According to developers, WordPress is a universal platform, equally good for sites of any direction. Unlike other CMSs, this management system offers several solutions for commercial projects that sell products over the Internet at once. Let's find out how convenient the themes for the operation of online stores from WordPress are that can be used for free.


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TOP 10 free WordPress templates for online stores

To make the best solution for your resource the easiest, we have compiled a list of the best online store templates for WordPress, which, in our opinion, will help you conduct your business with maximum convenience and benefit.

All selected topics have a complete set of the most important and popular functions for the sale of goods, allow you to place detailed information about the products, price and valuation of buyers, adapted to various devices.

It is also worth noting that our rating of topics for online stores on the WordPress engine includes templates that, from the point of view of our designers, have an attractive appearance and a truly stylish modern design.

  • Orchid store

    One of the most popular free themes for WordPress, selected by owners of more than 6,000 online stores. And this choice is justified, since the Orchid Store template has everything you need for trading. Without even purchasing a paid version, you can create convenient for visitors and externally effective site.

    A free package includes the ability to add up to 8 widgets, a side panel and futter, with which you can interestingly design a “vitrina” of the online store - home page. It is possible to place an advertising banner or slider.

    Users note high site speed, built on the basis of this template. Another important advantage is the quality work of the development team, regularly improving their brainchild, and technical support, which helps a lot when choosing even a free version.

    Orchid Store тема для WordPress
  • Jewelery lite

    A theme designed specifically for owners of online jewelry stores. He is distinguished stylish minimalist design and design elements, which are ideal for demonstrating chic products from precious metals and stones. This is a good template for the WordPress online store, which sells not only jewelry, but also any other premium items for which unnecessary tinsel and decoration are not needed.

    Jewelery Lite is fast and perfectly combined with WooCommerce. Owners also note the ease of setting and the availability of the main function of the store in the free version. It contains 3 internal page template, on the main page you can place a slider with 2 - 4 images, select the left or right sidebar location. It is worth noting that this free package will not suit you if you are already blogging or planning to blog.

    Jewellery Lite шаблон для интернет-магазина
  • VW ecommerce store

    One of the best WordPress templates for online stores, which practically does not limit the imagination and capabilities of the owner. This topic can be called universal, it is perfect for the sale of almost any product: clothing and accessories, furniture, technology, cosmetics, dishes, cars. Flexible features, the presence of all the most interesting functions for a commercial site, full compatibility with WooCommerce, design customization - all this and much more is available in a free package.

    Like most other VW Themes products for WordPress, the free version of the VW ecommerce store has a solid “gentelmen” set for designing an online store showcase: an animation slider, in which you can enable up to 4 images of goods, 3 page template options, side panel on the left or right, links to social networks, downloading the company logo and others.

    Шаблон VW ecommerce store на WP
  • Storefront

    Perhaps the most popular free WordPress theme for online stores, created specifically for WooCommerce by the developers of this plugin. At the time of writing this article, the template was downloaded more than 200,000 times, which means that it is an ideal solution for commercial sites aimed at selling absolutely any product.

    Users have the opportunity to choose a color scheme, markup option, widget placement principle. The design is simple, but very elegant, does not distract attention from the main products on the site. One of the main advantages of the template is simple and clear setting, which will be available even for beginners.

    On the main page you can configure the display of promotional goods, the latest receipts, the most popular products. Here you can also place the image in a hat and an information block with contact details, which will harmoniously fit into the design.

    Important features of Storefront include fast work and excellent service: the technical support service meets not only almost immediately, but also on business, helping to easily customize this template for your own needs.

    Тема Storefront для интернет магазинов
  • Bulk shop

    Fully integrated under WooCommerce and compatible with the Elementor plugin product, included in the TOP- 5 of the most popular online store templates on WordPress. From the cons, it can be noted that the topic is very rarely updated: at the time of creation of this article, the last update was released in March 2018. Although this may hint that the topic has long been worked out and takes into account all the requirements of users. Design doesn't look outdated either, the appearance of the site using this template will be quite relevant.

    All standard focus templates for commercial sites, such as a slider with the function "carousel", a "floating" menu, thanks to which it will always be in front of the eyes even on the longest pages, and convenient sorting of widgets, presenting goods are available here. Setting should not cause special questions and difficulties.. There will be no problems with translation: the topic works perfectly with most modern languages.

    Bulk Shop шаблон для сайтов на WordPress
  • Vw bakery

    An appetizing template for a delicious business. This free WordPress template great for the online store pastry shops, pizzas, soft drinks, coffee and tea and any other food. Developers allow you to change the color scheme from the most tender shades of pink to daring dark tones.

    In addition to the appearance, it is worth noting the opportunity to add sliders and advertising banners to the main page, add a gallery with photos of culinary masterpieces.

    The template is optimized for search engines, compatible with all browsers, multilingual, has the function of an adaptive layout.

    This topic is really worth the attention. Anyway she is able to interest users, and, in addition, will not cause problems to its owner.

    Тема VW Bakery для магазинов на WordPress
  • Shop zita

    A great theme that is suitable for an online store with any product range. Full compatibility with WooCommerce, a large set of functions embedded in the free version, wide opportunities for product presentation make this solution for organizing online commerce almost ideal.

    Developers paid special attention header, the lining and the most convenient location of blocks with goods on the main page. Flexible and easy tuning will allow create an attractive and functional showcase.

    Pay attention to the ability to use several images in the same product widget at once: when you hover over the cursor, one picture will change another, which allows you to show goods from different angles already on the main page.

    To the pluses it is also worth adding very fast template work: pages are loaded with lightning fast, any changes occur almost imperceptibly for visitors.

    Шаблон Shop Zita на WP пример
  • Almaira shop

    Not the most popular, but very curious free WordPress template for the online store from ThemeHunk, in which you can find everything you need for a profitable sale of goods of any category - from fashionable accessories to large equipment.

    Design is minimalistic and harmonious. Two options for a light solution are dark (black background and white text) and light. The highlight of the design is the use of both a static image and successive slides as the background of the upper block of the page. On the main page you can display products by groups - recommended, popular, etc.

    From other possibilities, we note the advanced search, filtering, and comparison of goods necessary for comfortable shopping. To them added drop-down basket, a fixed menu and quick viewing of product information without going to his card.

    Хороший шаблон Almaira Shop
  • Shop isle

    The Shop Isle template is also included in the TOP of the best topics for the online store on the WordPress engine for sites in Russian. In any case, the number of users who choose it makes you respect this decision, because there are more than 30,000 of them! A good choice for beginner entrepreneurs who want to get the necessary functionality, but are limited in the budget.

    The theme allows you to create a dynamic site with many interactive elements that make the online store interesting, shopping convenient and pleasant and great attract buyers. Here you can use a slider, advertising banners, product video.

    The pluses are a laconic calm, completely unobtrusive design that does not distract visitors from the products sold and does not interfere with shopping. Standard settings allow you to make changes to the color scheme of the topic, conveniently place blocks with goods, use a side menu and much more. In addition, Shop Isle works with a large number of page designers.

    The most significant shortcomings include static markings that do not allow endlessly long page scrolls, which is especially noticeable when viewing a site from mobile devices.

    Shop Isle тема для интернет-магазинов на ВП
  • eCommerce market

    Another product that we decided to include in our ranking of the best WordPress templates for online stores. It is often used by professionals for their projects when a free theme for a commercial site is required, for quickly setting up an interesting a site with all the necessary functions for efficient trading and elements. In addition, eCommerce Market technical support is simply excellent, trying to help users as quickly as possible.

    With all the advantages of a good template for the online store, this theme is distinguished by a pleasant design and an attractive feature: when scrolling pages, its elements seem to float out one after another.

    Like other members of our ranking, eCommerce Market is associated with WooCommerce and maintains a friendship with the most useful WordPress plugins for the construction and operation of a project aimed at trading via the Internet.

    Пример шаблона eCommerce Market


The popularity, quality and functionality of CMS WordPress has prompted many developers to create thousands of themes and templates for various sites. Many of them have a free package with a pretty good basic set of opportunities.

We recommend not only relying on the opinions of specialists, colleagues and advertising information of template creators, but also our own feelings and preferences. Therefore, do not rush to choose a solution, do not be lazy to consider as many options as possible, familiarize yourself with the description, the declared functions and play the demo version of the products. It will help you not to make a mistake and choose a topic that suits you to solve the tasks set.

The presence or absence of which function could determine your choice in favor of a particular template?

P.S. If you have already decided on the choice of a template and want to not only create, but also promote your online store to receive free customers from search engines, we suggest you go full course Search engine. We will hold your hand in each of the stages of site optimization and scaling up the business as a whole. And with promo code "Tema-WP" an additional pleasant bonus will be waiting for you.