The online store is working, but sales indicators are poor. This situation is quite common. And the problem is not that online trading is an unprofitable activity. Practice shows that the number of users purchasing online is only growing. Let's look for a reason why your online store does not have the expected level of sales and what to do to rectify the situation.


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7 reasons for poor sales in the online store

1. There are not enough visitors on the site

Usually this means that not all means of attracting traffic were involved in the promotion. So, many users did not have a chance to look at you at all. And if there are no visitors, then there are no buyers.

Using analytics services, such as Yandex Metric or Google Analytics, you need to check which traffic tools are used, which of them are most effective.  

Make sure everyone is involved main channels of traffic. The more points of contact with potential customers you will use, the more of them will come to you for purchases.

Use all available user attraction tools:

  • SEO optimization affects the formation of searchable issuance and the involvement of the target audience who wants to purchase the goods or learn more about it from search engines;
  • SMM promotion attracts the most active and open for information audience through social networks;
  • Content Marketing using various types of content affects users, generating interest in the product and store, creating a reputation and a desire to make a purchase with you;
  • Contextual advertising provides an additional opportunity to attract users of search engines using paid ads;
  • Marketplace and aggregators help customers choose the most interesting offer that should be yours.

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2. Bad usability 

In other words, the site is inconvenient for shopping. Users do not buy goods in the online store, because it is difficult or impossible to do. 

Problems with usability can be identified experimentally by walking around the online store, clicking on the links, trying to find the necessary data or place an order, as well as using various analytics services, Web visor, heat cards.

Good site:

  • outwardly attractive and convenient to study information:
    • design corresponds to the subject and nature of the product;
    • blocks are logically and evenly located;
    • texts are structured and readable;
    • high quality photo and video;
  • technically optimized:
  • worked out functionally:
    • getting any necessary information is simple, the process does not raise questions;
    • clickable elements are conveniently located, their purpose is understandable;
    • links and buttons work;
    • all conversion steps are feasible.

Check out full checklist for usability analysis and rate your site.

The convenience and functionality of the online store must be checked regularly. Over time, he will obsolescence, and its capabilities when increasing or changing the assortment may not be enough. This will affect the statistics of visits, giving a signal to action in a timely manner.

Visit the websites of business niche leaders to keep abreast of Internet marketing trends and implement successful modern solutions in your project. 

нет продаж из-за плохого юзабилити картинка

3. Product Cards Not Worked

The online store should be told in maximum detail about the product, because users do not have the opportunity to personally hold it in their hands. If the description is uninformative in the product card, there are few photos or they are not available at all, visitors are forced to look for the missing data from competitors. As a result, they may not return.

A product card, except for the price, must contain:

  • full name of the product;
  • measured parameters;
  • color and material information;
  • general description: what is it, for whom and why, why is better;
  • instructions and recommendations to the future owner;
  • photos from different angles;
  • video review or a link to it;
  • reviews.

Correct product description the card should not only inform, but also sell. Do not forget to check the content of the pages, the quality and relevance of the data.

люди не покупают в интернет магазине картинка

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4. Price problem

There are 3 “price” problems that prevent the sale.

  • Lack of price
    It is always perceived negatively and suggests the absence of goods, and sometimes the dishonesty of the seller. Therefore, the price must be indicated on the product card.
  • Uncompetitive price
    Why don't they buy in an online store? Perhaps users find the price too high or too low. This thought is usually led by a comparison with competitors' sites. Before evaluating the product, be sure to analyze similar offers. For this purpose, you can use a search engine or price monitoring services
  • Unreasonable price
    The price may be justified by high or low relative competitors. For example, a product is qualitatively different from analogues or bonuses are included in the price. When the price is justified by special value for the buyer, it does not raise objections. Tell us about this in order to remove objections and doubts.

5. Poor service

The site can perfectly motivate users to complete the conversion ( placing an order, applying for feedback, calling the manager), but poor-quality work of the staff can cause a refusal to purchase. Rudeness, dishonesty, irresponsible attitude to work also negatively affect the reputation of the company.

Qualitative work with staff consists of:

  • training: employees should be able to work well;
  • drawing up clear and detailed instructions so that everyone understands what and from whom it is required and how to achieve this;
  • creating a well-thought-out system of employee motivation;
  • regular monitoring with the help of “secret customers”, viewing ip-telephony statistics and sales analytics.

The work of employees always requires careful attention. After all, it is they who make the “face” of the online store.

6. Online store is not credible

There is practically no opportunity to arouse trust through personal sympathy either among the owner or employees of the online store. This task lies entirely on the site.

The most effective “trust tools” of the online store:

  • Information, its completeness, relevance and openness are the main instrument of trust. Be sure to add:
    • contacts (telephones, social networks, messenger, office addresses, warehouse, etc.);
    • details and other legal information;
    • page "About us" with store history, owner and employee data;
    • details about the service;
    • description of guarantees and return options;
    • customer reviews.
  • Design, emphasizing the seriousness of the online store: compliance with the topic, lack of third-party advertising, obsessive elements;
  • Quality Content: without errors, well designed, beneficial and there is no doubt that professionals created it;
  • Technical component: uninterrupted operation, high load speed, crossbrowser, availability of an adaptive version;
  • Wide user opportunities: payment options, useful tools (calculator, fitting, etc.), links to interesting services, instructions, etc.; 
  • Safety: use of https protocol, cooperation with reliable payment systems.

The publication of useful content on the site and external sites will create the image of an expert, which also positively affects the company's reputation and user confidence.

7. The mass of negative reviews

What if there are no sales despite the fact that all of the above reasons are taken into account and corrected? Check what they write about you. A large number of negative reviews about the store always scares buyers away.

что делать если нет продаж картинка

Solve the problem will help rules for effective work with negative reviews:

  • regularly check what is written about you on the site, on social networks, reviews and any other sources;
  • always answer;
  • translate the dialogue into a constructive channel;
  • smooth out the passions with a positive: thank, apologize when necessary, and plead guilty if any;
  • solve the problem if possible and acceptable.

With the right approach, working with negative reviews will tell about the reliability of the online store, the ability to work with problems, as well as respect for customers. 

Conclusions: what to do if there are no sales

Sales always require careful work and a thorough approach to attracting customers, creating an image of a reliable and most profitable seller. Internet trading is no exception.

By making mistakes when creating and managing a trading site, you lose potential customers and real money. But this does not mean that your online store cannot be profitable. The main thing is to find the reasons why buyers choose competitors. By eliminating them, you can increase sales by successfully developing your business.