It often turns out that trying to present their products on the main page of the online store, and to arrange it more beautiful, the writing and posting of text here gives very little importance. And they either forget about him at all, or they write completely impersonal and simply put him in any free place.

But this is the wrong approach, which will not bring popularity to your online store and will not help in sales. The text on the main page is necessary, and not any, but carefully thought out and properly placed. Let's talk about how to do this in order to arouse visitors' interest in your online store.


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Why does the online store need text on the main page

Or maybe you really shouldn’t bother, and visitors will have enough visual sensations from the magnificent design of the main page to catch fire with the desire to buy something in your online store? Those who think so are doomed to failure in advance.

Text on the main page of the online store needed for such reasons:

  • Acquaintance. The visitor must understand where he went and what they offer him here. Even the most colorful images of your goods will not make a proper impression without explaining why they are located here, what goods you can find more, and under what conditions it is sold. People love to talk, explain and invite them, and do not leave to get lost in guesses.
  • SEO optimization. For your online store to find search engines, just inscriptions for images are not enough - necessary high quality SEO text, optimized for key requests. And then search engines will lead you to the desired customers who are interested in your offers.

Главная страница интернет-магазина образец текста

What you need to write about in the text on the main page of the online store

Like all texts on each of the pages of the online store, the text on the main one should to fulfill your main task is to sell. And at the same time be as brief as possible, informative, optimized for search engines and useful and easy to read for visitors.

Despite many requirements, it will not be difficult for you to write excellent text for the main page of the online store if you follow these rules:

  • Title. Cling title - half success. Having run through the eyes of a standard phrase, for example: “A large selection of jewelry”, the user may simply not perceive it - there are many such offers. And if instead your title says, for example: “New collections of leading jewelry houses worthy of the queen herself,” then you will get a much more chance of his interest in reading it further.
  • Information. You should not post here all the information about your company and its history - there is a separate page for this. It is much more true to interest potential customers to help describe the benefits and benefits that cooperation with you will bring them. Users should not get the impression that you simply show off your achievements - they must be sure that all your actions are aimed only at, to give them maximum benefit and pleasure from the purchase. 

    Текст на главной странице для интернет магазина

    Also, be sure to give arguments confirming your words - for example, if you promise goods cheaper than competitors, then be sure to tell why. This may be information about your own production, direct deliveries, etc.

    It is definitely worth writing here about ongoing promotions, discounts for regular customers, discounts, gifts and other things so beloved by customers.
  • Appeal. Be polite and friendly. It is completely inappropriate to “poke”, to cling and flirt with visitors, achieving cheap popularity. Not everyone likes it. In general, in the text on the main page of the online store, try to write “you” more often than “we”. For example, the expression “you can buy from us ...” used instead of “we offer to buy from us ...” sounds much more attractive to users.
  • Key requests. Do not spam the text on the main page, trying to contain keywords of all categories in it at the same time. Highlight general requests on topics that combine all the products of your online store, or the main type of product, the most competitive and often requested. 

    Главная страница интернет-магазина примеры текстов
  • Structuring. Do not make the text unreadable by placing one continuous canvas. Be sure to break it into paragraphs and blocks, provide labeled and numbered lists or tables, listing your benefits and benefits to customers. So it will look much more attractive to readers. Also add images and videos for better perception.

    Текст для главной страницы интернет-магазина

We hope we were able to dispel your doubts about whether the text on the main page of the online store is needed. And in order to better understand what it should be, for example, look at sample texts from the main pages of the most popular online stores. 

Perhaps you will see in them some natural secrets of success or you have your own ways to make the texts on the main page work as successfully as possible. In any case, we will be glad if you share this knowledge with us and our readers.

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