation of the opinion of Internet users about it. In this case, there is an indirect effect through behavioral factors.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

User requirements for site design

  1.  Unpleasant design creates a negative opinion of the visitor about the site even before he begins to study it (if it starts).

  2.  Web resource page navigation is an integral part of design. It will be easy for users to navigate or they will get confused and will no longer want to return - two possible options for the development of events.
  3.  Unsuccessful fonts, letter and background color combinations - under such conditions, only one who is really interested in it will be familiar with your content. And this, subject to fierce competition in any niche, happens quite rarely.

  4.  Site adaptability first of all, it manifests itself in the ability to correctly display design elements on any device with any screen size and resolution.

Search Engine Design Requirements

Search engines “see” web resources are completely different from us, but only in the form of code. Therefore, the requirements for the design of the site, which should “conquer” search engines, differ from the above:

  1.  Size. When indexing pages, robots process only that part of the code, the volume of which does not exceed a certain value. For different search engines, it is different. The optimal page size ranges from 5 to 80 Kb.
  2.  Nothing superfluous. The influence of design on the promotion of the site is especially distinct when search engines have a negative opinion about it: if the page code is overloaded CSS tables, JavaScript code, automatically generated by “extra” tags, this will entail an increase in their size and loading time. Therefore, it is recommended that such “excesses” be stored in separate modules connected to pages.
  3.  Availability of an internal search unit on the web resource (in particular, from one of the search engines) is also taken into account and encouraged.
  4.  Site navigation using Flash or Java scripts, complicates search engine optimization.
  5.  Text Placement at the top of the web resource pages - This is not that the requirement, but rather the wish.
    The conclusions are asked by themselves: the impact of design on the site’s promotion is a well-founded phenomenon that must be taken into account unambiguously. Ignoring the requirements for the design of the site and adjusting it only to its own tastes can negate all other stages of optimization.
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