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Filling out a product card for an online store. Instructions for dummies

High-quality and convenient online store - it's not only and not so perfect adaptation to mobile devices, good layout, functionality and beauty, how much competent filling and beautiful decoration of product cards. It is on beauty and interesting card design that sales largely depend.

Whether they are attractive or not, how well optimized and how competently filled is - this is precisely the main criteria, affecting consumer choice. If they are filled in illiterate, then the client most likely will not understand what is what and will simply go to your competitor.

If you hope that somehow filled out product cards with obscure short descriptions and blurry photos will be enough to sell your products, then you are very mistaken.

Пример плохо оформленной карточки товара
In order for the client to at least stop his eyes on the product you are offering (not to mention buying it), you must think over all the nuances and take into account the features it is your clientele.
A truly well-pilled product card for the online store is actually a whole landing page. But how to make a product card for a site that your customers will like, how to think it over, issue and optimize it, you will find out by reading this article.
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What is a selling product card

Card is product information page, a detailed description of the products sold with various functional elements from the “Buy” and “Share on social networks” buttons to sections with similar goods and available colors. Filling out product cards for the online store, like developing them, is a rather responsible task. And first of all, it is worth paying attention to, what is the purpose of the card:

  • beautiful product card can attract customers at various stages of purchase;
  • she can confirm customer motivation (to answer the question, why a person needs it);
  • product card for the online store can both focus the client’s attention on the product and reduce its distraction;
  • she can motivate client to certain actions;
  • card can answer questions client and give him confidence (there must be an understanding that this is exactly what a person has been looking for for so long).

According to marketers, most purchases are made unconsciously, after the answer to the question is received: “What is my benefit?” and "Why do I need it. If the client, after meeting the product card, receives an answer to this internal question, then he will buy the products you offer with a high degree of probability.

So what is it worth paying attention to when developing and filling out a product card, what are the main markers that give an answer to this internal question? This is first UTP or unique trade offer. The essence of this concept is that your proposal should be strikingly different from the offers of competitors. Effective UTP:

  • clear and concrete - without ambiguities and unnecessary;
  • unusual and unique - the benefit that the client relies on should be unique, it should not be with competitors;
  • must have a spectacular and effective message - the value of the product you sell should inspire the client to purchase the goods.
The essence of UTP is impact on the buyer's emotional sphere, a message backed up by reasonable arguments should awaken in a person a sincere desire to buy, possess, evoke only positive emotions. So, after we determined the purpose of the card being developed and figured out the basics of UTP, it's time to deal with the technical part - what should the product page look like?

How to correctly place a product card. Recommendations and nuances

We will not focus on such elementary things as good product photos (high quality and expansion) or an understandable and competent description. All this is clear. Instead, we will consider the most important SEO product card nuances, paying attention to which you will not only create a unique sales offer, but also make a page template different from competitors - bright, memorable, qualitatively optimized and motivating to purchase. These points seem to be a trifle to someone, but they are will make of ordinary selling product card. So, the recommendations will be as follows:
  1. You must add images of accessories that come with goods. Competent product cards are not only the products themselves, but also possible accessories for them. It is important that the accessories are specifically for the product you offer (required: photo, price and brief description).

    Дополнительные аксессуары в карточке товара
  2. Pay attention to photos were not “compressed” to the state of blurry porridge, since the buyer may simply not show interest in such images. In addition, it is important that images reflecting the real size of the product are present. The design of the product card does not lose anything from this, while the buyer will get a more real idea of a possible purchase, which will help him make the right choice.
  3. Quite often, users do not have the opportunity image downloads in comments / reviews. Users evaluate downloaded photos as more believable, they inspire more confidence in them.
  4. Often in cards or completely missing information about similar goods in stock, either they are presented in an unsuccessful format. This error will not give the user the necessary information, and he will simply go to another site in search of the right product.

    Рекомендуемые товары на странице
  5. The correct product card is the possibility of a direct purchase without complicated registration. Quite often, the online store literally requires a visitor to a whole list of personal data, which could well be dispensed with. So it only stumbles upon the resistance of a possible buyer and increases the likelihood of losing the client.
  6. If you forget indicate the price per unit of measurement of the goods, it will also be a serious omission, it prevents us from judging the real value, which ultimately will negatively affect the possibilities of selling large quantities of products.

    Цена указана в карточке товара при заказе оптом
  7. A beautiful product card does not guarantee you sales if you do not cross-selling information. Posting a miniature link to the parent page ensures that in the absence of the desired product, the client will not leave you.
  8. In many cards no reviews and product ratings, which does not allow customers to quickly navigate and get acquainted with the opinions of other customers. Feedback on the product card must be present, as it allows the client to familiarize themselves with the experience of other buyers and make a comparison. If the user finds a resource with reviews and estimates, then most likely he will decide to buy goods on such a site, and not on yours.

    Отзывы и оценки в карточке товара
  9. In the product description, try not to use: foreign words, ambiguous expressions, incorrect comparisons and complex terms (words that few know).
  10. Important post detailed delivery information, for example, if delivery is included in the price, then this gives the client a complete picture of the final price of the product. If the user finds out about the delivery price only at the end of the design, this can be an unpleasant surprise for him. It is important to place delivery information not on the banner, but next to the button "Corn".

    Информация о доставке в карточке товара
  11. Product card description should contain return conditions information, write them in plain language.
  12. Function “Fill the image” will be very appropriate in cards for the sale of clothes and shoes, so the client will be able to choose additional items of clothing for the selected and purchase several goods at once.
  13. Is your catalog a huge amount of products? It’s not bad to appear on the card recently viewed products - so the client, if necessary, will be able to quickly return to the things that interested him.

    Просмотренные товары на странице
  14. Selling product card is competent graphic design (separation of parameters into semantic sections, alternation of string colors, average lengths of lists, lack of “data walls”, etc.). Laconicism, lack of pretentiousness and thoughtful architecture are important.
  15. It’s not bad that everyone is indicated necessary size data. It is equally important to describe in detail the parameters of the models demonstrating your products. The size table will also be a good addition, it will help the client quickly determine the parameters of the purchase.

    Разместить таблицу размеров на странице карточки товара
  16. How to make a product card easily perceived by the user? Set the correct element display sequence pages. Studies conducted by Jacob Nielsen revealed a pattern - a person who does not look for any specific information, but simply looks through pages on the network, makes it on a trajectory similar to the English letter “F”. Therefore, it is better to have key information in this order.
  17. If you sell goods of different brands, it would be nice to give manufacturer information in the description. You can also give such information if you want to make your own brand more recognizable.
  18. It is very important to give detailed description of the details - from composition and materials to weight and color options. The more information you give, the better.

    Подробная информация о товаре
  19. If you sell goods of various color palettes, it’s nice to add to page color options, so that the client can quickly choose the color that suits him.
  20. “Add to favorites / wish list” - also the necessary function, thanks to it, the client will be able to quickly find the goods he likes, even if after viewing your site he visited dozens of competitor resources.

    Список желаний в интернет-магазине

Adhering to the above recommendations and nuances, you can create truly selling product cards and significantly increase the conversion of the site. And since not all your competitors know how to correctly issue a product card, you can easily take a favorable place in your Internet niche.

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