An important detail for each online store is internal skipping. It promotes the distribution of reference weight between the pages of the site and its SEO promotion. In addition, it directly affects sales growth and conversion interest.


  1. What is internal skipping
  2. Basic rules for interior skipping of an online store
  3. Where to place internal links on the pages of the online store
  4. How to draw an online store re-linking scheme
  5. Conclusions

What is internal skipping

Overfilling is an effective tool for SEO-promotion, which is based on the use of links to another resource page. Unlike external skirmishes, the purpose of which is to create a reference mass by attracting users from external sources, that is, third-party sites, internal skipping is aimed at using a link redirect user to the same resource page, on which it is located.

This tool is very useful for promoting a resource of any orientation. With the help of internal skipping:

Of course, all these benefits can be achieved only with the correct skipping for your online store. Let's find out how to achieve this.

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Basic rules for interior skipping of an online store

For internal skipping to work, you need not just to scatter links to other pages on each page of your own site, but do it wisely and with a number of features.

When creating a skid scheme, it is worth considering that:

  • You need to adhere to a certain meaning when redirected users to other pages of the site;
  • Textual link support should encourage the user to complete the transition and describe what the page will be dedicated to;
  • Number of links on the page the online store should not be pushed away; they must be harmoniously inscribed in the content;
  • All pages of the site must refer to the main one;
  • Not recommended to use cyclic links - redirection of the page to itself.

In order to properly place the links on the site, you need to pre-comply skipping.

Where to place internal links on the pages of the site

To configure the internal linkage of the pages of the online store, you can use its functional elements, which are interconnected, helping users get to the necessary information quickly and without unnecessary problems.


It is difficult to present an online store without a navigation menu. Moreover, a lot depends on the quality and convenience of this element of the site. Create a logical structure by breaking the pages into semantic groups combined into sections and place links to them in the main menu block. For quick search and effective optimization in section names, you must use keywords that will fully make it clear to users in which section the information of interest to them is located.

Меню интернет магазина как способ перелинковки

Categories and Products

Compiling a product catalog with an understandable breakdown into categories is a mandatory stage in optimizing the online store. This helps potential buyers not get lost among the many pages and offers that are much easier to choose by finding a group rather than opening all cards in a row. Rearning categories and goods in the online store as well promotes indexation and allows search bots to do their job faster.

Внутренняя перелинковка в каталоге интернет магазина

Related or similar products

A useful block that is placed under product information, offering to familiarize yourself with related goods or goods that have similar properties. On the one hand, it's great sales tool motivating to buy more or continue searching on the site, if there is doubt, without leaving the resource. On the other hand, such a block is an additional opportunity to publish links to other goods without suspecting excessive perseverance.

A block of related products in online stores is created using special modules or additional plugins for the used CMS.

Блок похожие товары пример перелинковки
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"Bread crumbs"

The navigation chain that shows the path to the current page, or “bread crumbs”, is a very convenient element for users. With it, you can quickly determine your own location, see the sections and subsections of the online store to which the current product belongs, and return to the required number of steps back without leaving the category of interest.

"Bread crumbs»It is necessary to place at the top of the page, under the menu and above the product card. This tool allows you to place additional internal links without any obsession.

Хлебные крошки для внутренней перелинковки картинка

Overlinking in article texts

Internal overfilling through content is a smart tool that allows add value to information articles from the point of view of SEO. In addition, correctly placed links inside the text help users go to a page with additional information on the topic of interest or immediately to the product card referred to in the article. All this increases the usefulness of the material, positively affects the degree of loyalty and, of course, sales.

It is worth remembering that links to text need fit very skillfully and logically, rather than shoving on the principle of "only it would be. Such “curve” links, distorting the meaning or not related to the subject of the article, encourage visitors to leave the website of the online store and not return anymore.

Внутренние ссылки в текстах статей картинка

"anchor" links

A way that is suitable for volumetric texts. The point is that big articles "cut" on semantic parts and make a link to each of them. It looks like a skirmish, like a table of contents, and it is placed at the top of the article after the title and before the start of the main text.

By clicking on the link anchor, the user is transferred to the corresponding part of the text. Plus page anchor skipping for the site visitor are obvious: you can familiarize yourself with the main topics of the article in advance and immediately proceed to study the part in which the most interesting information is disclosed.

Как выглядит якорная перелинковка картинка


On the sites of many large online stores that sell products of various categories, you can find tags that include one characteristic of products: brand, color, weight, cost, etc. Such tags are placed under the product description. There may be several tags in one card. Goods with the same characteristic are combined under a common tag. Thanks to this, it is easy to find similar products.. In addition, tagging has a positive effect on indexation.

Перелинковка тегами в интернет магазине


In case filter pages in the online store optimized and are open for indexing search engines, for them you can also configure internal skirmishes. The most harmoniously, references to filters look in product cards in the “characteristics” block.

They also allow users to quickly find similar products, and search engine robots to index filter pages.

Внутренние ссылки на страницы фильтров картинка

How to draw an online store re-linking scheme

The user redirection scheme to the site pages will facilitate the task of overlinking and reduce the number of possible errors. To build it, it is not necessary to use any programs or graphic editors. A convenient and simple scheme can be thrown on a sheet of paper.

To start you need to break the online store to the levels. In a simplified form, something like should be obtained:

  1. home page;
  2. sections (categories);
  3. subsections (subcategories);
  4. commodity card.

Having built them in a hierarchical order, we extend the arrows, adhering to the basic rules of the skirmish. In the end approximately the following will work:

Схема внутренней перелинковки для интернет магазина

This is a simplified circuit. The more goods and product groups in the online store, the more difficult it will be and more voluminous. But the principle will remain the same.

It is very important to consider that links should not be provided to a random page. For obvious reasons, it makes no sense to place a link to the section in which art materials are collected in the card of auto goods. But the division of products for sewing may well lead not only to goods of this category, but, for example, to the section in which accessories for creating jewelry are presented.

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Peeling of pages for the online store is necessary as an effective tool that contributes to the accelerated indexation of the resource by search engine robots. But still, the main task of internal links to the pages of your own site is to improve it from the point of view user amenities and increasing benefits for the owner by increasing sales. Of course, all this can be achieved only if the links are placed correctly, do not cause visitors to feel the imposition, logically fit into the structure of the site and look natural inside the content.

In order to prevent the process of creating an internal skipping of the online store from taking too much time, and the errors were reduced to zero, we recommend pre-comply referrals and strictly follow the basic rules that we described above. We are sure your users will appreciate their care and help in finding the right product or information.

Do you work out a skirmish scheme between the pages of your online store or post internal links spontaneously based on your own intuition?

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