It's no secret that your own business brings much more income than working for someone. But everyone knows the axiom that the beginning of their business requires cash investments. And what to do for those who have all the makings of a successful entrepreneur, but do not have sufficient funds to purchase goods, rent warehouses, hire personnel, etc.? The answer is simple - do dartshipping!

Dropshipping is a relatively new online earnings system. His appearance is significant expanded the capabilities of novice entrepreneurs, by letting you run your business on the Internet with minimal investment. A supplier firms in this way may increase the number of sales of goods from your warehouse and also receive additional profit without making much effort.

This article is for those who are not yet familiar with the droppingship work system, and in it we will simply explain what it is and give a detailed description, where to start this type of activity.


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What is a shopping chip

Like most modern terms, the word "dropshiping" came to us from English. The phrase “dropshipping” in the literal translation means “direct sales”. 

How does it work? Very simple - droppingshipping suppliers are an intermediate link connecting manufacturers with consumers. By advertising and offering a certain product on your site, you get orders from users, redirect them to suppliers, and have your own percentage of sales. At the same time, you do not need to purchase, store and deliver anything - all goods are in the warehouses of manufacturers, and delivery is also carried out by them.

Принцип работы по дропшиппингу

Depending on the agreement with the suppliers, they will either charge you a commission, or you will sell their goods with your markup.

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Plus and cons of droppings

Sales droppingship system has many advantages:

  • Cost savings. In order to start working in droppingship, you do not need to invest a lot of money in renting warehouses, purchasing a product range and hiring personnel.
  • Saving time. You do not need to take care of timely deliveries to warehouses and delivery of goods to customers, to keep parish-expenditure warehouse documents.
  • Freedom of action. Without being tied to a warehouse and office, you can do your business anywhere, freely traveling to anywhere in the world where there is Internet. Also, it will not be a problem for you to switch to a completely different assortment, without worrying about where to put the remnants of purchased goods.
  • The wealth of the assortment. Since in droppingship you do not need to spend money on the purchase of goods and worry about placing them, you can offer customers a much larger choice than a regular online store.

But there are some risks:

  • Since the buyer contacts only you, you are responsible for the quality of the goods, its availability and timeliness of delivery to it, not the manufacturer. So you need to be very careful when choosing supplier partners.
  • Due to the great competition, you will not always be able to set a high mark on the goods, and you will have to sacrifice your interest in favor of attracting customers.

How to start working in the field of droppshipping

Dropshipping work brings tangible income, but only if you treat it as responsibly as possible. To engage in this type of activity, you will not need large capital, but you will need to foresee all possible risks and take into account the nuances of this system.

Knowing what you need for droppingshipping, you will more easily orient yourself with what you should start so that this business is successful and brings you the desired income. Therefore, we bring to your attention a detailed description of the first steps for a beginner droppling supplier:

  • The choice of assortment. First of all, you need to decide on the product. It should be promising and in demand with buyers. Try to analyze the market and find a niche for yourself in which you will not have too high competition. If you plan to work with foreign firms, then be sure to clarify whether the import of the goods you have chosen is legal, or if you have to additionally issue a special permit. It is advisable to choose a product in which you yourself are well versed. Otherwise, it is necessary to thoroughly study its features and technical characteristics. Getting started in droppingshipping is better with a not very large assortment, and gradually expand it.
  • Search for suppliers. There are paid and free catalogs of companies, as well as sites for wholesalers interested in droppingshipping services. Remember that the effectiveness of your work will directly depend on the reliability of suppliers - disruption of delivery times or poor-quality goods will negate all your efforts and scare away buyers. Therefore, partners should be chosen carefully, and be sure to familiarize themselves with the feedback of their partners and buyers. Preliminary negotiations can be held, during which it is possible to clarify the working conditions and assess the seriousness of the proposals of this company.

    Что нужно для дропшиппинга
  • Creation of a trading platform. Many companies will consider your offer to work with them as a droppling seller only if there is an already finished trading platform. Therefore, before you get in touch with suppliers in order to sign the contract, you need to create your own online store. Simpler and cheaper options are creating groups on social networks or registering on droppingship platforms, but they will not be so effective.
  • Conclusion of the contract.  If you plan to work with wholesale dopshipping suppliers on prepaid, contracting may not be necessary. But in order for manufacturing companies to provide you with wholesale prices, its signing is necessary. In the sales department you can offer a standard contract, or you will have to draw it up on your own. In any case, make sure that the contract clearly indicates the rights and obligations of the parties, the terms of payment and delivery, payment schemes and the necessary guarantees. It will be appropriate to use the services of an interpreter to negotiate and sign contracts with foreign companies - this will help you keep the situation under control and not become a victim of misunderstanding.
  • Promotion. Without this, counting on the attendance of your site and high profits from dropshipping will not work. Use various ways to attract traffic, for example, actively maintaining a page on social networks and SEO site optimization. Let this require some investment, but the result will certainly pay off in the near future.

Now you know what dopshipping is, how it works, and where to start such a business. Was this article interesting to you, and do you think the work on the droppshipping system is attractive and promising? Or maybe you already have your own experience in conducting such a business, and you want to share it?


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