A few decades ago, offline boards with ads were replaced by their online counterparts - sites designed to post information about the sale / purchase of goods and services. In Runet, such web resources retained the name of their ancestor.

It’s difficult to build a large business with multi-million dollar incomes only with their help, but as an additional source of sales, the bulletin board comes great.


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How to find a bulletin board that will sell your product / service

Now there are a huge number of trading aggregators and bulletin boards. They can be divided into three types.

  1. Thematic sites. Dedicated to products of a certain thematic focus: construction, industry, technology. Their target audience specializes in the same field.
  2. Regional bulletin boards. Tied to any area. With the development of logistics and the growth of commercial offers on the Internet, they lose users and cease to exist. 
  3. National and international marketers and bulletin boards. They are distinguished by a wide functionality for buyers and sellers: filters, categorized, chat with customers, calls through the service, reviews, favorites, analytics, promotion services, etc. Suitable for the sale of any goods and services, both new and used.  Popular boards, such as Avito and OXL, are visited daily by hundreds of thousands of users, it is advisable to use them for sales.

доска объявлений которая будет продавать

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Myths about bulletin boards: breaking and forgetting

Many, especially beginners, businessmen refuse to publish offers on sites for ads. The reason is the widespread myths about the insolvency of such sites. In fact, these myths have nothing to do with reality. We will understand the most common issues that can be misleading.

  1. How to sell expensive goods from bulletin boards, whose users are only chasing cheap?
    The goal of users is buy profitable, not cheap. Buyers Avito or OLX are ready to buy expensive goods, including cars and real estate. These sites allow you to profitably buy and sell goods of various price categories.
  2. How can a business sell on bulletin boards created only for “partners”?
    Large bulletin boards offer their resources not only for publishing offers from individuals. They can and should be used for business. This is easy to verify: both Avito and OLX offer individual services and opportunities for companies to sell products.
  3. How do companies get sales from bulletin boards intended for used products?
    Over 40 % deals on OLX and Avito are committed against goods with the status "New". In most cases, legal entities are participants in these transactions.

как продавать новые товары с досок объявлений

How to sell a lot through bulletin boards

Target audience should immediately pay attention to the announcement. Offers are published in the order of their placement, except for announcements promoted for a fee.

But not only position matters. It is important to highlight the announcement, arouse a desire to click on it, study the information, and then make target actions - contact the seller and place an order. To do this, when publishing, important nuances must be taken into account.

Title. It fully reveals the essence and talks about the benefit of the buyer. 

Design Rules:

  • The basic information - the subject of sale - should fit in the first 30–40 characters. Mobile users see only this part of the title.
  • It is necessary to briefly outline:
    • what is for sale here;
    • what benefit will the buyer receive.
  • Logic and readability. No semantic and grammatical errors. Here, hashtags, non-obvious abbreviations, unnecessary symbols, use of a cap.
  • The formula for the perfect title: keyword (subject of sale) - UTP (attracts attention, catches) - an additional key phrase and a call to action (determines further action).

Description. Product-determining characteristics and information on purchase conditions: product parameters, delivery, additional service, seller data. Product Description Text must be broken into semantic paragraphs. At the beginning or end, it is necessary to add the UTP and the call to action.

Images. This is what users pay attention to first. The main photograph should be original and not in doubt that it is the subject of the proposal. It is advisable to add additional photos of the product from different angles. Do not use stock or other people's photos. 

как получить продажи с досок объявлений


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