It would seem that the blog is a tool for the development of information sites and is completely unsuitable for commercial resources. But this statement is erroneous. Useful content can help promote them.

In this article, we will analyze whether the blog needs an online store and how to conduct it correctly in order to get the maximum effect.


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Why do I need a blog on the website of the online store

The ability to communicate with users is the main feature of the blog. The author on his own behalf (from the company) tells or shows what, what he understands and what he wants to share with an interested audience.

But at the same time, not all owners of online stores lead a blog on the site, not understanding why it is needed and what benefit the business can bring. What can you get by publishing articles?

So blog:

  • Promotes SEO-Trainage:
    • attendance growth and behavioral improvement
      Using targeted queries in texts, you attract users who are interested in your products and their properties. As a result, they are delayed on the page and transferred to other sections of the site.
    • regular additions and content updates
      The presence of fresh and relevant articles is also positively evaluated by search engines.
    • increase in number natural external links and variety of traffic
      Visitors independently share interesting content on social networks and other sites. As a result, the reference mass of the site and the number of transitions increase. 
    • skipping and reference weight distribution between pages
      On the blog you can make links not only to other articles, but also to the categories of the online store, related or similar products.
  • Improves company reputation, forms the image of an expert and increases the degree of trust
    • Useful articles, reviews, demonstration of the methods of using goods, ratings and opinions of specialists help answer user questions and solve their pains. As a result, site visitors receive additional benefits, subscribe to the site and visit its pages again and again.
    • A link received from a friend (for example, as a turnout on a page on a social network or in a messenger) works much better than just advertising. Such information is more credible for new users.
  • Increases sales
    Useful and truthful information about goods helps you quickly decide on the choice and motivates to purchase. Overlinking with pages of the commercial section of the online store will speed up the order.
    перелинковка в блоге с товарами картинка
  • Helps to get feedback and find out the opinions of users
    The ability to share experience or ask questions in the comments on the articles allows you to involve users in the development of the site. In addition, in this way you can get information important to the business owner from the lips of your own target audience, which means that you better understand your potential buyers and become the best supplier for them.
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How to blog on the website of the online store

Effective blogging includes:

  • Competitor Analysis
    Competitors are not only rivals in the struggle for customers, but also useful “advisers”. Thanks to them, you can find out which content works better, which types of articles cause a greater response from the audience, which is generally interesting for users. And adopt their good experience.
  • Creating content of different formats
    The online store blog allows you to use various types of texts: information articles, reviews, ratings, news, interviews, collections. The more diverse content on the site, the more potential customers you can attract.
  • Compilation and Strict following content plan
    One of the important components of quality content is the regularity of its publication. Alternating various formats with reference to a certain day of a week or month will create a good habit for users. Placing and distributing content at a time when the target audience is ready to give it increased attention brings more benefits.

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  • Text design
    The solid text is difficult to read, it does not attract attention and does not cause a desire to get acquainted. When publishing, be sure to make headlines, paragraphs and lists, select fragments in bold or in italics, add pictures, photos, and videos. It is also important to do skipping over to other pages of the online store and place various forms of capture.
  • Analysis of user behavior and attendance
    Without content efficiency analysts it is impossible to judge whether it benefits and achieves its goals. Google Analytics and Yandex Metric will allow you to find out the strengths of the work done, learn about the topics that are most interesting for the target audience, notice the mistakes made and correct them.

    статьи приводят трафик в интернет магазин

What to write about on the blog of the online store

Write about what might be interesting to your potential customers:

  • secrets and life hacks related to your products;
  • manuals and step-by-step instructions for use;
  • tips for selection, operation and care;
  • answers to frequently asked questions;
  • news of the online store and industry in general;
  • collections and ratings of the best products.

о чем писать в блоге на сайте интернет магазина

In the article "Where to look for topics for writing articles»We have analyzed the main sources of inspiration that will help you develop your own blog content plan. 

Analyze competitors' articles, arrange a brainstorming session, look for interesting topics from manufacturers. The main thing is focus on the interests of the target audience and good for readers.


Online store blog with the right approach improve site visibility and its position in search engines will increase the level of trust and gratitude of users and attract new customers without the cost of advertising.

It is worth remembering that the blog of the online store is not an advertising platform, but a source of important and useful information for users. Only in this way can you create a truly high-quality blog, which in turn will benefit the business.

Do you blog on your site?

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