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Why buyers throw a basket and how to deal with it

One of the most unpleasant moments in the operation of the online store is an abandoned basket. After all, it is one thing when the user simply leaves the site without taking any action. And quite another when he already chose a commodity position, but for some reason did not begin to make a purchase

According to statistics, buyers drop baskets in approximately 70 % cases. If on your site the analysis of abandoned baskets shows a larger figure, then you get much less profit than you could. And this is a clear signal that you need to figure out why users drop baskets.

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The most common reasons why customers throw a basket

Define absolutely all factors, for which visitors refuse to purchase, just impossible. But you can eliminate the main ones, because of which most often situations arise with abandoned baskets (what to do, in each case described).

1. Mandatory registration on the site - One of the most frequent explanations why customers drop baskets. Moreover, most potential buyers are annoyed when they are required to have a whole list of personal data, which could well have been dispensed with.

If your site has a similar “requirement” order registration system, we recommend it simplify up to only three fields to indicate the name and method of communication with the client (for example, the address of the electronic box and phone number).

Причина брошенной корзины - регистрация на сайте

2. Doubts about the safety of the purchase. Many visitors leave behind an abandoned basket because they do not trust the site in terms of storing personal data, transferring funds or any other aspect. A low level of trust in the online store may be a consequence of:

  • his little knowledge (take care of the information promotion);
  • in small quantity or lack of feedback (paid ones will come up to begin with, but it is better to motivate real buyers to leave feedback on the purchase);
  • poor quality design, the presence of grammatical errors in text descriptions, non-working links and any other factors indicating the frivolity of the owner of the online store to his brainchild (try to eliminate these shortcomings);
  • lack of information about the site owner (placify detailed contact information and legal document scans on the site);
  • lack of mention of security, warranties on goods and opportunities for returning purchases (post logos and safety signs on the pages, as well as a textual mention that the visitor can trust you; transfer the site to protocol https).


Брошенная корзина - клиент должен доверять


3. Small number of purchase options also lowers confidence and often causes the basket to be thrown. For example, few people want to buy an expensive thing on an unknown site, if there is only the option of full prepayment by card. 

Some believe that large online stores spoiled buyers the possibility of payment with a cash on delivery. But this is really convenient and safe from the point of view of the buyer - when he inspects the goods upon receipt and only then pays for it. 

It will also be unnecessary to add the possibility of payment using other popular payment systems.

Как бороться с брошенной корзиной - добавить варианты оплаты

4. Bad site usability also often multiplies abandoned user baskets. It is understandable, because the convenience of using a web resource is one of the reasons to continue to be on it, not to mention making purchases on it.

Therefore, it is worth making every effort to make your the site has ceased to annoy visitors:

  • increase page loading speed (low loading often interferes with the process of placing an order);
  • simplify navigation (it is often difficult to return from the basket to the page you need);
  • take care of site adaptability (interaction with the online store should be convenient on any device);

    Неадаптированный сайт - причина брошенной корзины
  • eliminate page congestion with unnecessary information, links, pictures and other distracting elements.

5. Technical deficiencies in the operation of the basket significantly increase the likelihood of a client leaving without a purchase. For example, it may be impossible to selectively remove items from the list of goods when you can only clean the basket and start collecting it again.

There are also frequent cases when frustrated customers throw a basket because incorrect updates and displays its contents. This happens when the client works with several pages of the online store in different tabs at once, and reaching the stage of placing the order, he may not find part of the selected items. In such situations, abandoned user baskets are not uncommon at all.

We advise you to make sure that yours the basket works perfectly and does not have such shortcomings mentioned and to them.

6. Long and confusing order process - Another common reason why users throw a basket. 

If to make a purchase, the client needs to fill out a form with a huge number of fields, most of which are mandatory, it is annoying and often forces him to look for another site where everything is much simpler. 

Best if this the process is divided into several steps / stages with fields / galleys / buttons and their number does not exceed 4.


Упростить оформление заказа, чтобы не бросали корзину

7. Detection of additional costs at the stage of placing an order also quite often forces users to drop the basket. Additional costs include commissions / taxes / shipping costs and other expenses that were not included in the price of the goods.

It is not worth wondering why users throw a basket when additional costs are found in it. This is a natural reflex - when it seems to a person that he was deceived, he leaves. 

Why in many online stores in the cards of goods the underestimated prices are indicated without shipping costs and fees? Because their owners have too much desire to show the lowest price compared to competitors. But this is what destroys them - abandoned user baskets become commonplace in such cases.

Therefore, be honest with your potential buyers - indicate on the product pages their final cost, without forgetting to place data on the cost of delivery nearby.

8. Silence on delivery times acts in much the same way as delaying information about additional costs - provokes buyers to drop the basket. 

Therefore, information on delivery times to visitors should be provided as early as possible - in the product card next to the cost of this service. Even if the delivery is not too fast, the visitor will prefer the store that reported this at an earlier stage. 

Указывать сроки доставки - работаем с брошенными корзинами

9. Lack of help in the form of an online consultant at the stage of placing an order, it seems not such an obvious problem, because of which they throw a basket. Nevertheless, this is a common problem, because, being at the time of the decision to buy alone with oneself, without the ability to ask questions of interest, visitors go to other sites where the presence of an online consultant is realized, even at the stage of placing an order.

Also on the site should be FAQ section with answers to frequent questions buyers - it is more convenient for some to quickly find the necessary information themselves than to contact an online assistant. Moreover, the link to this page should be in a prominent place, including and when the visitor goes to the basket.

10. The initial lack of desire to buy anything - The most difficult factor in working with abandoned baskets. In most cases, there is nothing to be done with users who leaf through your site for fun. 

The maximum that you can do on your part is to try to attract their attention with the offer to buy goods at a discount, use a profitable promotional code or get free delivery for the first purchase.

Extra work with abandoned baskets

With a competent approach, buyers who drop the basket in 20–40 % cases you can return and convince to finish what you started.

For this you can use mailing, which contains a reminder that the client was on your site and looked through such and such positions. Also in the letter you can post information about alternative options that may be of interest to the buyer, and all kinds of discounts / promotions. 

Such actions are called email-targeting and are widely used by online stores that do not want to put up with profit by chance.  

Does the problem of abandoned customer baskets still not disappear?

Remember that impossible to completely eliminate factors by which users drop the basket. There will always be those who:

  • just wanted to get acquainted with the product range of your online store;
  • found a more profitable option from his point of view;
  • distracted from the purchase and forgot to return;
  • compare prices or look for ideas for shopping.

Therefore in no case do not be upset when analyzing abandoned baskets. You just need to accept the fact that not all visitors to your site can become buyers, no matter what you do.

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