Marketplay - sites for online trading, on which offers of different companies in many categories are posted. It is important to note that the price policy of sellers for one product may vary significantly, which allows customers to purchase products at more favorable prices. Almost everyone can become a seller by fulfilling the list of site requirements. It remains to deal with how to get on the marketplace and start selling in a few steps.


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Marketplace selection

The launch of sales on the marketplace begins with the selection of a suitable trading platform. To choose the best option, such indicators need to be considered.:

  • Commission fee. Each site sets its own values, and they can differ even depending on the category of goods. In addition, a fixed membership fee for posting on the site may be charged.
  • Payout frequency. Payment of the order can be made not directly to the seller, but to the accounts of the trading platform. Further, it transfers to the seller the appropriate amount from which the commission is deducted. Part of the marketplay makes payments daily (over the past day), others - once a week. In some marketers, for example on Rozetka, you need to create an account in your personal account, from which the commission and monthly fee will be debited.
  • Terms of delivery of goods. When working according to the FBS scheme, the goods are sent by the seller independently according to a certain regulation. To FBO when goods are stored in stock market play, even more stringent rules are set. Plus, an additional fee is charged for storage. All features need to be familiarized before starting work with the marketplace.

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  • Terms of termination of cooperation. Another feature of working under the FBO scheme is the difficulty of exporting goods. If you go pick up your products, you will have to wait about 2 - 3 months until all logistic and paper issues are resolved. At the same time, you still have to pay for using the warehouse at this time. If the goods are stored in your warehouse, such problems will not arise.
  • Rules established for the seller. The sites have different requirements for sellers. Refusal to place and sell goods may be issued due to the lack of registration of TM, the legal status of the seller or the lack of necessary quality certificates.
  • Price regulation. Ozon has a special automated system that maintains price monitoring on other marketplay. If the robot discovers that the goods offered by the seller are somewhere cheaper, you will have to lower the price. The problem is that other sites can make promotional offers that will force sellers to lower prices. On Rosette, if the price is significantly overpriced, the goods may be hidden from the site, and the seller is blocked.
  • Documentary turnover. A number of sites conduct exclusively electronic document management, respectively, you will have to connect the service. On others, you can upload everything you need to your personal account.
  • Content Requirements. Before you start working with marketplay, it is important to find out the rules for placing product offers. Somewhere, one photograph is enough, at other sites - at least 3. Somewhere, watermarks are allowed, somewhere - no. All this must be taken into account so that you do not have to create all the content again.

When choosing a marketplace, take into account all these points. This will save you from problems in the future.

Marketplace Registration

Sometimes difficulties may arise with how to register on the marketplace. The registration process consists of several stages.:

  • Create FLP / IP or LLC with CVED / OKVED codes for which tax accounting will be maintained. This is necessary because the sites cannot work with the individual. 
  • Apply for registration on the marketplace. Thus, the site learns about your company and about the goods you offer. To do this, an online questionnaire is filled out according to the established model.
  • Attach to the questionnaire all the necessary list of documents, including certificates, licenses and others on the list.
  • Send an application and wait for its confirmation.

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So that there are no problems with how to start sales on marketers, it is better to study the features of the site in advance and find out a list of necessary documents.

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Marketplace Agreement

The sites do not spend time concluding individual contracts with each of the sellers. To do this, an offer agreement is placed. The seller decides whether his proposed conditions suit him or if he will have to look for another marketplace for trading.

Offer conditions are mandatory and the same for all sellers, regardless of the size of the business.

Creating content for marketable

It is important to understand how to sell goods on marketers, since each of the sites has its own characteristics. However a key factor almost everywhere is content. The main attention is paid to such areas:

  • Detailed product text description with key requests that visitors use to search for a specific product.
  • High-quality photos of the right size, preferably from several angles.
  • Placing technical specifications and other product data that can help the user.

It is important that the content is relevant to the product, otherwise it is highly likely to get into ban or get a denial of accommodation.

Loading goods and escort

Before you start selling on marketplay, you must add your goods to the catalog. Doing this is better with automated services. It all depends on the features of the area, as well as the initial capabilities of the seller in terms of assortment and the design of his catalog.

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If the marketplace does not provide fulfilment services (full support), you will need to process applications yourself, answer questions and comments from users inside the site, collect and send orders, and control the percentage of ransoms and returns. Periodically, it will be necessary to launch advertising campaigns, place new goods, monitor the balances in the warehouse and replenish them in a timely manner. 

It is necessary to start work on the marketplace with careful selection of the site, since the effectiveness and profitability of the activity further depends on this.