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Reoptimization of the site - how dangerous it is and how to deal with it

Before telling you how to determine that the site is repetitized, let's see at least approximately the same understanding of the original concept of optimization. 

Generally speaking, this is a modification of a system in order to meet certain requirements.

If you narrow the topic to search promotion, then you should be primarily interested in how to optimize the site - that is, what changes will be made to it, to satisfy the basic requirements of search engines and get into the TOP issue.

At this stage, mistakes are usually made, because of which search engines do not make it possible to advance high if the site is repetized.

In any field, recaptimization - this is an excess of the permissible measure

In SEO, it means oversaturation of website content with elements that search engines pay attention to when ranking output results.

In this article we will consider in detail as inept internal site optimization may become on the way to advance it.

Пример переоптимизированного текста
Why not everyone manages to properly optimize the site

In most cases, if someone complains about problems with the deterioration of positions in search engine output, conducting an analysis of the site for re-optimization, you can find out, that its promotion consists mainly of a simulation of relevance - the more keywords, the more (according to grief optimizers) the page will be more relevant and the faster the search engine will lift it to the TOP. 

This is actually a completely wrong approach.

If about 10 years ago the site’s reptimization was still working, now, in the era of top-mode search engine algorithms, so you can only harm your web resource.

Track the logic chain itself - spam keywords means worsening readability of texts and reducing utility for visitors. This leads to a deterioration in behavioral factors and a decrease in the amount of useful traffic. As a result, a significant deterioration in conversion and falling positions in search engines

By the way, sleep and site repetization are often used as interchangeable concepts, but this is not the same thing. Prespam is just one of many varieties of website repetization, which we will now talk about in detail.

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The main signs that the site is re-optimized

When analyzing a site for reptimization, you need to remember that quite often, except for the spam text (read about this in the material "Optimization of the text") the problem is also:

  1. Reoptimized title. It is one of the signs of inept attempts to manipulate the ranking process. To fill in title you really need to use a key request, but only the main one and only once.

    Пример переоптимизированного title
  2. Reoptimization of meta tags. Often trying to influence the search displayed in the results site snippets, in meta tag description all possible keys are prescribed. But, in addition to the fact that search engines in such cases select a description of the pages from the text content, it also makes them understand that you are a violator of the rules and what your goals are.

    Пример переоптимизированного description
  3. Reoptimization of headlines. Main site page title (h1) must not contain more than one key, which, by the way, is used in a diluted form. In other subheadings, it is better to use secondary keyboards.

    Пример правильно оптимизированных заголовков
  4. Reoptimization url also will not bring anything good, since Google, for example, has an EMD algorithm that lowers page positions by addresses with excessive use of key requests.

    Пример переоптимизированных URL
  5. Reoptimization of the futter. Typically, a futter (block at the bottom of the website) is used to provide users with information about the owner of the web resource, contact information, years of existence. 

    Sometimes it contains links. If their presence is justified (for example, to improve website navigation), all is well. But if there is an overabundance of links with clearly inappropriate anchors, this indicates an inept attempt to make money on sale end-to-end links in the futter and severely punished when identified.
  6. Re-optimization of links may be observed with improperly organized alteration within the web resource. For example, each page has 100 or more links (every few words). This phenomenon is highly undesirable, as it will also mean that the site is repetitized.

What could be the consequences of site repetization

In addition to the logical partial fall of positions on some requests, there is a high probability that if the site is repoptimized, it will be superimposed search engine filters.

For example, Yandex filter for the reptimization of the site “You are spamous” - lowers the position (from 30 points or more) on key requests that oversaturated the web resource. If the site is re-optimized and was convicted of this with the subsequent imposition of sanctions, to cancel them, you need to revise the texts, in particular, to reduce the frequency of keywords.

It's also pretty easy to get involved Google filter for recaptimization - “Panda”, for which the most important signal is the keyword spameness, and then other signs of site repetization and poor quality content (for example, duplication). 

Панда - фильтр Google за переоптимизацию

You can get out of under it for quite some time. Only the complete elimination of the reasons why it was imposed, and the conduct of polite correspondence with technical support from Google will help correct the situation.

The best option is to prevent the site from being re-optimized.

If you know in advance how to optimize the site, this will help to avoid unpleasant acquaintance with search engine filters. 

Having dealt with all the reasons why the site is being re-optimized, you will have the opportunity not only to determine the moment when the site is already re-optimized, but, more importantly, to prevent the occurrence of such situations.

If you have questions about the outcome of familiarization with the material, let's start a conversation in the comment block!