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How to improve site usability

One of the main ways behavioral improvement is an increase in the usability of the site. In other words, if you improve the usability of a web resource, this will allow keep user on site, thereby reducing the percentage of failures and increasing the viewing depth, which will have a very positive effect on the promotion of the resource generally.

Want to know what parameters improve the usability of the site? There are a lot of them.
In order to improve the usability of the site, it will be necessary to implement at least part (and better than all) of the following recommendations.

  1. Download Speed Optimization 

    The principles of the site's usability are based on ensuring maximum satisfaction of user needs. Including the speed of access to the necessary information. Therefore site speed is a very important indicator.  

    It must be brought to maximum levels. After all, if the site loads more than 5 seconds, each extra second increases the likelihood that the visitor will leave without waiting for the download.

  2. Theme Design 

    It is important to make the site's usability so that the new visitor who has entered it immediately starts "draw tender feelings" to him. That is: the overall design of the web resource, the logo, the name - everything should be thematic so that the visitor intuitively understands that this site may contain the information he needs.
  3. Readability 

    Significantly improve the usability of the site will help you select readable font sizes, text colors and background pages. After all, no matter how useful the information is, if your eyes “flow” during its reading, it is much easier to continue the search and find a more pleasant option. 

    An increase in usability is also observed with simplified structuring of textual content. That is, you need to use:
    - short sentences and paragraphs (4 - 6 lines);
    - wide intervals between lines;
    - fields along the edges of the text. 

  4. Complicated no one likes 

    Especially site visitors. Therefore, you must comply with the basic principles of the site’s usability - everything should be simple and useful: the texts are more specific and shorter, pictures only for diluting the text and confirming the prescribed information (and not for the ripple in the eyes), intrusive advertising less.
  5. Convenient navigation and structure 

    Guarantees a increase in usability, since the visitor feels much more comfortable if he can easily navigate the pages of the web resource. In particular, you need to use "breadcrumbs"able at any time to show the user at what level of attachment he is. 

    We must also not forget about the presence of the menu on all pages without exception, with which you can easily move between sections of the site without any problems.

  6. Site completion with quality content 

    In order to make the site’s usability, you will need not only to paint it beautifully, but also take care of involving the visitor in the process of studying his pages. This is best facilitated by use of relevant, unique and, most importantly, useful content.

    First of all, textual. Read about how to write the correct texts in the article “SEO Copywriter Tips.
  7. Completeness and step-by-stepness of the information provided 

    These parameters improve the usability of the site, since the visitor, who begins to get confused, immediately has the idea of closing the page. If he read information except for the completeness of the response to the request of interest to him, also structured, issued by portions, lists and tables are used, this significantly increases the depth of viewing the page.

    It also increases the likelihood of a visitor returning to the site, due to his satisfaction with the previous visit. If we are talking about a site selling services / goods, then this point means the completeness of providing information about it (description, characteristics, contact information, conditions for the delivery / provision of services, etc.).
  8. Calls to action 

    You can significantly improve the usability of the site if you place eye-catching calls to action on its pages (Ask a question! Make an order! Subscribe to the newsletter!). This will create the illusion of communicating with the visitor, worrying about him, the desire to help him get to important information / the right product / service.

  9. Communication with the visitor 

    Since the basic principles of the site’s usability are based on the visitor’s convenience, you can improve it using blocks "Finding" and Question-answer. Suggest to ask the user in them questions of interest to him. This will create the appearance of dialogue and increase its involvement.
  10. Adaptation for mobile devices 

    It is necessary to make the site's usability so that it is normally displayed and convenient to use on any devices, including mobile gadgets. Read more about this in the material about site adaptability.
  11. Quickly decorated 

    The simplification of the process of subscribing to the distribution / sale of goods / order of services positively affects the increase in usability. Do not overload the user by filling in a large number of fields, use intuitive basket design, and even better offer to leave an application for a manager’s call, which will actually accept the order, which will significantly reduce the number of actions taken.
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What is not worth doing

The principles of the site’s usability violate:

  • "Displacing" on advertising pages in quantities greater than content.
  • Use of pop-up obsessive calls to action.

  • Automatic playback of video content.
  • "Vistula" colors of text or background pages.
  • Huge solid texts.


If you use all of the above tips and improve the site’s usability to an ideal state, it will immediately give a noticeable increase in traffic, increase conversion and accelerate the promotion of your web resource.

We hope the usability of our site satisfied you? If you have comments, indicate them in the comments!