New FAQPage Semantic Microunit Option was introduced by Google in 2019 and it has already been evaluated by many users and optimizers. Consider how useful the semantic markup of the FAQ is and how to use it correctly.


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What is FAQPage Microassembly

Micro-mark FAQ Page - This is a structured data scheme that was developed for marking the page with the most frequently asked questions from users and answers to them. This section of the site is usually called FAQ from “frequently Asked Questions”.

Micro-label helps search robots more accurately analyze content on a page, and also helps to form an advanced sub-op in the results of Google’s release.

Snippet, formed on the basis of semantic markup FAQ Page, displayed as a large block with a list of frequently asked questions on the topic. When you click on one of the questions, the user will immediately open the text with a response to it.

как выглядит сниппет с микроразметкой FAQ Page

Benefits of using FAQ and FAQPage blocks

By posting a block with frequently asked questions on the site and setting up the type of structured FAQ data, you will receive such benefits:

  • Attractive Snippets and growth CTR indicator
    The FAQ Page customized micro-unit page can get an extended uppet in the results of Google’s release, which will attract attention due to the fact that:
    • stands out from the rest;
    • takes up significantly more space;
    • is a useful element for the user.

      The clickability index on the site will increase, and with it the number of visitors from the organic distribution of Google.
  • Additional SEO Content and Expansion site semantics
    FAQ block helps to logically fill out the page useful for SEO content promotion, using additional combinations of key phrases. In addition, users will appreciate this innovation by getting more benefit from the page: all the answers to their questions on the topic are presented in one place.
  • Conversion Enhancement
    As mentioned above, FAQ micro-label creates additional space for SEO content. This is an excellent option for using low-frequency requests that will attract the attention of the target audience. Visitors brought to the site in this way more often perform targeted actions.
  • The ability to talk about a complex service or product
    The use of any service or the operation of a certain type of product is not always obvious. Often users do not know if they need exactly what you are ready to offer. From here questions arise, such as:
    • “Why you need ...”, 
    • “How can I use ...”, 
    • “What is the benefit ...”, 
    • “How ... is different from ...” etc. 

      Some of these questions are objections of customers who prevent them from making a purchase.

      Answering all these questions using the FAQ block, you are effectively fighting objections and helping users figure out and decide on the choice. 
  • Improving position in extradition results
    Micro-labeling helps search robots better understand the contents of the pages and improves the quality of the results of the output. That is why it is one of the factors of ranking sites.

    In addition, an expanded snippet with frequently asked questions attracts the attention of users and improves the rate of clickability, increases traffic and behavioral factors users in general, which also leads to an increase in position.

How to do FAQ micro-mark on the site

Google developers do not promise that the clear implementation of the list of actions described below guarantees an expanded sub-blue for a block of questions and answers. However these actions are necessary to get such an opportunity.

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Posting frequently asked questions on the site

Customize micro-label FAQPage is only available for pages on which a block with frequently asked questions visible to users.

пример оформления раздела чаво на сайте

Therefore, you need to start by preparing questions and answers, as well as posting them on the site page. We will analyze the features of each of the steps individually.

  1. Listing Questions
    • Questions and answers should not contain materials and statements prohibited by Google, such as insults, discrimination, extremism, etc.
    • It is not permissible to use advertising content.
    • For each page on which you want to do micro-label type FAQPage, there must be unique questions that match its theme. That is, they should not duplicate.
    • Questions should be relevant for your target audience. To understand what users are trying to find out and with what you can help them, use query selection services, the “Like requests” block in the issuance of Google and its own understanding of the nature of potential customers.
    • You should not choose popular questions that you yourself do not understand.
    • You can also use Unicode (emoji) icons in the FAQ Page micro-markup, which, when selected correctly, attract attention and simplify users to search and learn the necessary information.

      If you are well versed in your own business and are well acquainted with the needs of the target audience, most likely you will not have problems preparing a list of questions.
  2. Response Preparation
    It is important not only to give a complete relevant request an answer. Of great importance is the way it is written. There should be no text, literally a few lines. The absence of “water” and spam will reduce the amount of determination. If more information is required to understand the substance of the question, you have the opportunity to add a link to the page with a detailed response on the site. Only this must be done unobtrusively. Remember, Google forbids advertising in the FAQ block.

    этапы настройки семантической разметки FAQ
  3. Publication of questions and answers on the relevant pages of the site
    The main rule - the subject of the FAQ block should fully comply with the main content on the landing page of the site. It can be placed both in the main part of the page and under the content as additional information.

    You can use to place a block with frequently asked questions any page of the site into which it logically fits. Therefore, do not limit yourself, consider the possibility of adding it to a larger number of pages.

    Your FAQ block can be implemented as plain text or in Accordeon format. In the second case, the question is the title that is always visible, and when you click on it, the answer turns. 

    чем полезна микроразметка чаво

Adding FAQPage micro-assembly attributes to code

In order for a prepared block with frequently asked questions to be displayed in the results of the issue, you need add FAQPage micro-marker attributes to html code pages on this principle: 

как сделать микроразметку FAQ на сайте

The FAQPage microdata code can be configured and written on its own using Moreover in the property "name" type of markup "Question" you need to write a complete text of one of the frequently asked questions. A in the "text" property type "Answer" is necessary provide an answer to it

You can also use special services to generate code, for example, FAQ Page Rich Snippet Generator. It is enough to indicate the text of the question and the answer in the appropriate fields, copy the received code and place it in the source code of the corresponding page of the site.

как сгенерировать код для разметки FAQ Page

Valid for data filling

The final stage of creating the FAQ micro-label, which will allow you to see if there were errors in the setting or everything was done correctly on your part. Google Developers Created Special page verification service for expanded results. By entering the URL of a page containing content with frequently asked questions and answers, you will learn about the technical ability to get an extended snippet.

проверка семантической разметки страницы чаво

FAQ micro-label not displayed in output

Above we mentioned that the implementation of the rules for posting data for an extended sub-folder with questions and answers is a prerequisite, but not a guarantee. That is why you can often find the question of why the FAQ micro-label is not displayed in the uppet, although everything was done in accordance with the instructions and recommendations from Google.

Algorithms for evaluating and providing advanced nippet are not only to verify compliance with the technical side. Google specialists use software solutions to make a complete and comprehensive assessment of sites and the content posted on it. Only on the basis of this audit can a decision be made to provide an expanded ubulet.

Possible problems that prevent FAQPage markup in the results of the release of Google:

  • user-hidden content
  • the text posted in the FAQ block does not match the content on the page;
  • the same question or answer is duplicated on different pages;
  • text contains spam or overabundance of keywords;
  • the content in the extended sub-process is not relevant based on the submitted request or personal user data;
  • there are errors in the markup, but the verification service cannot detect them.


FAQ Micro Markup - An Effective Promotion Tool, which should be used by website owners for successful competition. The expanded one will be reduced with questions and answers that are interesting to users, will allow you to earn the trust of the target audience, increase conversion and improve several important indicators of analytics at once.  

Competent work on optimizing the site, its use for visitors, as well as compliance with the rules for creating micro-label FAQ will allow you to get an expanded one that will reduce questions and answers.

Do your competitors use FAQ micro-label?

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